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At atelierandrepairs.com we aim to recondition and reimagine 2.5 tons of leftover clothing in 2017. #atelierandrepairs #producelessrepairmore #transformation #oneofakind #reimagine

*0520 ・flumpool Re:image💭
@NIPPON BUDOKAN🇯🇵 久々に当たったチケット🙋🏼

テスト2日前にいったから行きも帰りも頭ん中テストで今になってじわじわ余韻、、🌪🌪 ツアーはセンター1ヶ月前なのでさすがに諦めます🤦‍♀️悲しい受験生っっ

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St Dominic Academy

Thank you for the very warm reception. Making you laugh was unintended. Thanks, too, to my team today.

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Amazing honor to give the keynote speech for the 2017 graduating class for BU Goldman school of Graduate Dentistry. #nextgeneration #oralhealthexperts #smiledesign #reinvention #reimagine The next generation to redefine and reinvent the profession

A bittersweet forth and final yearbook distribution. I am so thankful to have been assistant editor and student life editor for this year. I'm so proud of the book we've created and our whole staff for all the work they put into it. Look what we did!!! #Reimagine

Conference Snacks on point....#bootcamp #reimagine

Our yearly picture together at Report to the Community #RTC2017YYC with @maryinyyc Looking forward to a great event! #yyc #reimagine


There was a #contest to #reimagine Eddie from the #megadeth I entered. I like the metal rings that are piercing his shoulders and hands. I toyed with the idea of some going through his shins but I didn't develop it any further.

Meet Kathlyn (aka) Kat! She's one of our newest members! Kat is passionate about fashion, and dreams of someday working as a stylist for VOGUE magazine. Kat loves surrounding herself with like-minded, motivated people and hopes to one day serve as an inspiration to others. -----------
Link in bio to begin your journey with POURED.
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The Reimagine angel necklace is on sale for only $35 (orig. $89). www.sabika-jewelry.com/tracykolodziek/myparties.asp .
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R e i m a g i n e .

Daqui a 5 anos você vai desejar ter começado hoje! Conta aí pra gente o que você vai começar já!!!#empreendedorismodearquitetoparaarquiteto #reimagineinspira #fachada #reimagine #empreendedorismo #arquitetura #reimaginesa #empreendedorismoparaarquitetos #empreender

This very notion alone kind of blew my mind in a gazillion pieces and changed how I looked at everything I was investing my time and energy in including my very self!
And it is one of the many core lessons you learn inside this beautiful container called Origin, a magical space that the amazing @katenorthrup designed as a result of her own journey as a daughter, entrepreneur, thought leader, wife and mom.
Her dream is bold, intuitive and NEEDED: It is time, she says, that we reimagine the way we women do life and business.
I have always had a special connection with this incredibly brilliant and down to earth woman before she even knew she was going to change the world.
You see, we are both daughters to mothers who are also doctors.
We both love our moms more than anything in this world.
And we both grew up with a deep longing to have more time with them, and through the many tears we cried in silence and over the phone, we hated that their jobs kept them away from us.
So, it is from this soul rooted desire to cut the sacrificial cycle she saw her relationship with her mom go through and from that space of craving more connection, integration, ease, flow and quality time with her loved ones and her dreams, as part of the norm, NOT just a once in a blue moon occurrence, that Kate gave life to Origin!
For some it is a magical space filled with possibilities. For me, it is the COMPASS that guides me to live the life I dreamed of for my mom AND myself.
Sign up here before the doors close today. - Because last minute sign ups are more fun!!!😍 www.orogincollective.com

If you are heading down to the Strawberry Festival this memorial weekend, check out this collaborative Parklet project we worked on, with the City of Garden Grove and Republic Services. We turned this dumpster into a bench that will soon have beautiful plants added to it. You can find it on Main St, feel free to snap some pix with it and hashtag OldGroveAuto!
#Parklet #GG #Mainstreet #Strawberryfestival #Gogreen #planter #reimagine #openstreets #GardenGrove #OldGroveAuto

Long term goals! Currently I'm part of the Repair, Re-Imagine, Re-Sell stop in the Circle! One day I would like KBB to contribute to a circular economy in all of these ways, and more! I envision a vast network of makers, weavers, designers, sellers, crafters and menders working together to ensure no scrap of fabric is wasted! 🌿🌸🌱🌷🌿

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