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After almost six weeks of #rehab, I feel like I am walking fully back into the light of day - dressed and heading for a #party at a nearby #beach club - I see ice cold #corona (s) in my near future!!! Love this outfit- mismatched #givenchy #sneakers AMAZING new sweats from #Alchemist AN oversized T from #vetements and a painted shirt from #offwhite with some #chromehearts #glasses. ~~ #love #fashion #art #balance #orange (just so fun to wear!!!) -- CHECK OUT THE NEXT PHOTO IN THIS SERIES - super cool from the back!!! @maxfieldla @joycehk @hostemppl @leclaireur @colette @readymade_official @justoneeye @lukas_osiecki @angelialei @thesartorialist @voguemagazine @othelo_gervacio


Did you know you have triceps in your legs? You do. The real name of the calf is the "Triceps Surae". If we break down the Latin, we have...
🔼tri = three
🔼ceps = plural of caput = heads
🔼surae = of the calf
So Triceps Surae is the "3 heads of the calf". Two of the muscular heads are from the medial and lateral gastrocnemius and the third is from the soleus. These muscles differ in their anatomy and consequently, how we mobilize them.
The Gastrocnemius is a ✌two jointed muscle, crossing both the ankle and the knee. So to stretch it, you must both extend the knee and dorsiflex the ankle, pulling the muscle onto stretch from both ends. This stretch is definitely the more common of the two.
On the flip side, the Soleus is ☝one jointed and only crosses the ankle. So to stretch it, you must bend the knee to slack the overlying gastroc and reach the deeper layer. It's this stretch that will lead to improvements in ankle mobility as these tissues lie closer to the joint itself.
So if you're trying to improve ankle mobility, make sure you are getting into the bent knee position. Make this little change and you will probably start seeing the results you are looking for.😄
Tag a friend with tight calves and share the wealth!
#MyodetoxOrlando #Myodetox

💙 Come see me @rehablv tomorrow for our Grand Opening 🍾👙☀️🌴 !! #rehab #rehabvegas #readytorehab #lvrehab13 📸: @ladiesoflv

Episode 417: One and Two Joint Hip Flexor Stretch [Open up your hips]

After looking at the “lower crossed syndrome” -

I hope you now understand how if hip flexor tone>Abdominal tone -->Anterior Pelvic Tilt/Lumbar Spine Hyperextension-->Low Back irritation. Here is shown a great way to stretch ALL your hip flexors to improve your ability to get into a neutral spine alignment!

To perform this exercise:
✅Lay face down on a table, then begin to march your lowered foot up as high as you can while keeping the elevated leg flat on the table.
In the video depicted above: the Right hip extensors and the Left Hip flexors will be stretched. In addition, this will ensure that you are locking your pelvis out (into a posterior pelvic tilt). Far too often when people stretch their hip flexors they actually compensate with Lumbar Spine extension
-which is just feeding into the dysfunction!
✅You can lay here for single joint hip flexors such as Illiopsoas (other single joint hip flexors include Pectineus, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, TFL). This stretch should be felt anterior to your hip.

Tip: To maximize an Illiopsoas stretch either Internally rotate your hip or rotate your trunk towards the leg being stretched.
✅To stretch 2 joint hip flexor’s particularly the Rectus Femoris- Come off the stretch just a tad then Flex the knee as much as you can tolerate.
This stretch should now be felt more in the anterior mid-thigh region.

Thanks to @barbellapparel for the comfortable 👖!

[Back pain fix 💥 PART 9]

As we continue to fill your feed with BACK PAIN TIPS/EXERCISES/CONCEPTS. Here is an amazing post from @vinnierehab demonstrating spine control for better postural health. This one is on the advanced side so take your time with it. Bookmark this 📑 for when you progress from the basics✌. Don't hold back if you're ready for more😁
This is a program to teach you how to properly move your spine in order to help you eliminate unnecessary built up tension in your back/neck area! Major focus on spinal motor control (how well you move your spine)😏 This routine is fairly advanced and might require you to take your time with it so don't worry if you don't get it on your first try!

