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I have heard the words "I hate being touched" come out of my mouth many times in my life and every single time, it's been a lie. But what IS truth is that it's hard for me to relax under the hands of another. In every way. So this year I decided to work on my fear and have been getting #Reiki trained and been practicing energy work on many of my guy friends. It's been so healing to be touched and held and felt by men who are safe. Who make me feel safe and loved and seen. I have attracted so many ex's that refused to touch me or hated being seen with me in public. I had a boyfriend remove me from his "Top 8" on MySpace 😂 the moment we started dating and hid it from all of our mutual friends. Most of the people I've dated have felt like they were embarrassed of me so I never even tried to hold their hand in public and I accepted that I must be horrendous looking or something about me was super offensive and embarrassing. Until one day (not too long ago 😳) I looked myself in the mirror and said enough is enough. It is true; that what we allow will continue. So if you aren't being respected or loved, time to move inward. I laugh now because I always heard that the outside can only match you as deep as you've first met your inside but now it's just hilariously obvious. If you have never had safe touch or reiki or #energyhealing I highly recommend looking into it. I still jump when I get my low belly and hips worked on and it triggers me but less and less each time. The trick is to lay down a foundation of safety so real change can be sparked and maintained. Thank you to @dantedreamsbig for letting me work on his blocked #chakras. 😂😭 I'm jk. He's the one teaching me these days to open my blocked ass heart. 😶😑🖤 Song is #ElectricFeel Wearing @aloyoga ⚡️

As time passes and my physical body grows older, I have found that a very large percentage of myself is completely different than what it was. The heavy jackets of perception, belief, desire, shortcomings, need, want, fear, objects..they change. They change like the fluttering wind of shiva and rebirth. The game of life and its changing program..
However, there is something timeless and allusive, that is unchanging. As the many cells in my body turn over, it remains heavy to my middle pillar and core. I literally feel it in my chest center. That is, the desire to be one with the Universe, and to find the deepest truth of what God is. .
So as a reminder to myself, and hopefully an inspired few, remember that 99.9% of what you are, of what you think you are is not truly you. It is a piece of biology that is changing and with its own fleeting "mortal" agendas. All of the objects we work to own, our ego we wish to fluff, it is temporal, like a clear glass box of predictable changing seasons, roads you've gone down before. .
Culture dictates how we act as a society through different epochs of time. When we marry, when we buy a house, when we have kids, how we dress, our habits and speech, lifestyle, everything. Culture of a society is also a changing masquerade that changes. .
They say the true auspicious and the rebels, they create their own culture, they pursue what's deep inside that for them is unchanging. I wish this on myself, my friends, and all those I hold dear, and those searching for the truest level of God/Universe within their lives. For one cannot truly serve God, until one can truly understand what it is. Photo Credit: @Enchanted.Forest #Gemaceuticals .
Blessings and Gratitude,

One #metatronscube #crystalgrid cloth with #Reiki infused #chakra crystals left! 🌈 #thelunarfae #thelunarfaeshop

☠️🚫when Tyson & Bill Gates invest in Beyond Meat lol & the most evil ppl & companies....nah I pass but you got all these Fucktards putting $ back in the their pocket so they can keep destroying our earth. Bill gates killing several kids in other countries from vaccines 🖕🏽 & lets not talk about Tyson. 🚫Beyond meat is a straight sell out & anyone who supports it and is vegan is Full of shit but let's keep it real most vegans are full of shit which makes me sad. There's very few out there will keep it real with you. Then you have the fucktards who say maybe this is a new shift hahahah not when you're fucking with Bill Gates sorry ❇️Wikipedia: Bill Gates also became an investor in Beyond Meat in 2013 after he sampled the product and said he "couldn't tell the difference between Beyond Meat and real chicken". The same year, Kleiner Perkins, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm, made Beyond Meat its first investment in a food startup. 🤗 thanks for the pic @chrism7wasdeleted spread truth. To many vegans out there being persuaded by their taste buds more so than their heart. Stick to a bean patty cause they're bomb. Just like I see vegans eating honey and making up excuses for it LOL ❇️🚫 tag a vegan to wake their asses up because believe me we need it too lol many post about about ego death but many of us are so full of our fucking ego it's ridiculous. 🙄 you're a vegan and you feel offended by this you should be lol Fuck out of here 🖕🏽🍯🍔 you might as well say you're vegan based on your own rules and go eat a real fucking burger lol I can respect that shit

Do you agree? 🙏❤️🕉

Lots of cathedrals in stock. I haven’t unwrapped them yet but we have over 100 cathedrals in amethyst and citrine in stock. If you’d like to purchase one send a dm and we can send you photos. #cathedrals#geodes#wholesalerocks


When your body’s energy is in harmony, your overall holistic health is balanced.
Reiki is a Japanese based technique that provides emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual support to enhance the body's natural healing abilities.

Schedule your session today: 517-489-2546
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#heartchakra day 4. We all know what the heart chakra is about. Giving and receiving love. Friendship, relationships, self confidence and compassion. Feelings of loneliness, inability to find compassion, lacking empathy and have a hard time forgiving are all signs of a blocked heart. Open your heart with chest openers, wear green, carry a rose quartz, use lavender or rose essential oils. Choose love. Today, I will honor my heart chakra by sending love out to every being, everywhere. ❤️

Doing what you like is freedom, loving what you do is happiness!

