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Research shows it's NOT how frequently you argue that predicts a breakup/divorce, but how effectively you can repair the damage. Turning towards each other to listen, understand and validate to heal the hurt is the most important part of a fight.

Wednesday: Shomma says it's tough to raise young black men, and she needs Shannon to be a good example for the kids. Is he up for it? #divorcecourt #relationshipproblems #raisingboys

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THE best cousellor and relationship expert Kavyal Sedani👩 will be conducting a #freetour #workshop "Decode your spouse" in #portugal - April 2017 and #london - May 2017
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this account I will be using to post relationship pictures and just the facts and reality of being in a relationship or not #relationshipgoals #relationships #relationshipproblems ( none of these are mine so I do not take credit in any way)

Dat Shit Fucks Me Up Ina Head 😌 , I Been Going Thru It For To Long 💯 #RelationshipProblems 💔

Relationship of Your Dreams: Fantasy or Reality? Workshop in Columbus, Ohio on April 10! Would you be interested in a virtual workshop on this? Comment below.

feelings - march 2017 // pm (following back poets, just follow and comment on this post)

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Allow yourself to be open to love like you are when your relationship is new. Focus on being open to love by removing your old #lovebeliefs .

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