True ❤️. Ever lasting ❤️. Together for 16 years....and we still hold hands. We still don’t hang up the phone without saying “I love you”. #heismyheartandsoul #relationshipsthatlast

Ahhhh!!! We can hardly stand it! We had such a great evening wandering the shore of Samish Island and these two and their DREAMY engagement session is on the blog today! Link in profile!

Sydney & Jordan's Wedding Day could not have been more perfect!!!❤ We love that they included their sweet dog Curry in their big day! All the best to Mr & Mrs Lee on many wonderful years to come!!

Can it get any 🔥🔥 here?? We are absolutely loving the passion and how crazy in love they are! Every minute of our time with these two was truly special...their wedding can't come soon enough!!

Amy & Brandon renewed vows they made to each other over 15 years ago and some amazing promises were recommitted to each other. It was a magical day and the entire family was baptized in the lake right after the vow renewal ceremony! It was so deeply moving and it's a perfect example of what we absolutely love about wedding photography!!

Many people underestimate the power of the picture in their minds. How do you view your marriage? What are your thoughts towards your spouse? You have the ability to create the picture you see in your mind. Make it a great one. Make it loving, exciting, passionate, everything you’ve always wanted.

You guys are beautiful beyond any way we could ever measure. I’m so very thankful that I get to do life with you guys. ❤️ #friends #forever #goodforthesoul #life #doinglifetogether #gorgeousbeyongmeasure #beautiful #memories #relationshipsthatlast @alindanillsen @tamaragarnett

Awwwww...This Is Worth Waiting For! (TRUE LOVE) All the money and resources that he could ever need and he chooses to stay faithful to his one true love..❤️
As I always say..”LOVE ME SOME WILL!!”
#love #truelove #loveofmylife❤️ #lovequotes #lovequoteoftheday #loveisworththewait #dontsettle #soulmate #thatonetruelove #relationships #relationshipgoals #relationshipsthatlast #thegrassisntalwaysgreener #fightfortruelove #stayhonest&;faithful

We love it when our couples are up for a little fun on their engagement sessions! Edward and Amanda were so much fun and we can't wait until their wedding day in 2019!!

It’s Called Sunday Funday for a reason. We ( @americameza213 and @b.janeth1015 )
always have a good time when we’re together. Our Sweat 💦 and Tears 😭 are bringing us closer together. People don’t like it or understand it. However that’s ok. Enjoy your day, Nice work ladies thank you.
#nopainnogain #relationshipsthatlast #nopainnowgrowth #trusttheprocess #trainyourmindandbody #yEequalsyR

This will be one of the highlights of our trip! Great catching up with my good friend, mentor, brother and Pastor of valley gate church in Tempe, Az. Darryl Morrison! We will definitely be back for a visit in near future! #family #relationshipsthatlast @dmoe38 @valleygatechurch @mamaj_5 @leahrussell03

We're celebrating these two today!! All their fabulous pics are on the blog today and we are psyched!

Vi kör på ett tag till 💛⛵️♥️ #relationshipsthatlast

Who is having movie night tonight? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ll skip the popcorn, though 🍿

The difference between success and failure is a great team... “We’re here to make the difference. Real estate matters with Saira and Johnny”

#century21realestate #c21 #makeadifference #relationshipsthatlast #RelentlessMoves #realestatematters

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