8 of our favourite Partnered Exercises ❤️ Tag your workout buddy and give these a go 💪

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Unusual technique for spotting your partner on the TRX 😂 #throwbackthursday

Big session last night with the boys from The Ponds FC 💪

If you coach a sporting team and are looking to mix up their fitness training! We have a spot free for teams on Wednesday nights at 730pm. Perfect for rained out weeks 😊

Another awesome result from one of our PT clients! Dylan has now dropped 15kg since January and has officially passed all of his fitness tests and medical exams to get into the police force 💪
Love your work mate 😊

The kids from Arndell Anglican College have been putting in the work 😊
Such a great group of kids to train 💪

Big session tonight with the girls from Blacktown Spartans 💪 Good luck with the season ladies 😊

7kg and 26.5cm gone forever! 💪

Well done Jenny, well and truly on the way to reaching her goal 😊

2 x 45 min PT per week ✅
1 x Boxing class per week ✅
1 x Walk per week ✅
Improved nutrition ✅

📌Bring a Buddy for FREE MONTH 📌

We are handing out 2 week FREE passes when you bring your buddy along from now up until Sunday the 24th of June!! 💪

Each time your buddy attends you will have one entry into the draw to win a PROTEIN PACK AND 2 MONTHS FREE!

Simply fill out your name and place it into the draw, the more times you bring them down, the more chances YOU get to win!

Absolutely loving my training at the moment!!!!
After cutting back the bulk, changing the nutrition and kinda enjoying cardio, I’m seeing really different results!
Physically and Mentally!
My coach is the bomb..even a PT needs a PT to kick there arse!
Last weight check in was roughly 3 weeks ago at 70kgs..I’m on my way back up..75kgs..you sexy MOFO I’m coming for you!
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That time Fabio came in to use the rowing machine 🧐


⛔️Live DJ next Monday 🙌 ⛔️Bring down a friend for FREE and smash out at workout together 👊

Black hoodies $60 and Navy Blue Muscle Tee’s $35 are in 😍😍 Inbox or grab one at your next session!! Only a handful left 😄

Which exercise do you love to hate the most?❤️😍🤢🤮 ⛔️Mountain Climbers ⛔️Burpees ⛔️Walk Downs
⛔️Bear Crawls ⛔️Bench Hop Overs

New Gear is in 😊
How cute are our kids hoodies 😍

When your little one needs to go the bathroom mid way through a session!! You do burpees at the door 😂

Who else remembers getting wet during a session at the old leaky gym 😂

💡🔦CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🔦💡 Ben Gately - Fitness Freak 👊 ⛔️What do you love about training with Repetitions?

I love training at Repetitions because when you walk through the doors you enter a fun and friendly environment filled with motivating member's and coaches. ⛔️What is your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far is completing Spartan Ultra which is a 50km obstacle course race. ⛔️Favourite Food?

Pizza ⛔️Favourite exercise?

Probably the burpees followed closely by KB swings ⛔️What are your future goals?

My future goals is the UTA100, a 100km trail run through the Blue Mountains .

Keep up the awesome work mate! I think everyone is waiting for you to go sub 4.30min for the air bike challenge! Give the people what they want 😍😍

❌❌FOCUS Groups ❌❌ New 12 week Training block will start next Monday 😍 if you have been thinking about training now is th time to jump on board!
When ❓

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
530am ✅ - 2 positions available
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
630pm ✅ - 2 positions available
730pm ✅ - 3 positions available

What are they exactly ❓ ⛔️Our FOCUS Group sessions are small group classes where we hold a maximum of 6 people in each session. ⛔️60 minute sessions In our Personal Training Room ⛔️Members will pre book out the same time slot each week for a minimum of 12 weeks

Why would I choose a small group session over the regular group classes ❓ ⛔️ You may not feel comfortable in a large group setting. ⛔️ You are someone who needs more accountability!! Your sessions are pre booked so we catch you before you fall off the wagon!! ⛔️ You need a more personalised training plan and need extra help with technique! ⛔️ These sessions are exactly what you need if you struggle with motivation and consistent training ‼️ What else is included ❓ ⛔️ Our FOCUS group sessions include a customised meal plan from Real Nutrition Australia! ⛔️ Also include access to our regular group sessions! 📌Comment below if you would like more information 😊 📌If this sounds like something would help you achieve better results with your training. Please comment below or email Rodney@repetitionspt.com.au and we can pop you on the waiting list.

13 of our favourite exercises to do on a BOSU Ball 💪

Tag a buddy who will give these a go with you 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♀️

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Can I bring my kids along to my sessions?” ⁉️ 👩‍👧‍👧Yes, kids are most certainly welcome!
We know how hard it is for our busy mums to train. So we have a small fenced off session in the gym. The kids corner is equipped with Netflix, Toys and Wifi so that the kids can be entertained for the hour. 👨‍👧‍👧 Kids who are young enough to still stay in their prams are welcome to be parked up against a wall in the gym.
Bonus: On Monday’s and Friday’s at 915am one of our Super Mums will be there to keep an eye over the kids corner! 😊👊 The kids corner is visible from where you are training! So if you need to tend to your child during the session you can easily do so 👍

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