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There are no heights that you can't achieve, it's all connected to what you BELIEVE...today's dreary, but I still have somewhere to be...Reinvent your thoughts and journey with me ❤ #ReMe #reinventme #MyRhymeGame tho!

Take a chance and make a choice with me to enjoy every ounce of beauty this day has to offer #ReMe #reinventme all things beautiful are unfolding right before us 😘 ❤❤

THE ROADS WE TRAVEL..... Sometimes when we drive down a road we have never taken before, we find ourselves thinking ooo this is pretty, wondering where it will lead and what we will learn along the way, excited about what we might find at the end of it. Imagine now, if we started every new venture in life with this kind of curious and excited attitude. Accepting that we can't see the whole path at first. Accepting that we may have gone wrong and now ended up here. Accepting that perhaps we are not entirely sure about what or how this is going to pan out, but decide to carry on anyway, somehow trusting that the road will lead us to exactly where we are suppose to be. Or, we can of course choose to decide that this road will probably lead to the exact same place as last time, get annoyed about the detour we've made or the time we have wasted. Stop instead for a moment and remind yourself that, it's as easy to choose those thoughts as it is to choose that the detour led us somewhere new, somewhere where we can realise the things we have learnt, even from decisions that felt wrong at the time, realising all of it shapes the people we become. Stronger, wiser, calmer or whatever it may be to you. So wherever you choose to go next, choose an attitude, thoughts and passengers that supports you on your journey, it's amazing the difference of the ride! 💛 #inspiration #inspire #motivation #instagood #lifecoach #reinventme

Do I even have expectations anymore-why give a shit
#maybeilljustrollwithit #reinventme

It's getting more and more real! The proof sample of my book "Reinvent Me" has gone out to the press 💛I'm getting very excited to hold the book in my hand this summer! Pre-order now available. Thank you @showbizmillie for the lovely post 🙏😘
#Repost @showbizmillie
Beyond proud of 'life coach goddess' @camilladallerup on her latest book & very honoured to be quoted inside. Now I'm off to transform my life & career ❤🙌🏻 #OnSaleSoon #ZenMe #LifeCoach #Inspiration #reinventme

Fun day shooting meditation videos with the fab team 🙏 for @unplugmeditation LA. Details of how you can watch them will be up on my website (link in bio) soon #meditation #lovemyjob #mindfulness #inspiration #healing #zenme #reinventme 🌎

If a situation is driving you mad, sometimes all you need to do is flip it on its head. Simply look at it from a different angle, to get a new perception on it. Meditating on it is super helpful too. And for example ask yourself "what am I not noticing here" or "what is it that I need to see or learn here". Or come meditate with me tomr
@unplugmeditation 12.30pm •

#meditation #wellness #weekeend

Feeling stuck or exhausted? Are you resisting forgiving someone and holding onto the bitterness, frustration and anger? Or the sadness and hurt?
If you want helpful tools that can help you forgive and let go, then join my workshop this Saturday.

Workshop: Forgive and set yourself free

Location: The Den Meditation, S La Brea 90036
Date: 4th March
Having a hard time forgiving someone for what they have done? In this workshop we will discuss the difference between forgiving someone for their actions vs actually agreeing with them. We will invite in a new perspective and ask ourselves the very important question “what am I gaining, holding on to this?” Giving yourself an opportunity to forgive and let go.

When we resist forgiveness and instead choose to stay stuck and angry, we act from a place that lacks love, rather than a place of abundance. We often blame others for our misfortune and feel sorry for ourselves. This can make us feel unhappy, sad and drained. Camilla believes that every day we carry past hurt, anger and sadness into the present moment, is another day we deny ourselves the chance to choose love and live our lives to the fullest potential. Through this workshop Camilla will share the tools she used after a heart break of her own, and that she continues to us with her clients daily, which helps you to forgive and set yourself free.

If you are done feeling sad or angry and you are ready to start loving yourself a little bit more, then this is the workshop for you.

This workshop will include guided visualization meditation, hypnosis and NLP.

