Did you know @expochicago, which opens the fall art season each September, features 135 international galleries from 27 countries and 63 cities? As an event sponsor, One Bennett Park will host a VIP booth showcasing some extraordinary lobby art that will be revealed at EXPO.

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When you accidentally end up at a rooftop Gatsby party. 🤣 #aboutlastnight #relatedlife #prohibitionendshere #swiperight 👉🏽

We Will Win! - #countmein the working class army standing up against a bully billionaire -Steve Ross @relatedcos #nosurrender #nycisauniontown #ourcity #ourfight #webuildnyc #50hudsonyards #wyards #solidarity #unionstrong #hellohudsonyards #relatedlife

In just 2 weeks, the illustrious art festival @expochicago 2018 will open at @navypier, providing a superb opportunity to view the work of global contemporary artists. One Bennett Park is a proud sponsor of the event, which launches on 9/27 with the Vernissage benefit for @mcachicago. Visit www.expochicago.com for an overview of galleries, exhibits and lectures, and to purchase tickets. Photo credit: @expochicago featuring Wang Du.

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One Bennett Park: Chicago’s “buzzy new building” of 2018. Thank you, @michiganavemag!
With architecture and interiors by @ramsarchitects, a 1.7-acre park by @mvva.inc, fitness by @thewrightfit_nyc and a major art reveal coming later this month, One Bennett Park is leaving an impression.

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