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In George Town you go get dim sum for breakfast. I can do that!!! #dimsumwin #dimsumbreakfast #digitalnomads #gotravel #lifeabroad #hungry #dimsum #digitalnomad #remoteworkers #travelfoodie

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” – David Mitchell #RentMyRide

How To Have A Kickass Work Day Around Lotus Temple 🙌
1. Kickstart your morning with power-packed Chhole Bhatoore at Baba Nagpal Corner in Gupta Market, Lajpat Nagar. 🍛
2. Visit Lotus Temple to soak in the soft morning sun at this beautiful heritage site and snap your way to this amazing day.🌍 3. Tap on your phone and head to the nearest myHQ Workcafe to kick in your workday at #TheBeerCafe .🌇 4. Use myHQ credits to order a scrumptious lunch of aromatic Biryani or luscious Chicken Makhani .🍡🍲 5. Back to work and the hustle, boss. Keep yourself recharged with our free bawse coffees!☕☕ 6. Wrap up your work day by catching up with your team over a pitch of Beer and fries.🍻🍟 7. GKII is a haven for exotic spas. We highly recommend you to head to these after a long tiring day!🌸🌸 8. Oh, but don't you dare say good bye to this day without getting some yummilicious dessert packed from Nik Bakers <3🍰🍩 That's all folks! Happy Working :') .
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If you're about to work remotely make sure you prepare way in advance.
Here's some of the things we cover in the first 5 days!

Don't be intimidated. Feel encouraged. All the guess work is done for you. Now you have a GPS of how to break free and work remotely. 🔶Day 1 - Getting organized
🔹How to take this course
🔹Focus on your “WHY” and build up your resolve via the "Sliding Doors” exercise.
🔹Determine the best program for your situation: Remote Year, Wifi Tribe, Roam, We Roam, Hacker’s Paradise (pro’s con’s of each platform)
🔹The Interactive master checklist for tracking 42 key tasks
🔹🔹HW: gather: passport, lease, employment agreement, current health ins, proposed itinerary 🔶Day 2 - Program selection, Employer & Landlord convos
🔹Getting buy-in from your employer : strategy, tactics, ammo from others who have excelled
🔹If a no-go are you willing to change jobs to make it happen? savings? link to remote job resources
🔹Options for getting out of your lease(early termination penalty, sublet, subrogation)
🔹Getting free of other common encumbrances
🔹🔹HW: contact landlord, contact employer 🔶Day 3 - Passport, Visas, Insurance, Immunization, storing stuff, mail forwarding
🔹Check passport blank pages - need 14. If not, locate local embassy or passport issuer
🔹Research visa requirements for your travel 🔹Reseearch necessary immunizations, find local clinic 🔹Obtaining traveler’s insurance and canceling other forms of insurance
🔹Possessions and vehicle storage
🔹Mail forwarding
🔹🔹HW: schedule necessary immunizations, if visas needed submit application, get 2 passport photos, scan and copy passport 🔶Day 4 - Financial & Comm prep
🔹Reducing paper footprint with bills and billing
🔹Apply for Schwab checking and debit card
🔹Apply for Chase Sapphire card - use Chase card to pay program payments and accrue flight miles
Check current phone provider’s coverage in countries 🔹Decide on provider vs. local SIMs (value of redundancy if connectivity critical). Aware of Tmobile domestic 70% policy
🔹T-Mobile vs Google Fi with iPhone
🔹Google Voice, Venmo, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype 🔹🔹HW: apply for cards & commit to phone strateg

The countdown to my last 60 days. How I went from London resident with a flat full of stuff to nomad, living out of a suitcase, now in Gran Canaria.
It was not as easy as you might think !
Article on the homepage: www.thetigersjourney.com or find the link in the bio.
Image: Matt Crump

What's the most important thing on which you could spend your time right now? Really think about it, don't just keep skimming. Maybe it's a work thing, maybe it's an errand, maybe it's spending time with someone important, maybe it's finally starting a new important habit. Or maybe you don't know?

It's not always obvious what you should be doing, especially when you consider multiple areas of life at once. How do you compare investing in a relationship to building your business?

Before you can know what your most important thing is, you must know what's important to you. That's not as easy as it sounds, because we've all been influenced so much by society that it's hard to know what we care about and what we're just expected to care about.

👇👇👇. 🌐 www.luxurylifestyle.co .
📱 facebook: www.Facebook.com/luxurylifestyle.co
🌍: Dubai, UAE

Do you want six months of FREE coworking, a surge in new business opportunities, luxe coworking facilities, expert mentorship and global reach?
Apply NOW for our exclusive Outpost Startup Sponsorship, open to startups registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia. We’re offering it in collaboration with the wonderful team from Geeks in Cambodia.
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No shade here 😎

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to make money while you were on vacation… sitting on a beach someplace quiet, peaceful and amazing?
We see ads everywhere today that promise “the lifestyle”... fast cars, private jets, big houses…
what if it was as simple as being able to take a four week vacation to Spain…
not be tied to your cell phone or you email…
not have pressing obligations that needed immediate attention…
to be fully present with your family…
to have the brain space to enjoy a great book while just lounging about…
When you did finally open your laptop just to check in…
there were thousands…. maybe even tens-of-thousands… of dollars that had been directly deposited into you account?
How would that feel… to know that you had money coming in every day… whether you worked or not?
Doesn’t that sound a little better than having a sports car or gigantic house? (Nothing wrong if that’s what you want… but why not focus on getting to freedom first?)
If you were nodding while reading all the way to here, then THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY that could just very well help you have everything I just described by the end of 2018.
You can sign up today for the free 14-day trial of this awesome training, but I can only offer a little amount of these trials per month, so don’t delay. @alexnomaddict

The modern workplace is awash in meetings, many of which are terrible. The secret to making meetings more productive may not be what you'd assume: conflict. Sparking a lively debate in a room that is physiologically safe is the best way to consider alternatives, challenge one another, listen to minority views, and scrutinize assumptions.

Today was raining & glum. Perfect day to plan and prep for the week. Going to be a busy one. Much to do, as ever. Must make time to take breaks though. I’m overworking, again !

One of the many benefits of the #workathome #remoteworkers lifestyle...getting to spin records while working. #hawaiianmusic #southseaislandmagic #aloha #recordplayer #hawaiimusic #alohavibes with my 4 year old playing next to me.

🎯 Strategy strategy strategy! Happy Monday and MLK Day everyone! Today my office is working like any day, which for once, I think I’ve just woken up more motivated than most days (this is not a typical Kim— I looove my beauty rest! 😴)
🧗🏽‍♀️ I’m hanging out at the community center for most of the day (since my roommate has today off lol) so I’m going to the quietest part of my apartment 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does anyone else struggle with finding quiet spot sometimes? 😆 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✏️📓 I’m taking notes for a technical document that I need to work cuz I have LOTS of training tomorrow. How else do you get ready for training? For me, it’s transcribing and then rewriting. Any tips would be appreciated below 📥
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To Dream A Better World, And Then To Build It...#stayqwerky

Fenty Beauty 💄 has been killin' the beauty game since its release a few months ago. Need a refresher on its branding? Step one: find a unique selling point. Link in the bio. #presspillaylife

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