Ladies, if you take care of all your mans needs he will take care of yours. Both of the man and woman should strive to be indespensable asste to their partners not liabilities!

If you are putting yourself in a situation that you know you may have to apologize for then if you value your relationship you won't do it! Repost if you agree!

A little relationship lunch time entertainment to keep you going to through the day. PLEASE LIKE SO I KNOW YOU WANT ME TO KEEP POSTING VIDS FOR LUNCH 🥗 🍔🍕

I wrote ‘Understanding A Man’ to empower women with tools to create a lasting relationship. Inside the manual you will find 15 chapters with the key 🔑 ingredients to do just that.⠀⠀
I believe this manual will help so many ladies preparing themselves for that special man, couples looking to level up and divorcees wanting to get back out there.⠀⠀
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Learn to expect, not to doubt. In so doing, you bring everything into the realm of possibility!

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