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There's nothing like a good ole Outdoors. Camping is always the answer no matter the question. 🍩 🍍 ♋️ These guy are giving away FREE Stuff ➵ Claim this offer via our link in the Bio!!! "Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it." >Author by Arthur Schopenhauer

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All the @scottfreeski goggles, all the time.

Mountains > Oceans

Quest'ancora mi sembrava un po' troppo grande. Carina.

Duskwraith. This one is a bit of an artistic mix and a bit darker than my normal images and a lot of that comes from the lore/creatures of the Witcher III (which has been one of my fave discoveries in the past yr). Definitely tried to take the darkness of that and bring it to WA.
Not my usual style so let me know what you think plz!

Walking past the lower Agora, you will find the Great Theatre of Ephesus.
This is a view of the Great Theatre seen from the Harbour Street.
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The Harbour Street was the main entrance way into Ephesus. The amphitheater was designed facing the Harbour Street so that anyone entering Ephesus for the first time would be awestruck by it’s sheer grandeur.
Mark Anthony arranged for the Ephesians to give Cleopatra a greeting worthy of a royal mistress on her arrival. So as you walk along Harbour Street in Ephesus, imagine Cleopatra walking up here from the port to a rousing welcome. And as you walk along Arcadian Street in Ephesus, think also of Cleopatra, who apparently loved the high-quality shops that lined this street. 🤩
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...stay tuned for future posts about Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis which was one of the original Seven Wonders Of The World!!! *******************************************
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Volume 9 is LIVE

How awesome is this view? Also, if you can go anywhere in the world right now, where will you go? #littheway ✈️
Photo by @dmtanjutco. 📸


Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Ryan “Stretch” Vineyard. “I live in San Francisco but I grew up on the East Coast. I get asked a lot why I’m not on the Pacific Crest Trail. I was always familiar with the A.T. growing up, I was an Eagle Scout, I hiked Springer Mountain and Blood Mountain in Georgia when I was a kid. I’ve been living in California for the last decade so I wanted to come back and see the East Coast. Why am I out here hiking? I think the question was ‘why not?’ Why not take the time? I had a few people in my family pass away too early in their lives and it hit me that you just need to live life. Last year I realized that and thats when I decided to hike the A.T. This journey has been amazing. We had a lot of shitty weather at the beginning and I feel like we went through it to earn this ending. Maine has been phenomenal, the Whites were really great.”