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Good afternoon #Reigndeer 🦌

It's the day! My new movie drops through @elegantangelxxx who's grabbing a piece? 🦄#Reigndeer go check the link in my bio and #order 👸🏽#firstgangbang

Just waiting on #HardReign2 like...... 5/5 it drops on tashareign.com and elegantangel.com ❤️🙏🏼pick your potion 👸🏽#Reigndeer

This is not an exaggeration in any way. This is now. This is real. There is no excuse or reasoning here. Please call your senators and tell them this bill is not what you stand for. I believe in consent and so do all #Reigndeer

Good morning #Reigndeer today's your day to watch my first ever #gangbang or as I like to call it #grouplove scene 🦄 I hope you enjoy it and #join to see it.----> it was fun to make for you and stretch my sexual boundaries 👸🏽#tag below and give me your thoughts! Www.tashareign.com

Good morning #Reigndeer 🦄🦄🦄👸🏼👸🏼full photo sets + hardcore video for 18^ only on www.tashareign.com

Well... here's the truth. My pole skills need work. My swagger is on point however. I'm used to putting on a stage show for my #Reigndeer... like costume, themes, crowd games, dancing .... but my pole skills have never been the main reason I was booked to host and feature at gentlemen's clubs. Even when I was 19-20 dancing in a strip club I never needed to master the pole. Well that's all about to change! I'm so excited to get myself in full pole shape + really learn the technique 🦋

The ultimate #reigndeer pack!
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Want my snap chat? What about a signed magazine? Signed movie? Sticker? Signed 8"10 and a pair of panties... Ok cool - from me to you 💕❤️ Instagram selling powered by @SpreesyCo #spreesy | #tashareignonfleek

Thank you so incredibly much for your support #Reigndeer 🦄 you mean the world to me. Whether it's attending my events, feature shows conventions or buying my videos and joining my site. I ❤️love your support and energy and would feel lost without it.


A little #BTS as #venom for www.tashareign.com

Good morning!!! 🐷🐷🐷🐷Reigndeer! 🦌 follow my babies gram ---> @harleyandquinnminipigs

It's been a busy day #sleepypuppy

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