We fight like brothers and hug like best friends 👬
Sunrise tomorrow at the @woodenshoefarm with the @pnwonderland meetup! Say hi if you see us! 😊

September 27 2018 | Views of Mt. McAdie, Mt. Muir, Mt. Whitney, and Meysan Lake - on our ascent of Mt. Irvine @kagardner45 .
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When in nature, I prefer the cheap seats.

It's earth day. 🏜🌎 Let's take a moment to celebrate that which gives us food, water and the ability to live. That we need to protect. @sea_legacy is an example of an incredible company who does research and does their best to prevent damage to the life on this planet , and the planet itself. We should all be apart of something greater than ourselves

Just finished Kilimanjaro and it was epic! Fought through the biggest snow system anyone had seen in decades. What a climb!

🚨attention campers 🚨 due to an excessive amount of remarkable scenery your feed will now be littered with pictures of geological drama - deal with it.

Wild Wild East #WHP🌲