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Trips to MSK are the new normal for us since DH was diagnosed with Stage IV #renalcellcarcinoma. Very thankful for some good news today. Scans were stable compared to previous scans. No need to start treatment yet and we don't have to go back until after the holidays. #fightthefight #cancersucks #bruciestrong #kidneycancer

Taking his 5th walk of the day, even with a bad knee he is pushing through. 🤘🏼❤️
#mdandersoncancercenter #fcancer #renalcellcarcinoma

Saying see you later, not goodbye, one last time before leaving back to Oregon. These kids have the greatest grandpa @kurtkrd in the world, an I have/had thee best father role model to look up to #imBlessed... We love you ❤ #CancerSucks #RenalCellCarcinoma #KidneyCancer #ThankYouVA

Got my buttons ready for National @cancersurvivorsday. #kidneycancer #renalcellcarcinoma. While I will wear them proudly on Sunday to salute all my family and friends who are there for me every damn minute, I will wear them even more proudly when I wear them at the Lankenau Cancer Center @mainlinehealth party on Wed June 8th. #ncsd

Czwarty dzień w pracy z rzędu po urlopie średnio mi się podoba ale działamy!

#poster #science #renalcellcarcinoma

8 years ago today I heard Maria, I'm so sorry but TAY has cancer...
Nobody ever thinks that they will hear that, God knows I sure didn't. This kid was so physically fit and loving life.. I looked at her and in that moment I knew I had to be strong and said I can Not control the cancer, but I can the journey..
I was going to journal and share this experience with all.
We would NOT hide from cancer or let it control our lives!
We would share the ups and downs, we would learn from it, we would discover that this is our new norm. While still working, taking care of Sky and keeping their lives as normal and routine as possible.
Journaling was my therapy...
Cancer STINKS and yet in anything bad I always search for the positive and that would be meeting so many wonderful people along the way!
I have shed so many tears this morning reliving every single moment of that day and I need to. I'll be okay.💚
This is a picture of TAY that day!
I'll journal more later and answer some of the questions you have asked.
I truly appreciate you ALL and we have been blessed knowing you even if it's just here until we meet in person and I look forward to meeting many of you at the Tournament next month!
Until later... Love and Hugs!💚 TAY's mom
"LIVE 4 TAY" #cancerstinks #renalcellcarcinoma #kidneycancer @taylorfilorimo #shesaherotayssong

Today is the four month mark since #renalcellcarcinoma #partialnephrectomy surgery. Recovery hasn't always been easy, but I am determined to #neverquit Today will be my 23rd lifetime half marathon (my first one post-op. It won't be a PR, but it will be a reminder to me to be grateful for the very air I breathe!

Wearing "My Dad is my HERO" shirt in honor of my dad. He would have turned 53 today. #cancersucks #renalcellcarcinoma #happybirthdaydaddy #hero


I don’t normally post about these private moments that James and I share when going over his medical information but today the disc arrived with his CT scan from September, they one which is finally showing a response to treatment. I think you will agree it’s quite a response so far, the picture on the first picture is showing the largest tumour in the bottom half of his right lung back in June, through 3 stages - the second picture is roughly the same slice from the September scan. The radiologist didn’t actually measure it as I think it was obvious it was smaller!!! James, I’m so completely in awe of how you have coped and dealt with this disease for over 4 years. Long may this response continue so we can enjoy our lives together with our wonderful boys. 😍😘💕❤️🍾🥂#cancer #immunotherapy #hallwangclinic #renalcellcarcinoma #renalcancer #winingthebattle #winning

Massive abdominal exposure for radical left nephrectomy- specimen is an en bloc resection of left kidney (not visible) surrounded by 8 kg renal cell carcinoma also requiring splenectomy (1 o’clock on the specimen) #renalcellcarcinoma #surgery #generalsurgery #urology #nephrectomy #laparotomy #cancer #surgicaloncology

One year ago today I fought the hardest fight. I went to the emergency vet and spent the entire night in surgery. My kidney ruptured from cancer. The only thing cancer took from me was a kidney. 1st picture is now. 2nd is after surgery and third is home after surgery with the cone. 🐾
#survivor #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #renalcellcarcinoma #fuckcancer #gsdlovers #germanshepherd #mazikthegsdmix #thepeachypooch

Cancer is a cruel thing. It breaks families apart. It causes financial burdens. It sees no color or gender. And most of all it causes pain. Not always physical pain. But pain! So today take time to appreciate those around you, because you don’t know when this awful thing will attack or who.

I thought this was a fitting quote to myself today. I learned quickly people a lot of times think of themselves. They are quick to judge. Quick to anger. Quick to make no room in their heart for compassion. It is important to remember feelings of others. It is important to take care of family. It’s easy to think on yourself and how you feel. I admit that is me! And I regret things. We are all human so it’s easy to feel that way. And as much as I didn’t want to make change or do something out of my comfort zone. It’s time to think not what’s best for me, but for those around me.

Trips to MSK are the new normal for us since DH was diagnosed with Stage IV #renalcellcarcinoma. Very thankful for some good news today. Scans were stable compared to previous scans. No need to start treatment yet and we don't have to go back until after the holidays. #fightthefight #cancersucks #bruciestrong #kidneycancer

Nearly three weeks ago they sliced me up and removed a lump from a kidney. Now all the dressings are off but still itching to get back to work #laproscopicsurgery #partialnephrectomy #cancer #goodnow #renalcellcarcinoma #noheavylifting

My daughter coloured my hair's tonight. You know, cuz ya gotta try n look good for the hospital 👍 💕 didn't realize how long it was getting 😮 @xxnicozxx #girlswithlonghair #bristolpuppers #FUCKCANCER #renalcellsucks #renalcellcarcinoma #notgoingdownwithoutafight #crpswarrior #rsdwarrior #blondeshavemorefun #mydaughterismybestfriend

Calling all #CAREGIVERS of those battling #BladderCancer #NSCLC & #RenalCellCarcinoma.
We want to hear YOUR story. Help improve cancer care for the future via paid phone interviews or online focus groups! Your experiences & opinions matter!
#PaidStudy #LetUsBeYourECHO

It’s not like no other cancer. That’s for sure! 3 years ago my dad had his kidney removed due to a tumor. Afterwards we found out it was cancerous. For almost 3 years he remained cancer free! Unfortunately right before the 3 year mark we found out it spread to the brain. And sense then things have been a swirl, a blur, and confusing. No other cancer experience ever prepared me for what brain cancer had in store for us!

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with #RenalCellCarcinoma? Would you like to share your story via a #PaidInterviewStudy? Seeking patients & caregivers to participate in online focus groups & nationwide telephone interviews. Help make a positive difference in the future of cancer care! We want to hear from you! #LetUsBeYourECHO #PaidStudy #KidneyCancer #RCC • Head to echopmg.com to Sign Up Today! •

A year ago I was at one of my lowest weights since starting my weight loss journey. Sadly when my dad took ill in March the scale slowly climbed. By the end of summer I put a great deal of weight back on. I’m not happy. I lost self confidence. And over all feel exhausted. But next week that’s about to change! I’m going to gain control of my health again. And not just for my benefit but for my family’s sake!

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