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Religions are all different🚪's leading to the same 🏡. The same God that talked 🗣 to Abraham is the same God that Jesus prayed too🙏 & Muhammad worshipped🙌. Religion at it's core was created to promote peace✌️️, compassion❤️ & communion among human beings👫. It is supposed to provide guidance ➡️ of ethics, nurture the inherently good in humanity as a whole, and help to create a kind, loving and supreme human being.

This kinda begs the question, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!😱🤔 The christians had their crusades during the 11th to 13th century⛪️, you got Islam waging war against whole populations forcing others to convert religions for nearly 1,300 years🕌, 6 million Jews were murdered during a time of anti-Semitic teachings stemming from the heart of Christianity, the list could go on & on.📝 _____

If that isn't enough you've even got christians fighting christians & muslims fighting muslims 👊... I think it's a little save to say that the 🌳of religion has gotten a little far away from its roots.


Religions may have once succeeded when they embraced the SPIRIT of God and embodied all the once ethnical teachings 📖 into their everyday lives.

The monotheistic religions have to get 🔙 to their ethnical heritage, and realize that humanity has created thousands of Gods. We as a species have suffered to long due to this lower idea of the infinite that makes it waaaaay to easy for man to face off against one another.⚔️ _____

Religion should ONLY be used to foster unconditional love, peace, and compassion for all living things, and be used for NOTHING else.🙅‍♂️

His life began under trying circumstances. Now, at the age of 14, his life has ended the same way.

For Dennis Lindberg, most of his childhood depended on the kindness of strangers to help him survive. A few weeks ago, he made a decision that contributed to his death Wednesday night.

The Mount Vernon teenager was diagnosed with leukemia Nov. 8 and since then had been confined to Seattle's Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

Doctors said he needed blood transfusions to survive potentially lifesaving cancer treatments. But as a practicing Jehovah's Witness, Lindberg refused. Despite his age, he had been declared what is known as a "mature minor," meaning he was considered mature enough to make decisions about his treatment.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe accepting a blood transfusion violates God's law.

His aunt, Dianna Mincin, became his legal guardian four years ago after his father, now a recovering addict, was jailed for drug possession.

Mincin is also a Jehovah's Witness, and supported Dennis' decision.

The boy's biological parents did not.

Dennis Lindberg Sr. -- Mincin's brother -- and Rachel Wherry flew to Seattle from their home in Boise on Tuesday to attend a 9 a.m. hearing, hoping a judge could force the transfusions.

Wednesday morning, after hearing from the parents, the aunt, social workers and the boy's doctor, Skagit County Superior Court Judge John Meyer denied the plea. About 9 p.m., Lindberg Sr. called the Seattle P-I to say his son had died in his hospital bed.

With the transfusions and other treatment, Lindberg had been given a 70 percent chance of surviving the next five years, Meyer said in court, based on what the boy's doctors told him. Without them, he was likely...more at]
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When you engage in a debate with someone who believes that their prophet flew on a unicorn or healed diseases with the touch of his palm, all of your reasonable and logical arguments go out the window.

Ok......trying out this template. Just tell me which one is better out of these two....😅
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800 mass grave of young kids to infants
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The GREATEST lie ever told...
If the letter 'J' wasn't invented until 1600, how did #Jesus get his name over 2000 years ago? "Jesus" wasn't given or received 2000 years ago. The first time the name was first spelled precisely as "JESUS" was June 1632 in a court document in England.
We must understand and know that the letter "J"is the newest letter added to the English alphabet. Also we must understand that in the Latin, Greek, and the Hebrew alphabet there is no "J". By us knowing this we should know that the Messiah name isnt Jesus. The original 1611 King James Version #kjv #Bible showing Jesus name with and "I" instead of a "J". The Jesus did not speak English and neither did He speak Greek. He spoke #Hebrew according to the scriptures. Jesus," was not his name 2000 years ago. The first time the name was spelled (as far as my research indicates) precisely this way was in the phrase: "JESUS’ psalter.” Which was noted in June of 1632 within a legal brief prepared from the Court of the High Commission in London England.

Ironically, the name was spelled this way in an official lawsuit filed against a pair of owners of an Amsterdam print shop who were printing Bibles for gain (profit) - their edition bears the date 1631 - 1632. The pair willfully engaged in dishonorable publishing and “made grievous errors.” The evidence was their production of a Bible without quality, a printing disgrace known commonly as ‘the wicked Bible.’ The pair were sued for printing subpar quality and lost - having to pay a large fine. But the spelling JESUS which was only written within the court’s document, and which occurred just once, remained to become the Western Brand Name for a very famous Jew. @king_dawayne4515 #king_dawayne4515 #jesusexposed #religion #religionkills #religionlies

All I'm asking for is just for one theist to provide me one piece of evidence that their God (or any God) exists.
There are 5,000 gods as of today and all of the followers of that certain God claim that their deity is the one true God. From this we can draw 2 conclusions. 1) all gods exist or 2) none of the gods exist. Pick your poison.
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