Not much cuter than a yawning miniature pony 😉

After the success of my last live video (and I have since realised I missed out about a fairly large chunk of my range - whoops! 😅) I am going to do another one to cover that and the stuff I have been working on over the last few days.. so I’ll be live tomorrow (Wednesday) night from 7pm - tune in to see what I’ve been up to and to check out my newest releases! •

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Buenooossss diassssss! DETOX FEEDBACK This is amazing in just two days. You requested support and I showed up 🙌🏿🙌🏿💃🏽💃🏽🤗🤗... God is working!! I am proud of you!!!!! Keep up the good work!! #HealtoBalance #healingstartswiththeindividual #iampassionate #accountability #mypassionisshowingthroughmywork #myenergyispowerful #healingthebody #releasingtension

The Masterson Method June Newsletter is out!
Find out what's coming to Canada, new things coming in Europe, a bit about Australia, and watch a powerful video with veterans and a wild horse rescue.
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In order to reduce tension, you should understand how, why and where tension occurs in the first place. Let's delve into the reasons you carry tension in your body, which will give you a basic understanding. From this understanding you can then apply tools and techniques to release unwanted tension.

Learn specific methods that can help "train the brain" to keep your own tension at bay, as well as show you some unique tools you can use at home to incorporate into your daily practice, or to use with your students (workshop open to yoga students or CEUs for yoga teachers)
Using the tools you have within your own body, you can train your mind to become more aware of tension, which can lead you to better release it.
Along with the discussion, you will not only learn specific techniques, but will then participate in a gentle practice  to see how they can be applied.

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Triceps. Deltoids. Glutes

Enjoyed today's workout. 3 sets of 6 different exercises (3 shown in video) working on muscles mentioned above. Slow pace, but maximum muscle impact. You just cant see my muscles at the moment hidden under all the juice😄
Try these at home or at your next gym visit (pregnant or not)
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How’s that for a release of tension!? 🙌🏻🤗

‼️LIVE VIDEO ALERT‼️ I’m going to go through all the premade products I have ready for the market day tomorrow so if you want to see what I have or can’t make it to the market and want to see if there is anything you like then make sure you are online and on Facebook at 7pm tomorrow! Even if you just want to have a nosey and say hi please feel free to jump on - I’d love to see you there!

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I incorporate bodywork into my routine on my personal horses and clients as a on needed basis. This gelding has been struggling with some front right and sometimes left lameness. I have done this exercise many times but not have put complete focus on for a long period of time. We did a photonic red light therapy session on him before I went in and did the deep bodywork between his shoulder blade and neck. Our holistic veterinarian said you can sometimes get C7 to pop and sure enough it popped. I spent a good 30 minutes on the left side and 20 minutes on the right side. His soreness has mostly been on the front right. She recommended for me to focus on the left side and that's the side we got the pop. Lots of yawns, eye rolling and change of breath. The interesting part was when I got to the right side and was able to start going in deeper he was sneezing like no tomorrow. It ended up opening up his sinuses where we were getting clear fluid dripping out. We counted around 30 sneezes. Huge and long yawns. We got a good 35 yawns just during the session. My student took him out on a nice long walk and I told her expect more sneezing. I have seen sneezing afterwards when I take them on a walk just have never seen it during a session. My student counted 71 sneezes within a 20 minute time period along with another good 15 yawns. This work always fascinates me and I can't wait to do this one in particular on my other horses. After this session he's been 90 percent more sound. #rhinestarperformancehorses #rhinestarhorses #equinebodywork #equineyoga #releasingtension #photonicredlight #redlightpad #equinephotonicredlighttherapy

The beauty of softness and patience 💕 Never rushing a horse into anything will get you so much further than if you give them too much too soon. •

This is a throwback photo to Suzy - one of @nzhorsekid ‘s herd and he has had a bit of a rough life before he came to her. I hope you won’t mind me putting it bluntly Waggy, but he was a bit of an emotional train wreck when we first met! The tiniest hint of too much pressure and he would just do whatever he had to do to get away from it. Unfortunately he had injured himself somewhat and had spent the last few weeks/months having all sorts of needles and treatments given to him so he was a bit wary of ‘therapists’. I believe the first session I had with him (pictured) lasted less than 10 minutes, which was totally fine.

I went out to see Waggy and her crew this week just gone and it was Suzy’s time for another session. He has come so far since we first met but I was still cautious and went in super soft and super slow. He released tension beautifully in the poll then got a bit worried about it (I think he was remembering needles!) so I had to do some light points down the bladder meridian and the slower and softer I went the more he relaxed. In the end he was practically asleep on his feet and we had a 45 minute session 😍 •

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Massage therapy can provide substantial healing and pain relief for people suffering from back pain caused by muscle tension and strain, if the correct muscles are targeted. Still it’s definitely not a substitute for movement and correct posture.
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sometimes I’m getting overwhelmed with all the bittersweet beauty in wich the flow of life is dancing in space. I just wanna lay down and dive into my inner ocean of endless bliss ..let the waves carry me into a deep state of relaxation in wich everything disapears but the pleasure moment of sensual awareness.
#thaiyogamassage #energy #energyflow #release #exhale #letgo #beautiful #technic #book #your #massage #now #sacreddance #souldance #releasingtension #passiveyoga #peace #om

Yin Yoga tonight at 7.15pm

Targeting the shoulders, arms and wrists.
For those who feel they have ‘the weight of the world on their shoulders’
JIWA Yoga (142A Railway Street, Swanbourne)

#yinyoga #tonyturneryoga #jiwayogaperth #yinyogafortheupperbody #releasingtension #heartmeridian #lungmeridian #yourspiritlivesinstillness #defensivechi #releasingfear #releasinganxiety #paulgrilleyyinyoga

Making friends wherever I go! 😍

This sweet girl wasn’t even the horse I was booked to see, but she just kept herself glued to the gate and kept yawning when the other horse yawned and stretching when he did. I always joke and say that it’s like a buy one get one free with this bodywork because so often they do just pick up the relaxing vibes and release tension from the other side of the gate/fence/race/wherever 😉

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Opening the sides is such an integral move to release tension and stress and to enable you to work on your core.
Our wonderful group that all left from Sydney to gather in Sri Lanka worked so well and had such a wonderful time whilst finishing the week with great results, a holiday and recharged ... #beachshalla #morningyoga #releasingtension #sidestretch #retreat#yoga #meditation #oveanswim #eatwell #lifeinthetropics #youdeserveit #nycyogaretreatsrilanka2018🙏🧡

Hollywood enjoyed her first ever massage and bodywork! She’s a roping trained horse for heading or heeling. She’s a very solid feeling horse but she’s also very tight. She has distortion in her cervical spine and her hips were very hard. Once she figured out what I was doing she really soaked into the massage and received all the benefits. #spottedponymassageandbodywork #equinemassage #myofascialrelease #ropinghorse #quarterhorse #mare #hollywood #releasingtension #palimino

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