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YDA had a very exciting site visit today to this stunning period property in Harrogate. Original ornate ceiling details enhance the grand hallway, a refreshing project ahead of us to reinstate these stunning characteristic details. #YDA #Yorkshire #design #site #visit #stunning #period #property #Harrogate #original #ornate #ceiling #detail #enhance #hallway #interior #home #reinstate #old #character #living

Hello @youtube team/ @google team. I demand my channel back. I demand an explanation. I had zero community guideline strikes! How can my channel just be closed!! Vanished! Disgusting! I’ve been patient. Now a little communication will go a long way, please? Pretty please?
Please get in touch with me @youtube team and/or @google team.
I gave up my sleep and my food and my life these last, almost, 6 months that I will never get back. But you CAN give me my channel back or you will leave me no choice, but to make a press release on this, as to what I believe is the REAL reason for the termination of my channel. Hint, hint...freedom fighter, exposing crooked police, activist 😉

I’m so disappointed in @youtube and @google. I know you have an extremely arduous job, but this methodology is causing people extreme stress, mental & physical health problems! Please just be fair!
If it’s a mistake, it’s a mistake I’ll hold no grudges.
I am sure it is just a misunderstanding, so for the last time, please get in touch with me!

@youtube @google get in touch with me. M.A.S-K. My YouTube which you have terminated is in my bio. That was the link to my latest video.
This channel, M.A.S-K was everything to me. Changed my life. There must be a way I can get it back!?
Thank you @youtube @google

Absolutely knackered now
This is with hydration...
@youtube @google may I be contacted please
This worry of losing my channel is not doing my heart & overall health any good. So please do contact me.

@youtube @google please get in touch with me. My gmail is alikarlsruhe1990@gmail.com. As I would love to know exactly why my channel was terminated please & would cherish getting it back. 🙏
Ps: if I don’t get it back I’m calling Meemo on you. And exactly, you HAVE already heard of him. He is my Original Gangster black cat. 😁😂😂😂

Can someone who works for @YouTube or @Google please help me!!! My channel, M.A.S-K, was terminated about 5 days ago.
I understand you’re just doing your job. But I REALLY need my channel back. So many are disappointed in me & stating I’ve let them down. They are right. I always fail. A link to my channel is in the bio, you can see it’s terminated.
I have already appealed but YouTube said its being kept suspended. I had zero community guideline strikes so I don’t understand the reasoning of “multiple violations.” So something may be mistaken here.
Yet if I did anything wrong. I’ll take full responsibility & accept it. And NEVER EVER do it again. I will have learnt my lesson.
I’m extremely suicidal as it is and this nearly did it for me but God is the greatest. 😭😭😭😭😭

#scraps #disregarded #threads #reinstate ... sometimes you have to see what was originally put aside as actually being the building blocks to go forward....

'Heathcote Select' is happening again this year in October - an exhibition of recent art school graduates selected by our Curator Jana Braddock, after seeing their exceptional graduating artworks. Stephanie De Baisi is one of the artists preparing for the show @Regrann from @scdb123 - So there were 5 little forks sitting on a wall... #workingprogress #thinkingoutloud #sculpture #forks #utensils #used #consume #repitition #sculptor #perth #exhibitionideas #contemporaryart #routine #ordinary #animate #repeat #everyday #reinstate #gatheringideas #installation #heathcotegallery

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