These exercises will help retrain your cervical/thoracic/lumbar spine to move in the same direction as well as in opposition (opposite directions which are both crucial to spine health)😊.
Usually at rest, the cervical spine should be lordotic (have an arch forward), thoracic spine kyphotic (slight arch backward), and the lumbar spine lordotic (slight arch forward)

When you do a tradtional cat/cow, oftentimes you load the spine and make everything extend or everything flex. This is great, but it is not enough

In the MiQ [Movement IQ which is a change in movement strategy to promote better health] version, I teach @christianguzmanfitness how to make different segments of his spine move in different directions (in opposition). So as one segment flexes, the other extends ✌🏼 MiQ back protocol
1️⃣segmental slow flexion/extension
2️⃣traditional cat-cow (same direction)
3️⃣ MiQ cat-cow (opposition)

Do 3 sets of 5 reps per exercise, take your time with it and progress to 10 reps over the course of 2-3 weeks.
. ⛔️make sure to go slow and controlled.

One of the gifts I've received from my time studying under the Ido Portal Method is how to approach my injuries. For me, my left lat has had no lower attachment since I was 3 days old but has been compensated by the surrounding musculature. My situation is very unique and causes a few issues. During these times I've learnt to:
1. Work on it
2. Work with it
3. Work around it
The key with all these is that I took the time to research and understand my body. Many physicians will advise rest and immobilisation because it's safer than trusting you with the responsibility. I'm not saying never go see a professional. Depending on the severity and issue it is always a viable option, but again the ability to know what to do depends on the amount of research and understanding you have of your own body. Looking forward to sharing the education in our brand new facility! Make sure to follow @modus.perth because we're opening soon!



Your squat stance heavily relies on your squat variation, strengths, anatomy and overall mobility.

Generally speaking, a wider stance squat will recruit more musculature of the hip whereas a narrow stance would rely more on the quadriceps. This explains why most lifters prefer a wider stance in a low bar and a narrower stance in a high bar squat.

However, regardless of your stance, there common mistakes that is seen in any width stance and should be avoided at all cost!

Correct Stance in a Squat:
1️⃣ Feet facing slightly outwards (very dependent on squat variation)
2️⃣ Ankles are neutral and not collapsed inwards (indicates adequate dorsi flexion)
3️⃣ Knees are in line with the foot (knees can also be pushed out for glute activation)

Incorrect Stance in a Squat:
1️⃣ Feet excessively facing outwards (usually from a lack of ankle mobility)
2️⃣ Ankles are collapsed inwards (also from a lack of ankle mobility)
3️⃣ Knees follow the ankles and fall inwards (creates torque on the knee and could also be glute weakness)

These mistakes can eventually lead to a larger problem such as chronic low back pain in a squat, herniations and knee pain. To correct this these mistakes, start by re-analyzing your squat technique and releasing the tissues and structures that influence ankle mobility.

Tag a friend that may benefit from this squat post! 🍑


Up for a Friday challenge? 💥 8kg ✔️ 12kg ✔️ 16kg🔚
Good test for shoulder strength/stability/mobility 🌟 Try it out and tag me 😀✌🏼️ #rehab #prehab #shoulderstability #mobility #kettlebell #bottomsuppress #ohs #bellplay #barefootliving #crossfitCelticBox #challengeoftheweek #nailedit #powerbraids

#Repost @the_movement_therapy_institute
Segmental spinal extension. Ian is a coach for a professional soccer team in China. He was a professionally soccer player in England for 20 years. We've addressed multiple symptomatic areas including his Rt knee and low back. Although he's only here for 2 few months he wanted to kickstart his movement restoration/optimization program and take it back to continue the process. One complaint specifically was generalized low back pain from previous disc herniations. In a few visits with a focus on manual therapy and calming the nervous system we were able to decrease his pain and focus on restoring his body's natural ability to move with improved efficiency. #professionalsoccer #themovementtherapyinstitute #drlatinofeliz #atpperformancefacility #optimalmovement #optimalperformance #soccer #rehab #fisioterapia #futbol

@laurenfitness showing us the perfect way to start the weekend. Full body workout anyone?
📸Vid Cred: @laurenfitness ..
Www.recoveryMT.co.uk ..

