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I’ve worked with a couple of dogs in the last week and here are the latest updates from their owners - needless to say I am pretty thrilled with the results!
If you know any dog owners on the road from South Auckland to Taupo who might be interested please let them know as I am heading down for my lower North Island trip on the 16th February and have some spaces left! 🐶

When I work with a horse, the key goal is to release tension and achieve relaxation in the horses body.
The pelvis is such a large structure that it is hard to get to the middle of it to release tension but there are things we can do!
When I first start working on the hind end I use a method called search-response-stay-release to find areas of tension and by holding these - sometimes for quite a while - the central nervous system can gradually release this.
The more the horse releases tension and relaxes the pelvis, the more it drops. Check that drop on Caprice! 😍

Neck manipulation just one technique to help loosen off the neck and supporting tissue. #spinalmanipulation #osteopathy #sportsmassage #improvinglives #releasingtension #realigning #feelingbetter #btstherapy #BTST

Love this shoulder stretch ❤️ I have really tight shoulders which stop me from doing so many poses!
I use this video from Esther Ekhart which really makes a difference! As long as I remember to do it 😁! https://youtu.be/ppToA1N0CgE

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First travel weekend for 2018 is booked! I am heading to Levin for the weekend of 17/18 Feb so if anyone on the road from Auckland to Taupo would like to book in for the Friday 16th let me know! It’s a good opportunity as it is a group event travel rates are heavily discounted! Message me for enquiries or to book! 😄 *available for horses or dogs 🐴🐶

Available appointment Tuesday at 4:30-5:30pm. What you waiting for? Book now .... www.btstherapy.co.uk #sportsmassage #improvinglives #releasingtension #achesandpainsgone #increasemobility #feelbetter #btstherapy #BTST #rainworth #mansfield #running #cycling #sport #swimming #gym #newyear

Did my first Masterson Method session with a dog today! 🐶 my friends parents dog Kiara is getting on in years and is a little stiff in her hind end - particularly her right side. It was a bit of an experiment for me as I hadn’t worked on a dog before but goodness me it was fascinating! Just like a horse, Kiara also showed restriction in her left fore (both parts of the diagonal) and she got fidgety and such when she was feeling something. She didn’t show physical releases as such (she was panting - she has a LOT of fur and it was so hot today!) but she would sit with me and do some work then walk herself away for a break, then come back to me for more 😍 After about an hour of this I had worked all over her body and she walked away to take a nap, the bottom right of the pic is the message I got from my friend afterwards (a few hours after! 😉)

Luca really wants to know what I’m writing about him! 🐴 I saw him for a follow up session yesterday and the difference was amazing! Often in the first session they have to work out what I am asking of them as the moves are a little different and I am making them feel things but by the second time around they know who I am, what I am asking and they remember how good it feels! Luca is a perfect example of this, he was actually quite affectionate towards me this time, which was a nice change from the very guarded and frequently angry at me Luca of last time! 😍

Day 10: #30dayyogaliving @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial
It is the neck and shoulders where I carry and store much of my tension. Thank you @erica_mather for a beautiful practice. ✨Unraveling every day. 🙏🏼
#releasingtension #releasingstress #yogahealing #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogalove #miamibeachyoga #practiceyogachangeyourworld #omshanti

Testimonial Tuesday
From Lynn Griffin in California:
"We were blown away by our New Years’ Day session with my Sister’s Tennessee Walker, JJ. This poor guy was a victim of the brutal “soring” practices of the Big Lick competitions and he was a champion in his day. His X-rays show major changes in his coffin bone configuration and porous bone quality. He developed a terrible stone bruise 5 weeks ago, compounded by an abscess. He couldn’t move. The combination of our work and the genius of my Sister’s veterinarian has finally found him moving freely again. It was touch and go, and uncertain that there would be a happy ending for him. We were all a wreck during this period. These pictures show JJ’s response after only the left side bladder meridian by Judy Askins, and 3/4 of the bladder meridian on the right by Jen Reiff (taking Sandy’s weekend in March). Jen didn’t even get to his right hock before he moved to the center and dropped to the ground. He stayed down for 50 minutes and only got up due to a startle. Interesting aside is that there were 3 people in his stall with him during the entire event. We were all just a puddle that he felt comfortable enough to show us his most vulnerable self.
We’re practicing on any horse that we can find within an hour of my ranch, and have reserved every Wednesday as “Masterson Method Wednesday.” We either work on our four horses here, or hit the road to work on others. (We’ve done 12 horses, many of them multiple times). We have taken to calling ourselves the MMMRT (Masterson Method Mobile Response Team)
So amazing that he released this way for us. My Sister has never even seen him lying down."

