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We can say the same thing a million times. There's a million way to say the same thing......
There's only one way to listen..... ACTIVELY!!! So many relationships fall apart because we are trying to make points, be heard and be right.
The goal should be to be better. Before you have a difficult conversation I challenge you to first write down the goal. What is the purpose/out some?
What are some characteristic traits that may prevent that from happening?
Look over what you've written.
Think about.
Pray about it.
Have the conversation focusing on what's being said, understanding the other persons position, remain humble and if the conversation goes left....PAUSE, refer back to what was written, calm down, reengage.

Good bless you and your relationships in 2018!!!

Everyone goes into relationships with expectations. Some are realistic...and some aren’t. Tomorrow we’re talking about relationship myths to stop believing. What are some misconceptions about love that you’ve heard people say? Let me know below👇

The only kind if relationship. #relationshipsthatlast

This year has been one of our favorites and we are SO thankful for all of our family, friends, and wonderful clients!! Our 2017 Year in Review blog post is up and highlights so many of our gorgeous clients and some of our favorite shots of 2017! It's a good one....check it out by clicking the link in our bio or going to our website and seeing it as our most recent blog post!!

The Platinum Rule: treat others the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated. No better time than this season of caring and giving to consider what’s working or not in relationships/friendships. What’s your personal love language and apology language? Quizzes and actions that could make a difference and start new conversations: 5LOVELANGUAGES.COM. #Love #Apology #Relationships #Friendships #Differences #Conversations #PlatinumRule #GoldenRule #5LoveLanguages #LoveLanguage #RelationshipBooks #RelationshipAdvice #RelationshipsThatLast #RelationshipGoals #Quiz #MakingItWork

You are 100% in control of your attitude. Don’t create a habit of complaining.
Negativity builds upon negativity. But so does gratefulness.
Gratitude is an uncommon trait.

Small gestures done over time add up to big success in marriage. Appreciate the gestures, appreciate each other,show love daily through the small things.

Just for F U N!!!!

Wishing all of our family, friends, community partners, and clients a wonderful Thanksgiving day!
We are grateful to serve this community...25 years and counting. Beyond thankful for all of the relationships built over those years.

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If a picture could talk....although these two look like a typical brother/sister combo, they were VERY sweet to each other and made our job super fun!

Tough Guy! This dude kept us on our toes and was such a blast! Can’t wait to photograph this family again as these kiddos get older each year!

Thankful for our marriage (21 years today, Happy Anniversary honey 😁) our family, our friends, our wonderful clients, our health and our freedom.
We are thankful for you, and we wish you a wonderful thanksgiving!!

Yay! Christmas is coming and we are busy little elves making memories of families that will hang in their homes in all their glory!

#tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaytruth
We have heard a lot of stories of guys being friendzoned because they never had the boldness to ask,so the question is
Why do guys hold back?
Kindly share your thoughts and mention a friend you would love to leave a comment.

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A family that paddles together - stays together!

Gotta wear shades?!? Not this time of year but we are loving the time we had in studio recently with this handsome boy! He was sportin' all kinds of cool looks and we had a great time! Now booking in studio family and kids sessions, hurry if you want to make gorgeous Christmas gifts for your family of your family!

Everyone loves a good lollipop!! Capture your kids at the stage they are in NOW before they move to the next one!!

A lot of good memories in this place❤️ #jimenezresidence #vision #relationshipsthatlast

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