I love @tommyhilfiger, pretty stoked for my new @otheruk too! Can't spend every minute working out, so a bit of retail therapy was in order. #weightloss #rehab #recovery #yoga #yogainspiration #igers #igdaily #instadaily #fitness #gymlife #love #lovelife #fashion #ootd #tommyhilfiger

Pain leads to POWER. Struggle to STRENGTH. Thank you @romanempirefitness for having my back, and pushing me further. 💪🏻🙌🏻💦
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(From a few days ago) Doesn't look like much but has taken me nearly 5 weeks to be able to do this! Hurts like hell and requires a lot of concentration.
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Reintroducing eccentric hamstring control post ACLR - glute bridge to eccentric hamstrings.

Very pleased with how quickly @kevincou97 has gained full ROM. Looking forward to start loading properly (mostly just a low step up) next week 💪🏼 #rehab #gainz #strengthandconditioning #acl #alpineskiing

Stort glis og steg i riktig retning når man får lov å begynne og trene uten walker-skinna, som forhåpentligvis snart legges vekk for godt 💪🏽😃🐥#rehab #chickenleg #treningsglede

Lowest pain I've had in my knee during squats since tweaking it a couple of weeks ago. Promising news from physio, likely no damage to the tendon, rather it's just strained and loose.
My right foot pronates alot compared to left and also found my right hip has poor ROM. Hypothesis is my knee is likely twisting and just taking the load between the 2 end points.
Also have significant adductor / abductor asymmetries and my thoracic rotation to the left is terrible.
Being optimistic of all this, my progress on lifts have probably been constrained due to all this. Be interesting to see how it all comes together when body is working and get some solid training blocks done.

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Kinnarps Arena är redo och klädd i guld!🏒🏆 och vi är självklart på plats för att heja fram vårt HV 71 till Svenska mästare 2017!👊🏻 #medicrehab #nukörvi #ishockey #smfinal #HV71 #rehab #naprapati #personligträning #massage

Idemo moj decak i ja u zivot sad! 😉😊😘❤️ #unclelovesyou #rehab #smilealwayswins🎭 #forward

Full video on my FB page. . . .
Link in bio
. . .
I want to thank my students for the confidence and congratulate them on their amazing results until now. A lot more is coming... @catepmartins @margaridamdsv @rodolfomorgado @aurora_ntonio @tranquichunkie @mamfernandes @julmimoso @sojulianafreitas @marcivf @jmfonseca @catarinagfrancisco @hugofeijaopaiva @lunasahara @ssousaa @joana.psantos @maxilaura @daniieldasilva @matdasilva

Day 203 #postop
Another one of my hamstring (and quads) exercises ☝🏽 This one is harder than you think 👊🏼 I just got this added to my session. I have seen other people done it before and I did not expect it to be hard or tricky at all but it is though 💪🏼
#speed and #power .
#aclreconstruction #physiotherapy #kicking #pilatesball

I can't put a price on my recovery artwork because it is part of what keeps me sober, and my sobriety is priceless. I want to donate this 8x10" original watercolor sign-art to a deserving recovery club or non-profit. Just tell me where it would hang and who it would reach. If it sounds in line with my goal of helping people get sober, I'll send it to you at no cost whatsoever. #recovery #sober #alanoclub #alanon #aa #alcohol #alcoholicsanonymous #recoverycenter #recoverycommunity #recoveryrocks #sobermom #sobermomsrock #rehab #detox #getsober #12steps #odat #onedayatatime

Øvelser som knebøy, markløft, benkpress, pullups, roing osv er gode og viktige baseøvelser hvis du ønsker å bli sterkere 💪 Jeg bruker ofte støtteøvelser for å hjelpe frem hovedøvelsene, slik at utøverene klarer å hente mer ut av programmet uten å pådra seg unødvendige skader.. 😀 #personligtrener #arilddamm #styrketrening #slyngetrening #trx #treningsforum #treningsglede #iform #personligtrening #kopervik #shapeupnorge #2trainno #ironmannorge #karmøy #JKAKarate #shotokan #kampsport #karate #jkanorway #martialarts #日本空手協会 #rehab #prehab @aklakken

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