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On my bookshelf this month are two amazing books by two inspirational women that I look up to and are great role models.. I cannot wait to read them with a nice cuppa coffee and a huge piece of chocolate cheesecake 😜
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Lookout weekend, here we come...because weekends were made for FUN. πŸ¦„ #ReInventMe author and life coach @camilladallerup gives us her finest twirl in our Camden dress. Now available online at www.xesrevolution.com.

It's been such a great couple of weeks launching "Reinvent ME"
in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ™β€οΈ
Ready to head to LA now for the US launch and to get back into my meditation schedule, although I have been practising mindfulness on the go I have really missed the studios @unplugmeditation @denmeditation and my daily practiceπŸ’™

Photos @starmagazine
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Such a great night for @camilladallerup book launch #reinventme and in one of my favorite places in soho πŸ’πŸΌ

@camilladallerup book launch last night. Proud hubby!!!! #reinventme #selfhelp #selfhelpbooks #author #wifey

So proud of my amazing friend and total inspiration @camilladallerup on the launch of her second book #reinventme can't wait to read it! ❀️

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Ready for our beautiful friend @camilladallerup book launch #reinventme #superproud with @justjacijax @ashleighbree πŸ’›

Celebrating the release of @camilladallerup's brand new book, Reinvent Me. The former Strictly star shares her secrets on how you can reinvent yourself... #REINVENTME


Lookout weekend, here we come...because weekends were made for FUN. πŸ¦„ #ReInventMe author and life coach @camilladallerup gives us her finest twirl in our Camden dress. Now available online at www.xesrevolution.com.

So excited to be alongside this inspirational lady and many others at the Inspirational Day event by Hewson Nash Holistic - are you coming?
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Meal for Champions. Lima beans and tuna fish with diced onions and tomatoes. I m going all out Bodybuilding Style! Eat like a Champion, become the Champion! #allout#evolution#reinventme#champion#earnit#victory#nutriton80 #eatclean#eatwell#betruetoyou

So excited to spot the LETTING GO exercise from my book "REINVENT ME" in the latest issue of @goodhousekeeping USπŸ™πŸ’›with the fabulous @theellenshow on the front cover talking about why it's important to stay true to yourself and be kind πŸ™πŸ™! Grab a copy and head to page 110 to Reduce Stress and let go of anger, tension and frustration and anything else weighing you down! 😘
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If the children give me 10 minutes to myself today I am going to start @camilladallerup Reinvent Me. Heard great things about it.

Are you reinventing something in your life?
Career? Relationship? You?
Need some support?
Every day I work with clients reinventing themselves and I often get asked what's the one most important advice I can give to anyone reinventing themselves, well there a many (that's why I created the 8 step program in the book) but one that always stands out to me and the reason why I decided to write a whole chapter about it is how to tackle the ego when reinventing.
Accept and be open to the fact that your situation has changed, this requires you to leave your ego at the door, walk through and embrace being a beginner, a novice again, without having to constantly remind others of what you used to be or do. Whether that's a CEO, and accountant a teacher, a husband a wife a mum or a dad doesn't matter, instead be open to learn, soak it all up like a sponge and know that's it's ok to not know it all at once, it's ok to say "I don't know how to do that" as we get older that can become more difficult but remember back to how we did it as children "hey can you show me how you do that" and just like that we learnt, we didn't stop to worry about if others would find us stupid or not good enough, we just asked.
Bring in the childlike curiosity and let the judgement go. I truly believe when we are willing to scale back for a while in order to scale forward and be humble and ready to receive, there are no limits to what we are able to reinvent and achieve in our lives.

You can come and kick start your reinvention with me tomorrow, @mysticjourneybookstore LA FREE event!

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Outfit @xesrevolution πŸ™πŸ’™

I'll be in Venice at @mysticjourneybookstore this Thursday 7-8.30pm with Reinvent ME and it's FREE so come and kick start your Reinvention with me. Whether you are considering reinventing your career, relationship or something else, however big or small, your reinvention can start by taking this one step of action towards it, by signing up and joining, me as I bring the book and the exercises to life in this interactive workshop and book signing with! More details and how to book πŸ’›@mysticjourneybookstore events page
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Jumpsuit by @sosandar πŸ™
Pic from Reinvent me launch @unplugmeditation

Join us for an Inspirational Day featuring @CamillaDallerup, and other inspiring speakers in #London on 7 October 2017 - tickets available via Eventbrite #Strictly #reinventme #lovelife #inspiration #inspire #lifecoach #life #spiritual #meditation #bepresent #strictlycomedancing #holistic #healthymind #wellbeing #seminar #workshop #kensingtonmums #behappy #happiness

Love my friend and meditation teachers @camilladallerup new book Reinvent Me it's my new go to- and the perfect summer self help book! She has so many great tips & lessons to learn, I love the section about being in the now and visualization. Camilla is amazing and this Book is perfection I highly recommend you get it, it's on Amazon. It is the perfect size to take with you and it's one to come back to again and again ✨ she also teaches a class that I go to every Tuesday night @unplugmeditation

Your chance to win a FREE copy of "REINVENT ME"😘 #Repost @soulandspiritmag
・・・ To celebrate @camilladallerup's book release with @watkinswisdom, #ReinventMe, and her featuring in our August issue (out now, just turn to page 98!), we're giving away 3 copies of her book!

To win one of 3 copies, simply... 1 Follow us & @camilladallerup
2 Like & regram the post
3 And tell us below in the comments how you've reinvented yourself this year. It could be something as simple a new hair colour or introducing a new crystal into your holistic routine. We'd love to know!

We'll pick the best answers next Wednesday, so get sharing!

This competition is also open on our Facebook page, where you can enter as well for a better chance of winning.

Good luck!
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