I wore this dress 3 weeks ago and it fit completely different (wish I would've taken I full body shot). I've struggled with my weight after each pregnancy 😩 After Cori I dropped down to 172 and was loving it, but I easily went up to 193 with dealing with many stressors (I'm a stress eater). I am now at 187...I'm making progress 🙌🏾 But most importantly, I feel AMAZING!!! Oh and guess what....thanks to my Techui and squats, my butt is still there 😂 #progress #consistencyiskey #repetitionproducesresults #slimmingdown #butstayingthickintherightplaces #feelinggood #feelinggreat

Today I celebrated my 12 year anniversary of living in Oregon. The day started on a brightly colored yoga mat, chanting mantras, then profusely sweating on said mat at YoYo Yogi...And it was not me, the hippy shaman, who chose the 'Soul Shakin' class, it was my seemingly conservative engineer boyfriend who invited me to "yoga church." I then capped the celebration at Playdate PDX w Colton, which was way harder contortions climbing through an obstacle course designed for tiny people. Colton made me face my fears on these brightly colored slides, urging me to pick my feet up and go faster about 20 times #repetitionproducesresults #willPower #whatifyouhadto #Portlandhippy #woowoo #lifetimeloveaffair #PacificNorthwestismymistress Only a California Girl by birth at this point.

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