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🌟🙌🏻 What a horse and what a feeling to ride on him 😍 #viktorfradiisa ➡️just trying to hang on while he is doing what he usually does - being awesome 🌟💃🏼 #whatahorse #sunnaholt #icelandichorse #remembertobreathe

When the universe wants you to just smile for the day with your sister... You listen! 👯✨ @travelcruisin4life #remembertobreathe #lovelife

Heaven couldn't wait for you baby girl 👼🏻 I thank God and your Amazing parents Daniel and Briana for allowing me to be in your life. You are a bright sassy funny outgoing BEAUTIFUL 3 year old and you made everyone's day with your presence. You are missed everyday, i don't know anyone who could have been strong enough to take care of you as your parents did and how strong you were to take care of them. We love you Amelia Meza ❤️ and we love you Daniel and Briana, promise we won't let you guys fall. #remembertobreathe #trachbaby 8.27.2017 🙏🏼

Papi & I had you at 18 years old & now we just closed on our home at 21 🏡🎉 Welcome home Amelia!! I can wait to have endless memories here & host many birthday parties!! Thank you so much @joshlevario couldn't do this hectic process with anyone else! Currently renovating our home so will share more pictures later 😊 #remembertobreathe #thisisournormal #trachbaby 💜

I am very excited to announce that a new range is coming out tomorrow: the atmosphériques collection. Whilst the botaniques range focuses on the rhythm inherent to nature and to life and how it affects our skin and spirit, this new range of pure botanical blends emphasises the need to protect our skin from external stressors like pollution and UVA/B rays, which have become such a prominent component of urban living. atmosphériques is the ultimate skin-empowering collection: protective, detoxifying and regenerative. Pollution-proof skincare at its best, it boosts the skin's metabolism and ability to breathe deeply. if you don’t want to wait for official launch tomorrow you can pre-order now on the website!
#remembertobreathe #atmosphériques

Moment good or bad, hard or enjoyable are moment we cherish. After Jaelyns stay in the PICU she was doing really well. But slowly she started getting fevers again and feeling not the greatest. But her smile and love for life always keeps us moving forward.
Today she spent the day talking to a lot of her doctors coming up with a plan on how to get her feeling better.
Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support. This fight is a bit easier knowing you are all there with us. #prayersforjaelyn #cancercantstopme #remembertobreathe

I have a lot of updates of the month I've had. I'll get into all that another day. Instead.. yesterday, there were butterflies. #remembertobreathe

Website will be up soon... get ready to place orders on upcoming products. Hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves and hats. DM your size if your interested! #remembertobreathe 🌲


Make the time for balance, focus and hard work. Make room in your life to improve your physical and mental health. Bikram yoga is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. "Skip the drama and slide into neutral"

Have the most amazing Saturday and remember to be kind to yourself... #bikramyogafitzroy #bikramyogalife #bikramyoga360 #ibendsoidontbreak❤️🙏 #beyourownmotivation #remembertolookafteryourself #byebyeflu #strongmindstrongbody #strongisthenewsexy #remembertobreathe #goslowandbepresent #remembertoalwayssmile #remembertolisten #alwaysbethankfulandgrateful #gratitudealways #vespaweather #lovemypinkmatsomuchhhhhhhh #happysaturday😘

When the universe wants you to just smile for the day with your sister... You listen! 👯✨ @travelcruisin4life #remembertobreathe #lovelife

Uh oh, I know what this means #flyingv #oldmanwinter #alberta #remembertobreathe

Oh Louise. I will always be in love with your beautiful, craggy face. Which falls under the category of "things you can say about a mountain that you shouldn't say about your lover."
#ab #alta #alberta #alpinelake #albertatourism #lakelouise #nikon #landscapephotography #mountain #glacier #canadianrockies #rockies #canada #imagesofcanada #Ilovecanada #ilovealberta #remembertobreathe #hike #beautifuldestinations #justgoshoot #getoutside #getoutdoors #hiking #mountainlake #touristspot #touristdestination #toomanypeople

We had such a blast experimenting with magnets this week! Shared our five favorite experiments on the blog. (Link in bio)

I found this beautiful butterfly chilling in our garage. After I'd taken a picture, I realized it had an injured wing and couldn't fly. We scooped it up and took it out to the front yard, where we have a rose bush. Don't know if that was helpful to it, but it seemed better than our overheated garage.

Throwback...let's go backt to those beautiful sunny summer days at the beach! #throwback #portugal #summer2017 #autumniscoming #summerisover #beach #remembertobreathe #sun

Today, take a moment. Take a moment for yourself. Take a moment to be thankful. Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to release negativity. Take a moment to show love.
So often we rush through our days, stressed and overworked. We forget to set aside time for ourselves, for our soul. Today, while running around delivering succulents, my path took me down PCH. I stopped randomly at a spot I've never been to, turned off my truck and walked down to the sand. I sat on this perfect tree and closed my eyes and took a deep breath of ocean air. I imagined that this entire ocean was all mine. I gave thanks that I get to live so close to it. I allowed myself to just be.
#meditation #calm #ocean #life #givethanks #remembertobreathe #beach #motherearth #feedyoursould #celebratelife #love #gratitude

Happy Friday! I got to do one of my favorite fall things yesterday!! Apple picking! You just can't match a macintosh from right off the tree. 🍎It makes my inner child very happy. ☺️💕 yay fall!! It's is officially fall today - and Nick's birthday!! 🎆🎇🎆 It always falls on the first day of fall. 💕

We were studying Medieval Times this week and Joseph decided to take a break for quick Prehistory/Fossils "Review." 😉

I have a lot of updates of the month I've had. I'll get into all that another day. Instead.. yesterday, there were butterflies. #remembertobreathe

Having five kids, my wonderful husband has developed very low expectations of housework. There are days when he's questioned how everyone is still alive though...notice I said nothing about retaining my sanity. 😆

Fri-nally Friday is cancelled. We are all recovering from something! Wickedly challenging.🔥☄️💥Be ready to work it 😎.
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#remembertobreathe #yogaisfun #villageyogafranklin

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