Chuck @les_messieurs_modernes about to catch one of the many waves a Sullivan Falls this past weekend during our Schoodic Area Rocks and Reversing Falls Weekend. Big tides made for some pretty spectacular conditions at the falls. 🌊

For me, beauty is a physical sensation, something we feel with our whole body. It is not the result of judgement. We do not arrive at by way of rules. We either feel beauty or we don’t.
-Jorge Luis Borges

Waters muddier than I hoped, but here’s to trying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve never seen so many different colors of columbines in such a tiny area - deep purple, pink, lavender, white, yellow. This one was my fav! Oh and there were lupines almost as tall as me! How can that be?!

Quick! What do you see? Goggles for rock eyes? Good. You're like me, in that you have pareidolia, which is where you see faces in inanimate objects, such as rocks and clouds. Glad to not be alone, you weirdo, you. 😉😀 #rockart #nature_specialist #natureisamazing #nature_specialist #nature_good #usa_naturehippys #beanoutsider #rei1440 #utahphotographer #utahisawesome #visitutah #gowest #gowesty #exploretheworld #imagination #planetawesome #natgeocreative #natgeo #potd #photooftheday #nature_specialist #natgeotravel #wow_america_landscape #tnhusa #getoutstayout #hikersofinstagram #pocket_colors #face

A great weekend at our kickoff event! Two days of Reversing Falls and Rock Gardening in Maine! Thank you too @datalapper @les_messieurs_modernes @clumsy_ninja4now @losteloquence you guys helped make it an awesome weekend of learning and fun not the water! More photos to come! 📷 🌊

Finally edited some photos from a great day in the Pyrenees!

These spectacular deep blue waters are 💯😍 #craterlake and yes the water is really this blue! #nofilter

Fly fishing at Baboon Lake in the Eastern Sierra. I started fly fishing about two years ago. I’ve never caught a big fish, heck I barely catch the little ones. I have more fun just watching the trout chase my fly, nibble at it, change their mind, and swim off. I love the simplicity of a fly rod and barbless hook, and I love how it makes me pay attention to my surroundings. As I hike around the lake I look at the insects in the bushes to try to determine what the fish are eating. I look for drop offs and deep water where I think the fish will be, and of course I scan the water for the jeweled bodies little beasts. Sometimes it’s nice to get to your destination and simply sit and take in your surroundings. Fishing always let’s me do that. #flyfishing #flyfishnation #flygirls #lessskinmorefin #easternsierra #easternsierraflyfishing #orvis 🐟📸- @danny_stormborn

A couple people asked about logistics of deep water solo: chalk up, boat drifts up to the start (usually overhanging), wait for the boat to back away so you don't fall on the deck, try-hard, fall or jump and get a bunch of seawater in your nose 🙊, 5.5 mantle finish onto boat 🙌 #latergram #deepwatersolo

At the beach with my wife and best friends 😊

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