Little reminders.

I’ve always hoarded cards and quotes and scraps of paper. Pictures, lyrics, quotes, encouragements, receipts, tickets. To-do’s and done’s. Didn’t do’s and shouldn’t have done’s.

In my ‘past life’ they were taped to the inside of my armoire. They moved across cities, then across the country. Some wrinkled or faded or tore. As my values grew and changed and developed, my little scraps followed suit. Finally, I put them together on a bulletin board. Some old, from childhood. Some newly and fiercely embraced. Always a work in process, but complete enough for now.
This is where I look when I need to stay grounded. Where I look to be reminded.

Got something today that I thought would never happen again. New half marathon PB. This was on a tougher course with a 3km steep incline around the 13km. I was almost ready to curl up into fetal position and start sucking my thumb. So stoked to gets this with 4 weeks to go until the #greatoceanroadmarathon. Even if I didn’t get a PB today it would’ve been still worth it to get up and try for it. You ain’t going to win everyday and are most likely going to fail almost 100% of the time.!! But every now and then if you just keep trying you will can get a break through. The only way to reach success is to fail and keep failing and not be scared to fail!! Failure brings success!! #cyclictrainer #cyclictraining2018 #wfpb #starchsolution #dontgiveintoyourinnerbitch #keephammering #greatoceanroadmarathon #eattolive #brownriceandsacrifice #rememberwhyyoustarted

infrequency. lack of dedication.
where is my drive? commitment?
not in a good headspace... just get there! lift some weights, push yourself, headphones in, sweat & get out of there! i promise you'll feel better afterwards

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My brain is an amazing place.. Is the sky the limit? #escape #remember #rememberwhyyoustarted #picoftheday #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography

You may not be as #strong as everyone else. I’m nowhere near my goal. But what matters is you #dontgiveup! I don’t plan on it. 🙌🏻 45 cal more than last time! #doinggood #fitnessjourney #fitnessgoals #rememberwhyyoustarted

I’m painting Live at The House Of Yes Y’all! 💕

“You know that scene in Belly? When Nas is at Tommy’s after the heist.. he’s sitting under this artwork of a woman in Black and White...”

The Reasons 💙💜❤️
This week was such a tough week. 29 months of grind is catching up to me and I’m running on fumes, but Friday a visit from one of the top PAs in the AF reminded me that selection into this program was not by luck or chance. It was humbling to hear him and the other PAs say we were hand plucked out of a group of applicants. Then I remembered why I started and thought about how far I’ve come. Then today my baby boy says he is too big to go into the girl’s locker room and I was like 😧😩☹️. Every area of life right now is a new challenge and bay-bay let me tell you... it’s kicking my arse, but I remember why I started. #6weeksout #7weekstograduation————————
Remember the ones that are watching, those that need you, the people that support you and that you deserve all the goodness coming to you. Then, embrace the fight because success is waiting for you on the other side. NEVER GIVE UP
Stay Driven 💋
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Website: jamiejai.com
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440lbs ant to shabby! Stoked to see what ill get in a couple of months. Stay tuned! Oh and I had no pre in me.😈💪🏼#roadto500 @erics2317

》Ich glaube sternschnuppen sind nicht da, um uns wünsche zu erfüllen. Sondern um uns zu zeigen, was wir tief im Innern wirklich wollen... •

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There is a difference between motivation and dedication.
Anyone can be motivated.
But no one does the work for you.
You’ve got to do this for you.
When you feel like giving up.
Remember why you started.
A signature is unique. It’s your personal mark in the world. Your fitness journey is also unique and is not the same as anyone else’s. Your purpose to build your body should be for YOU. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.
Inspiration for #signaturevid commercial for @bodybuildingcom is thanks to the signature preworkout. Because when you’re lacking motivation to get to the gym, what better way to fuel and pump yourself up?! 🙌🏼😉
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I am living where other people travel to.

See the beauty in those things around you. We tend to focus on the negative and fail to see the beauty around us. If something is not going the way you want it to, take a break, meditate and refocus. Dont lose your goal out of sight. If the shoe does not fit, do you change the foot? Or the destination? Pick the shoe thats right for you and keep going. Always remember why you started! 🖤💁🏼‍♀️👠

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