#meditation #lifecoach #hypnosis

It's a double denim kind of day! Know that you can find peace within wherever you are, even in the middle of Hollywood! Taking 5 min to connect within between clients is my Zen. Let me know where you connect with your peace every day! Psssst you can also meditate with me today @denmeditation 5.15pm #meditation #hypnosis #lifecoach #hollywood


So much gratitude in my heart to all the lovely people who showed up, committed to make changes on a deeper level and fully participated in my hypnosis for confidence class @unplugmeditation last night. I love sharing my passion and tools of how to walk through the uncomfortableness and enhance and connect to that confidence and self-belief deep within all of us! Two years ago I committed to not only doing hypnosis in one to one sessions but to also make it available in groups environments, to make sure there was a way for everyone to try this powerful and helpful tool. Doing these sessions in larger groups has been magical and teaches me more and more every day that we are all so similar and that your happiness is my happiness and vice versa. As we heal our own wounds within and step into our power of who we truly are we help shape and change the world around us. 😘🙏
So remember to shine your light brightly for all to see💛
Happy weekend lovely peeps! xoxo

A lenda diz "É impossível hipertrofiar sem ferro, sem pão, macarrão e filé de frango". @andersonpvaferreira nós mostramos que em #3meses de #treinodeverdade com disciplina, flexões, saltos e barras comendo #comidadeverdade cheia de sabor caprichando na #gordurasaturada, no churrasco e nos #ovoscombacon aqui estamos. Lotados de orgulho pelos primeiros resultados da nossa parceria 💙 #ésóocomeço #reinventme #inventemudancas #naoinventedesculpas #calistenia #calisthenics #lchf #lowcarb #helthyfat #calisteniabrasil #treinodeforca #barras #bars #personaltrainer #personalemsjc #lucarneirooficial

True faith requires persistence. Keep walking, defy the elements and be raised in His truth! #ReMe bid me to come unto thee lord ❤

#reinvent #me #reinventme #reinvention #loveofgod #god #faith #blessed #pray #prayer #love #blessing #truth #sun #power #water #jesus

Do I even have expectations anymore-why give a shit
#maybeilljustrollwithit #reinventme

Happy Monday gorgeous peeps!
Consider for a moment.......everything you are looking and searching for outside of yourself is already within you. Just imagine, inspiration, creativity, love, compassion, support, solutions, confidence.
But are you willing to go within to discover what is there? If so let's do this together, this week you can meditate with me
Tue 9.30am & 9pm and Thurs 9.30am @unplugmeditation
9am @thebodbykym
Wed 1.15pm & Fri 5.15pm @denmeditation
Have a great week!
And of course for one to ones and corporate mediation and mindfulness info@zenme.tv
#mondaymotivation #meditation 🙏💙😘

Had so much fun chatting to these fabulous ladies @clairebear1471 @caroline_feraday for their @britsinthewood podcast for their summer podcast #reinventme #book @watkinswisdom

Spring is brilliant, but also very subtle.
#Lovely #Natural,#ReinventMe #ReinventYourself

Hello Monday and gorgeous peeps!! Just in case you have woken up or turned up at the office and started your day with overwhelm and anxiety, about everything you have to get done this week. I thought I would remind you that if you allow yourself to be fully present in the moment and focus only on the actions you need to take right here and now, you allow for the mind to calm, create clarity and focus. Your own productivity may even surprise you! There is research that shows that 85% of the things that we worry about never actually happen. So, on that note, keep your focus on the things you are doing right now and let everything unfold as they do. Go ahead and swap the worry for action, solving and creating in the now. Have a beautiful week💛🤗and ps. Stay present👌when your thoughts start pulling you to the future or the past, use a simple affirmation like "I am here now" to bring you back to the present moment. You can repeat it with your breath in your mind, one word per breath. (Journals @eccololtd from @unplugmeditation the feel of it is so lush💙they have so many gorgeous designs👌)
#mondaymotivation #inspire

"You are the only one that can! You do the inside, and Reinvent! Skincare Essentials will help with the outside!
#reinventme #reinventskincare #skincaresolutions #womenskincare #menskincare #sensitiveskincare #naturalskin #radiantskin #healthyskincare "

Reinvent Me is a clear, accessible motivational programme that focuses on reinvention. Out in July! @camilladallerup
#selflove #selfhealing #selfhelp #personaldevelopment #reinventme #lifecoaching #lifecoach #lifechanges #changeyourworld #changeyourlife #changeisgood #changemaker

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