I was wondering, if you were, let’s say, for a day, giving advice or a pep talk to yourself from a friends perspective, a best friends perspective, what would you say? I mean, you know when you give advice so passionately to your best friend coming from your heart, expressing to her about her value and how amazing she is. Telling her that she should have the self confidence to do anything because she’s is one AMAZING CHIC (I mean why else would you be friends with her right?). Or when she calls you to listen and give advise on her situation that you don’t even realize is ever-so-similar to one JUST like you were in but were too unsure to act on yourself, but you manage to give the MOST brave AND KICKASS, GO GET ‘EM TIGRESS, PROACTIVE advice to your BFFFF? If you were giving advice to someone you cared about, you would not say, well, I don’t know if you can do it? You might not be strong enough, or smart enough or pretty enough. Hmmm. Fffff to the NO, NO, NO, you would not say that. Um no. You would lift her up. You would say, you got this girl. You’re amazing, you’re beautiful, I can’t even believe you did that! W O W.
You L O O K like B E Y O N C E in that dress. You HAVE to interview for that job!
W H A T E V E R it is. You get the point. You’d give her all the confidence you could, to encourage her to do what she was trying to do to get it done. My question is. Why aren’t we that same awesome, uplifting friend to ourselves? Giving ourselves the best advice and encouragement. Unafraid, you got this, don’t EVEN THINK about anything less than talks. Because, after all, the first voice we have no choice to listen to is our own. Maybe we need to take a little more time to recognize our own awesomeness, not in an egotistical way. Just in an I’m going to give myself the same kind of respect and encouraging, I know I can do it, best friend kind of way. We got this way more often than we think.
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Some shiplap today.! #shiplap #shiplapwalls #remodel ##Painting

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First stage of bathroom remodel. New window. #remodel. #remodeling. #newbathroom #newwindow

Eric helped with the paint for a second and then got bored. I’m glad he did stop because he’s a very sloppy painter. But shhh don’t tell him so - Mommy told him he was the greatest painter. .
Painting had some trial and error. We forgot to put primer down on the cabinets when we started and then it started peeling even after having sanded the cabinets down. We primered the whole rig and then started painting again and that did the trick. We had to (rocky had to🤣) do 3 coats of our color and we are going to double check in the morning if that was enough. The paint looked streaky and so we (rocky) had to keep reapplying. Good thing it’s such a tiny project or it would take so much longer. .
We ended up using behr ultra pure white in satin - premium ultra plus - for most of the camper. It brightened the place right up!

The kids each have interior bedroom walls! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Sneak peek of my before and after bathroom renovation. Finishing work yet to do. #diy #bathroom #houseflipping #remodel #tile

Crushing on this concrete solid surface bath against large 600x600 marble tiles. Total heaven 😇

Regram | @pietrabianca.au

I love white floors in a bathroom. I cannot wait to see this bathroom done.

We’re very proud to use the best quality cabinets and offer free estimates for installation in your home! Contact #americaniconla today! You have nothing to lose!

I must say demolition day is my most favourite out of entire design process
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Floor tile all wrapped up and ready for grout! I used @ardexamericas X5 above and below the @schlutersystemsna Ditra mat. I also used the @perfectlevelmaster leveling system this go around. I like them ALOT more than the Raimondi or Ridgid clips because they’re much more durable and don’t snap when tightening. You also don’t need to un-spin them which takes forever!

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