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Took on New York with my bestie/travel guide. #Remembering911

New York City is known to be the city that never sleeps, it's always noisy and busy. However surrounded by all the city chaos this busy block of NYC had a calm quiet feel to it. You didn't hear the horns, the construction, you didn't even notice you were surrounded by hundreds of humans. Instead there was a comforting waterfall sound from the memorials, the calming sound of birds chirping, and the peaceful wind blowing across the lawn and through the trees... It's as if this area was closed off to the outside disruption. Everybody seemed to understand each other's feelings. This place gave me goosebumps... That day we watched unspeakable acts of evil unfold but we also witnessed incredible courage, outpourings of human kindness, and fierce solidarity .. that is what will be remembered, along with thousands of innocent souls who perished that day. 🇺🇸❤️✊🏼🏙💙🇺🇸 #Merica #AmericaStrong #Remembering911 #USA

_Rose of Hope_
Yesterday 9/11 was another sad anniversary of something that changed the lives of all of us. There are not many things that haven’t been said about what happened and I still remember the shock, disbelief and sadness I felt when I heard the news. Now after many years, one thing I know: no matter what, there is always hope and there is always tomorrow.
My warmest thoughts to all those who lost somebody on that day.
#911 #remembering911 #NewYork #GroundZero

UNITED WE STAND! #remembering911 🙏🏽🇺🇸

Never forget #remembering911 ❤️

On September 11, 2001, I remember watching on TV with Rebecca as the second plane crashed into the Twin Towers. As I gathered my cameras in our Brooklyn apartment to head into lower Manhattan, Rebecca—who has had little experience photographing conflict or violence—said she wanted to go with me. I balked. Shouldn’t she stay in Brooklyn, away from the chaos? Perhaps I shouldn’t even go—a startling notion for a photographer like me who’d sometimes covered violent situations in the past. Who knew what might happen to our city next on that terrible morning? What if we were separated and unable to communicate during another wave of violence? So we chose to stay together and do one of the few things we know how to do—respond with a camera.

And it was utter chance when, after parking our car near the Brooklyn Bridge in order to proceed to Manhattan on foot, a woman came out of a Brooklyn Heights building and asked if we wanted to see what Manhattan looked like from her roof. Now, looking back at this photograph some 15 years later, I’m not sure I would have seen this particular photograph—with its note of tenderness and looming tragedy—if Rebecca had not been with me.--AW; Photo AW, Brooklyn, NY, September 11, 2001 #slantrhymes #remembering911 #alexwebb

The 911 museum is breathtaking! Definitely reminisced that day. watching those videos, hearing those phone calls, of those who passed, calling their families truly left me speechless ! #Remembering911 #neverforget #911museum


In a New York state of mind. #newyorkcity #usa #worldtradecenter #remembering911

"No day shall erase you from the memory of time" 🙏🙏🙏 #remembering911 #september11 #neverforget #manhattan #nyc #iloveny #newyork

Took on New York with my bestie/travel guide. #Remembering911

Here we grow stronger each day, face our fears, and wipe our tears. Each day is a blessing. We grow better united. #newyorkstrong

Nasıl 22 yıl önce bu alçak soykırımı yapanlar, çocuk kadın demeden sivil insanları acımasızca katlederken "Türklerden intikam alacağız" diye yaptıysa bu vahşeti, işte daha o andan yani bu felaket daha başınıza gelmeden yanınızdaydık biz. Şimdi de öyleyiz, ömrümüz vefa ettikçe de olacağız. #Srebrenica katliamını unutmuyoruz ! #dontfogetsrebrenica

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