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She has snow idea that she has something on her face. #campingwithdogs @findmeoutside

SLC's finest💫 @kylypso @jacki.legs

Morning agenda - eat some oatmeal, visit the Redwoods, drive to San Francisco. Not too shabby🤘

Just chillin' 😎❄️

Hard to beat this happy hour special

Such an epic evening at the #KindPierPressure Instameet tonight - an amazing reminder of what it is that makes this medium/app work...It's community, the people behind the squares and usernames. Thank you for showing up and spending the evening with me! #wwim15❤️

🎶Imagine Dragons - Believer
Погода нині диктує складні умови, зранку дощ, вдень сніг, ввечері сонце🤔 Це взагалі що за жарти? Як так можна, мені нема що вдягати 😅
Всі вихідні провожу разом з музикою та за приємними справами) вчора з @mariia.drach буди в @cookietone_team ) хотілось з'їсти все, а ще там дууууже мило 😍😍 обов'язково повернусь 🖤 хто зі мною ?!
P.S. Дякую за знайомство😍
У вас буває так, що днями до дірок заслуховуєш пісню? Так от Imagine Dragons мені вже вночі сняться😂
Ну і пів року нормально не малювала, тож привіт, скетчбук, давно не бачились☺

I've been reading more about the geology of Oregon and it's absolutely fascinating. This gorgeous volcanic tuff ring sits 200 feet high and is about 4500 feet in diameter. It was formed by basalt magma erupting from this giant vent that grew up and out of a massive lake. The gap in the outer rim was caused by erosion from the lake waves. There are abut 40 in the Fort Rock basin that sits atop the Brothers Fault Zone, that is all inside central Oregon's Great Basin. Could you imagine 40 island like rings as far as you could see?! Quite mind bending.


Trying to get back here soon...


You can go your own way.......

I'll have to go back.

That was the motto of our trip. Makes sense really. There was way too much to do and not enough time to do it. But I'm an optimist. Glass half full kinda guy. And I would trade this trip for anything.
I ate a burger I waited months for, walked on a bridge I thought only existed in posters, saw waterfalls that put @visitgreenvillesc to shame, dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean, then got attacked by it, saw James Corden in person, and rode a roller coaster above the Pacific.
In between we're moments I thought for sure I would never get to experience. From meeting scientologists to sleeping at the base of Half Dome.

I'm an impulse buyer. And this trip was bought on an impulse. But life is too short to think too long. There's way to much God out there to just not see.
Featuring: that bad boy up there. @toddmichaelturner highly recommend her. She's a beaut.
@rei Thanks for loaning me the money for this trip. I promise I will pay you back soon!!! #yosemite #nationalparkservice #california #rei1440project #sanfrancisco #santabarbara #pacificcoasthighway #losangeles

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A dog amongst the rocks 👑 #rigbygram

VII|XXIV|MMXVI: You keep me safe. I'll keep you wild. p|c: @danmaniel

Sometimes life throws a little more at you than you expected 🌊

There is no place in this world warmer than our #native land. #roamfree #nativeeyewear

Fun fact: Mars has hip housing options!

Got a little kick back.
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