Hello All!
A few TUESDAY TIPS to kick start your day! 😁

Following each of my treatments, I always love to give important self-care tips to clients with the intent of helping them maintain relaxed muscles post massage. I continuously encourage clients to invest in both of the following:
1. A Heat pack (preferably long, to fit comfortably around the neck region)
2. A form of muscle balm/gel.
I use both a Heat pack and Tiger Balm Gel during my remedial massages, as they both function to relieve our tight muscles!
What are their benefits, you may ask?!
Applying heat to muscles works to relax them instantaneously, reducing pain and stiffness. The application of heat encourages blood circulation of and around the target area. This means that oxygen and all necessary nutrients can be delivered to the area of focus, reducing the time taken for the healing process to begin! Tiger Balm or any Muscle Balm, can act in the same way as a heat pack. When rubbed into the muscle of focus, it too will stimulate blood circulation within the affected area. After its application, we will often experience a cooling/soothing sensation. This helps to sooth and relax the muscles! 💪

Let’s use the neck as an example :D
My top tip to offer for a tight neck area is to apply Tiger Balm liberally around the upper traps, around the neck, right up to the base of the skull. Immediately after, a heat pack should positioned on top of the neck area. The heat will enable the tiger balm to be absorbed more rapidly into the muscles! This is especially effective right before you go to sleep at night, as your body is in its most relaxed state! 😴

If you've made it to the end of this post...Well Done! 😜 Wishing everyone a lovely Tuesday!
Karlie 💆

#korrmassagetherapies #tuesdaytips #heatpacks #releasingtension #tightmuscles #remedialmassage #musclebalms #selfcare #lookafteryou #health

Looking forward to using this baby. Thank you @mumlifeessentials for posting about these mats and their uses. #shaktimat #accupressure #releasingtension

challenge of 2018 #AYearOfYoga2018: inspiring yogini Carmen @cyogalab and for Variations pose with @yogawithaislinn, @rachely.wang and @gmcyoga will provide with alternatives so we can all #keeppracticing together! sponsor @livesankalpa .
Day 8
Slowly I can feel comfort and ease here even still need a good warmup . #split is always challenging at the beginning but once I stay and extra few breath everything start soft and just melted to my mat.
#hanumasana #monkeypose .

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The Masterson Method: Pig Edition! 🐷 I got a message from one of my regulars @bitless_and_barefoot about her mums piglet, who was born in that horrible storm with wonky legs and a dodgy walk. At my recent training course I learnt that this techniques works with dogs so we thought we would give pigs a try! FANTASTIC results to say the least - he responded just like the horses with fidgets, licking and chewing and yawning (swipe across to see the video!) 😍 I love this technique! Thanks @mastersonmethod !

Not my most attractive pose 😅 But poor Caprice had a tight groin on her near side so my legs took one for the team (I held this for a good 5 minutes - who needs the gym!?) on the up side, after this and some other work on her hindquarters her groin was so much looser.. and even Arrow got in on it (the butt you can see in the background who spent the whole duration of this move rubbing hypnotically on the pole 😂)

Release your way into a relaxing weekend! Enjoy some time with your horses in the barn! 😃
#mastersonmethod #equinetherapy #equinemassage #equestrian #horses #barnlife #horselove #releasingtension #relax #lessismore #search #response #stay #release #workingwiththehorse 💚 #yawn
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Worked on this lovely boy Enzo this morning. He tried to yawn without opening his mouth but eventually couldn't hold it in! #equinemassage #equinebodywork #mastersonmethod #happyhorses

I call this ‘The Many Faces Of Luca’. And it was all from a single leg release (bottom right corner 😉) I like to start a session with this (or the tongue release) as they are such great endorphin releasers and help set things up for the rest of the session - even on intermittently temperamental guys like Luca here 👍🏻@nzhorsekid

Back when I met @nzhorsekid and her standardbred crew for the first time my photographer/videographer/Mum completely filled my phone with media.. I have FINALLY had a chance to go through them and see what I have! I love these two videos of Swiss as they show two of the main aspects of Bodywork that I am always explaining to clients! The first shows guarding and evasive behaviour, this generally means I have found an area of tension and discomfort and she is trying to ‘protect herself’ from the movement I am asking for. I just stay very soft and ask for even smaller movement. It only takes a small amount of this and once I have used a few different techniques to focus on that area, we will get the relax and tension release seen in the second video (licking and chewing at the end). Some horses are pretty stoic and won’t show a release that obviously (sometimes just a sigh or a softening of the eye) and some will be very out there and yawn and yawn and yawn! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how obvious it is - a release is a release and it all helps your horse feel so much better! 😍

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