I am looking for 10 men and women to join my team!
10 Badass, committed, passionate individuals that:
• Have a heart for helping and empowering others • Want more out of life, and has dreams bigger than your average 9 to 5 gig. Wants to work their way to a 6 figure income. • Have goals to live a healthier life: mind body and soul. • Need a positive support system and tribe to help them through life. • Could benefit from extra money each month and a residual income at that. Cha-ching! • Loves fitness + nutrition + yoga + Pilates + learning about natural healing techniques (Ayurveda for example) + self love and body positivity + manifestation + holistic health + consciousness and spirituality and more. • Wants the freedom and flexibility to travel when and where they want too.
If any of those resonates with you I want to talk to you more about what I do! This opportunity has seriously changed my life. My tribe has helped me through the hard times in life. Being healthy within my body, my mind and my soul has been a huge help to getting me to where I am today. I love this opportunity and want you to love it too. We are ready to flat out change the world...are you coming aboard? Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
Message if it's something of interest to you or feel out the application in my bio 💌

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I'm grateful to give Reiki to assist others.
#reikipractitioner #reiki #energywork

Today a #New #Moon occurs in the sign of #Libra. This is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Scales.
It’s a time to work on re-#balancing our relationships and to recognize our partners as teammates rather than adversaries.

This New Moon brings fresh and creative energy into our lives, and more specifically, into our relationships. This is a cycle in which balancing our close personal relationships becomes an urgent desire.
We need both our heart and mind to operate in this world as each holds its own unique intelligence and wisdom. Rapid mood swings can happen , Those touched by this New Moon might find it hard to get to the point, but be very smart at observing the small details of every day life.
There is a slightly abrasive #energy surrounding this New Moon, which can cause you to feel scattered, off balance and chaotic, but as long as you pay attention to what needs to be done and find your balance, you are going to sail through just fine.
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My affirmations for Mirror ‘Work’ Today are:

I believe in Myself ✨
I am cheeky 🤗
I am wild 🔥
I am free 🌏
I listen to my body 🙆🏼
I will rest 💙

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The great philosophical questions of life are revealed to you after an even greater lack of sleep!💤 So this is me resting; (in eternal hell fire for the sick humour that has been cheering me up no end whilst I’ve been in pain 😂🖤) #clusterheadache #evil
#cardsagainsthumanity anyone? 🙏🏼😇 #soul #love 🙈🙉🙊 #naptime

#Repost @law_of_positivism (@get_repost)
New Moon in today/tomorrow at 3.12 PM (EDT) in 26.35 degrees in beautiful relationships oriented Libra, Sun and Moon stands together in perfect partnership and start a new emotional cycle. We are having more focus on ourselves in relation to others and here we are also being asked to balance the relationship with ourselves with others. and how we can still have ur freedom when we take others into consideration. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is in Libra now, brining even more love and beauty into our lives. The Uranus in fiery Aires, opposing the moon and Sun is brining in surprising elements to this New Moon. Uranus can be sudden and disruptive and today we are asked to truly understand ourselves in the perspective of others at the same time as we keep our individuality. Take the time efter this New Moon, to set new intentions, for yourself and your life and how you want to create more balanced and harmonious relationships with yourself and others. What is your New Moon intention today? #newmoon #newmoonlibra #libra #libranewmoon #aries #newbeginnings #newmooncycle #newmoonritual #lawofpositivism #meditation #dailyaffirmations #astrology #numerology #111 #1111 #444 #222 #mindful #mindfulness #positiveenergy #lawofattraction #yoga #meditation #buddha #buddhism #reiki #kundalini #sohum #moonchild #hippiespirits

Overdosing on Gratitude - @reikibar 🔮✨

" Hoje, tome algum tempo para respirar.
Com todo o caos do plano terrestre nos últimos dias, pode parecer que sua alma tomou uma surra.
Se é a tranquilidade do silêncio que você precisa, faça isso.
Se você optar por compartilhar seu tempo com outras pessoas, faça.
Se você preferir suas reflexões e liberações, permaneça reservado; dê isso a você mesmo.
Lembre-se, amado humano, você não precisa fazer nada ou ser qualquer coisa para alguém, a menos que você escolha."
(Blog De Coração a Coração, Stella Lecocq).
🌟🌟🌟serve pra mim e pra vc; 😉
Por aqui caiu como um vestido levinho de seda, daqueles que abraçam o meu corpo...😊❤️⭐️
Em meus pés, apenas flores...this is me!
#aquiagora #abraamente #expansão #canalizando #quantico #pleiades #mestresascensos #pleiadian #sirius #curesuavida #mandalas #fraternidadebranca #seresestelares #frotainterstelar #reiki #curaquantica #fraternidadebranca

Feliz Luna Nueva en Libra!! 🌜♎.
Esta luna nueva se da en oposición a Urano ⚡ (regente de Acuario ♒, es el planeta de la mutación, de los cambios repentinos, de las redes)

Esta energía que nos propone el cielo 🌠 nos habla de lo complementario (♎) y de los cambios (♒) que son necesarios hacer para que a partir de ahí surja la creatividad, surja una nueva manera de vincularnos con un otro, con lo que me complementa, aprendiendo que compartir con un otro también implica darle y darnos libertad, aprendiendo que cuando damos libertad es cuando más amamos💖, porque no deseamos poseernos como objetos.. .
Esta luna 🌜nos trae energía para que con conciencia aprendamos a vincularnos de una manera distinta, respetando al otro y a mí mismx 🙌y comprender que la humanidad es una enorme red vincular llena de amor, nada está separado 🌍🌌💞 .
👉Para reflexionar: cómo sería para vos vincularte con un otro par, y a la vez dar y darte libertad? .
#concienciafemenina #amor #mujer #astrologia #signos #lunas #diosas #conciencia #salud #medicinaalternativa #empoderamiento #chamanismo #reiki #astrológa #astrology #zodiac

When awakening begins most have felt "crazy" or as if their identity is questioned.
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