When the original St Paul's Cathedral burned down in the Great Fire of London, "RESVRGAM" was found on a piece of stone in the wreckage, meaning "I Will Rise Again". Christopher Wren, the architect of the new St. Paul's at the time, saw it fitting to emblazon the word upon the south entrance with the figure of a phoenix.
In Greek Mythology - and in Harry Potter - the Phoenix is a bird with the ability to regenerate, or rebirth, after its own death.

One of the best views we have seen was at the top of the mountain in #capadocia . We woke at 3.30am (which is crazy early for us night owls 😜) and headed out to conquer the 1.5 hour climb uphill. It wouldn't have been too bad a hike but for the fact it was incredibly muddy so we were slip sliding everywhere. We were happy to discover that when we reached the top the view was worth it! It was amazing being in the mountains amongst the clouds, it felt like we were on top of the world!✨😻
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Dear somebody,
At the moment, He's happy with the happiness that he deserves to have.
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Just as we were about to take this picture , someone walked in .....💥 We literally squealed and dragged her into the picture😂.... my FGGC Sagamu sisters!

@doconthegram My sister forever.
So many stories here... @fabfabricstore @lifestyleenergie @dunnilicious1
@ybabyface @tripsntreatsng Yes we took this without you even though you were somewhere around 😂

@pphenomenalwoman My dearest darling.... you know how I feel about you

@ainayejide that hair! ✨

@funmibucknor Why are you in all my pictures? 😂

@yinilicious I tried to find a decent picture of you.
Na so so dance moves 😂

Elsie my girl for all time... are you even on IG?

@bode.pharma its only you that will take ‘executive picture’ with #thehusband 😀
. ................................

Pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win.

They may even be within your circle.
Fake people are the worst people. They always appear happy but inside, they’re hurting over someone else’s life.

Any friend that turned into an enemy has been hating since day one.

Do not be deceived.

Guard your heart .


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