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Rooftop lurking @dcbx_
We still have a couple of Street Hoodies in stock #remainanonymous

We need your help identifying the man in the picture. If anyone recognizes him please call 201-939-2900 or to remain anonymous call 201-804-9346. Tips@lyndhurstpolice.com. This photograph was captured at the Lyndhurst Diner several weeks ago. #lyndhurstdiner #identify #remainanonymous

We never forget a fallen brother or sister in the line of duty. #EndGovernmentCorruption #RemainAnonymous #WeDoNotForgive #WeDoNotForget

Fuck it, let's riot. #RemainAnonymous

Spectacular journalism #remainanonymous #journalismfail

Ras Kass+Sade= πŸ”₯ "Times is hard, brothas is frontin' but they ain't about nothin'...." Soul On Ice '94...lol @ that KFC photo bomb... #RasKass #WontCatchMeRunnin #RemainAnonymouS #WesternHemisfear #HipHopClassics

Just two bros sharing a delicious Nugget Nectar on Nitro! #beersandbros #troegsnuggetnectar #remainanonymous


Rooftop lurking @dcbx_
We still have a couple of Street Hoodies in stock #remainanonymous

To my beautiful preteen and teenager, I know at times life can be hard, there will always be that girl or a few who will be mean, laugh, lie and gossip about you because that's all they can do. Just know it's out of either jealousy or because they aren't happy with themselves or they are just straight up rude and mean because they weren't raised right... they are mad because you have something they want, or because they can't be you or be like you.
Whatever it is, pay no mind. Do not repay evil with evil. Just ignore and continue to be you and shine the way you're meant to shine. Remember it's not what ppl call you, it's what you answer to... AND.. Whatever ppl say about you, good or bad... it says more about them then you.
Your reaction to what they are saying is what reflects who you are as a person.. Who do you chose to be?
Someone who is strong and confident, who rises above such childish games?
Or someone weak who drops their standards and morals to repay evil with evil.. ?
Never mind that mean crap talking and keep pushing forward in life, don't let anyone's mean words bring you down. You BOTH are so damn BEAUTIFUL! I am happy and proud to call you both my daughter's 😍😘❀ I love you girls with all I have.
#stopthebullying #stupidsarahahapp #remainanonymous #withthosemeanmessages #mygirlsarebeautiful #insideandout

Spectacular journalism #remainanonymous #journalismfail

Sit back , relax, get ready to ride
You're rocking wit
Da U. N. I. .. #linkinbio .πŸ™πŸΎcheck out latest update . Fit video shot by @banguiboy πŸ™ŒπŸΎ. Graphic by @alkhaliqq #Mystyle by UV A @ras_kass cover of #RemainAnonymous #UV #UVmusic #CarsonCalifornia #WashingtonDC.πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ‘£

Say whatever you feel 😈 #remainanonymous #sarahah

Be Jesus to the World! Pay it forward, make a difference in another's life!

Waiting for that jacket to show like... we just sent a fresh batch out today and we're onto the next! Taking pre-orders now #remainanonymous

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