I’m gonna get money With , or WIthOUT a MF 🤔😉🤑🤑 #Facts #yaDiigggg #rememberThat #imthetrophy 💪🏼👸🏼🏆

Fluffiest snowcone in Hawaii!! I still have more to say though. If my ex would of left me alone when I told him I didn't want to be with anyone, when I MET him 3 years ago. He added a lot of drama to my life. I put everything aside to try and be stable and nothing worked until he got out of my life. I got my apartment with my girl Big Moe and moved on with my life. I do everything for myself and that's something he took from me, to ability to know myself and do right for myself 😲 I tried my hardest to find myself again after being so lost. She's back though bitches! I love my baby, look at him lol that's my face on his sleeve and he's the reason I'm better than ever #fuckthesebitches #rememberthat #imback

Some of the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. #RememberThat ‼️

y'all don't ever chase nobody y'all gotta better shit to do #rememberthat

Faaaar better things #rememberthat #betterdays #betterthings

If this ain't the fucking truth.
#RememberThat #HitMeRightInTheFeels

Second day of summer & this kid is in trouble already. 😂 Just kidding. Zachary Police Department just came to talk to the kiddos at the #ExcelsiorJiuJitsu camp today. He said “trying on handcuffs” made him never want to be in trouble cause they were way too tight. 😆 #rememberthat

amazing sunrise this morning w my bro @egaynor 🌅 ft. some new tunes i'm workin on😌 #allday #rememberthat

e em parte profetizamos, mas quando vier o que é perfeito, então o que é em partes será aniquilado. 🌻🔫 #amor #love #truelove #note #rememberthat #Flourish #Florescer #Floresça

🌱Everyday you make a choice to better yourself because you LOVE yourself and your body and you want to be the best version of you regardless of what society, media or your peers may have to say about it
🌱One of the biggest challenges I face with people is taking them out of the “diet” mentality. Diets meant to lose weight through starvation, calorie restriction, forbidden foods and intensive exercise are not the way to a healthy and fulfilled life. Stop punishing yourself and start loving and supporting who you are, wherever you are in your wellness journey
🌱When we constantly bombard ourselves with negative thought and self-disapproval, we create a hostile environment and become enemies of who we are
🌱Instead of forcing yourself to follow a diet that makes you miserable, try changing your lifestyle one small step at a time. Start by incorporating healthier actions and those negative habits will begin to fall off. For example, if you are the type of person that has to have your nightly dessert, try reducing your sweet treats to 4-5 nights a week versus every night, enjoy a bowl of fruit drizzled with warm almond butter and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips versus that giant slice of cake, or allow yourself to eat that cake and pay attention to how you feel afterwards. Do you feel satisfied or still unfulfilled? Do you feel sluggish and disappointed? Shakey from all of the simple sugars and empty calories? Or do you feel happy and content? Pay attention to your body’s signals and allow those to be your guide
🌱Take yourself away from the dieting mentality into a world of self love, acceptance and commitment towards bettering your life one small step at a time. Make that choice every day to do what feels good to both your body and your mind. Take your time. Love your journey. It’s a marathon not a sprint
🌱And don’t ever feel alone in your journey. Whether I’ve talked to you a million times or never before, I would love to support you in whatever change you want to make because you are beautiful and perfect and WORTH IT ❤️ #rememberthat

takes two to play a game. #rememberthat

If i’m loseing now, i would win later 🤙🏻 💪🏻🔥#nevergiveup #itoldyou #tusttheprocess #rememberthat #thegameneverstops #marrythegame

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”
Happy Friday 😌
#rememberthat #happy #happiness #happyday #bepositive #beyourself #justlive #onedayatatime #stepbystep #namaste

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