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IT HAPPENED TOMORROW (1944) — This is a very high concept comedy-fantasy in which a news reporter named Larry Stevens (Dick Powell) is given the next day’s newspaper from a ghost (I guess?) because... why not? At first glance, this seems like an interesting concept—in that reading the articles he will have written the next day actually inspires him to write them in the first place. It’s a circle of causality. But since the movie lacks charm or any kind of internal logic, I found myself annoyed at how dumb the characters were. For instance, Stevens eventually discovers his own obituary in the newspaper from beyond; it reports that he will die at 6:25 the next day at the St. George Hotel. Instead of hightailing it out of town immediately, he allows himself to be easily ensnared in madcap hijinks that land him at the hotel in question at precisely 6:25. Maybe another actor could have made this kind of thing work, but Dick Powell is a chronic mugger and a broad actor. His love interest is played by Linda Darnell, who is almost immaculately pretty but about passionless as a telephone directory recording. (For a bland leading lady, press 1.) #ithappenedtomorrow #reneclair #oldhollywood

| Just finished watching “And Then There Were None” (1945) directed by Rene Clair. The first time I was this film, I was not impressed and did not like how much they changed the storyline from the original book by Agatha Christie. But, I decided to give it a second chance, and I actually enjoyed it. The changed storyline didn’t bother me very much this time, because I realized that the overall message and theme remained the same (but with a slight twist, of course). I haven’t seen any of the other versions, but I am definitely adding this one to the list of favorite mysteries. It has a great script and I love the cinematography in the final scene; everything is perfectly staged to not give away the killer’s face, creating more drama and suspense. Brilliant. Also, this film benefits from it being filmed in black and white. It makes it more mysterious, and thrilling, and gives you the “retro” feel that the book creates. I am definitely going to check out some more of Rene Clair’s films and get back to you all! | #andthentherewerenone #agathachristie #movies #1940s #reneclair #book #mystery #thriller #suspense #blackandwhite #island

Here's a clip just in of my performance opening night at the 11th Küstendorf Film & Music Festival in Serbia, accompanying a fragment of the 1918 lost Russian Futurist "Bound By Film" (starring Vladimir Mayakovsky and Lilya Yur'evna Brik) and Renè Clair's 1924 surrealist classic “Entr'acte" vimeo.com/254324707 @kustendorffilmfestival @serbia.ig @emirkusturica @mayakovskypoet #lilyabrik #reneclair

Spent the morning watching #reneclair’s “Á nous la liberté.” It’s a hilarious critique of #capitalism, class, and modernization, and I was pleasantly surprised that themes from a #1930s #French #film still resonated. Yet I can’t help but think that after almost 90 years, some of these issues would have been solved by now. With robots and automation becoming a threat to the labor force, it’s worth stepping back sometimes and reminding ourselves that these issues are nothing new and just another turn in the economic history of the world. .
#criterion #criterioncollection #dvd #france #proletariat #1930 #cinema #movie #karlmarxwasright 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

Primo appuntamento del 2018 con la rassegna di incontri “Dal palco allo schermo”. Vi aspettiamo sabato 13 gennaio con la proiezione di "Dieci piccoli indiani” del 1945,
regia di René Clair.
Ore 16:30, ingresso libero, tè e pasticcini per tutti!
#TeatroQuirino #LasciatiSedurre #DalPalcoAlloSchermo #DieciPiccoliIndiani #ENonRimaseNessuno #AgathaChristie

Le Million (Rene Clair, 1931)
Ah damn, of course the next film on my watch-list after I do a retrospective of 1930’s musicals, is another 1930’s musical. But hey I’ll take it,
especially for a classic like this, about a indebted artist who scrambles across Paris desperately looking for his lost lottery-winning ticket. It’s a liltingly charming piece of well-choreographed anarchy, cited as an influence by filmmakers such as Chaplin, and along with Lubitsch, a clear forerunner to the Golden Age of the Hollywood Musicals. Despite the evident language barrier, the songs are lively, cheery, and even boast a hint of the satirical between the lines, accompanied with some very nice pre-poetic realist French filmcraft, that utilises the newly developing technology of sound with the slapstick and physical comedy of the silent era very nicely. Truly one of French cinema’s most underrated gems, recommended. #film #cinema #movie #classicfilm #filmblog #filmcollection #filmoftheday #filmmaking #filmreview #filmphotography #filmtime #lemillion #reneclair #1931 #annabella #renélefèvre #musical #comedy #romance #foreigncinema #worldcinema #france #blackandwhite #blackandwhitefilm

René Clair, vers 1930
Tirage argentique postérieur circa 1985
12,5 x 17,7 cm

#reneclair #clair #director #realisateur #cinemafrancais #vintagemoviestills #vintage #moviestills
Prix sur demande / Price on request theparisphotoshop@orange.fr

Women in ruins. "Tribute to Rene Clair: I Married a Witch" by Jean Cocteau, showcased in the Theatre de la Mode. #cocteau #jeancocteau #reneclair #theatredelamode #setdesign #mannequins #fashion #france #paris #maryhillmuseumofart #art #design #sepia #mafemmeestunesorciere #witch #bruja #1945

I’ve just been invited to perform my live solo guitar score accompanying Rene Clair’s 1924 surrealist masterpiece “Entr’acte” http://garylucas.com/www/surr/ on opening night of famed director Emir Kusturica’s 11th Kustendorf International Film and and Music Festival Tues, Jan. 16th in Serbia on a mountain near the Serb/ Bosnian border. I will also perform my original music accompanying a recently re-discovered fragment of the lost 1918 Russian silent feature “Shackled by Film”, written by and starring Russian futurist Vladimir Mayakovsky. Photo: performing with “Entr’acte" live at the Malaga Fantasy Film Festival in 2009. @kustendorffilmfestival @emirkusturica #reneclair #mayakovsky

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