A list of overpriced items I would be estatic to have: I just finished censoring the account and I am not sure if I want it private or public. Argument for private: duh safety, no chance of people finding out who I am, no need to censor future things... Argument for public: #VIEWS#SPONSORSHIP#RELATABLECONTENT and also maybe finding a group of people to connect with? I doubt it tho.... nobody would want to read this content. But IK that if I stumbled upon it I might? Who knows... I'll keep it public for now.... anyways it's quite late and i feel guilty because the mother thinks I have been dutifully studying but I haven't; instead I've been on my study room (my family calls it a library for some reason) holding in my pee. L O V E!! Back to the wishlist? I love weird items ALTHOUGH SOME OF THAT STUFF IS USEFUL (to waste money on my friends would kindly remind me as they reprimand my poor spending habits...) And ofc because I have very little close close friends I tend to send a ton of item links and even weird ideas to myself :"") #alwaysleftonread but I ENDORSE THESE ITEMS 100% #PLSSPONSOR ME as a joke, I think I might tag them. incorrectly of course.

i think we’ve been shadowbanned??? comment if you’re from explore! - em ▪️▪️ ▪️
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#relatablecontent !!! ▪️▪️▪️
credit: @chrissyteigen on twitter▪️▪️▪️

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who told them they could be so tender and sauft >:(

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