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When we ▶ started this series, I mentioned that Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) is more of a stability issue than a mobility one. Let's explore that a bit.

There are some common compensation patterns that we see in the body. One of those is hyperextension and APT when going 🙆 overhead. Shoulder mobility plays into this, but so does anterior core stability. If you remember back to the 🎥 lat stretch video, that will take care of the mobility issues. This one, as demonstrated by @quaddoc, will build the stability for you.

Raising the arms up and extending the back occur along the same 🚈 motion path in the sagittal plane. So it's easy for one movement to assist the other. But when we don't want that extension, we need the stability and strength to 👊 fight it. That's where your anterior core comes in.

The abs and obliques keep the ribs from flaring upwards and act as the brakes on spinal extension. So when you 🏋 lift heavy things overhead, they keep the motion at the shoulder and not at the spine.

When we do this drill, we want to maintain NEUTRAL. We're diving into this more tomorrow night, but going into a posterior tilt won't fix an anterior one. 🤔 I'm gonna let you all think on that one.

We show these drills standing but you can ⏮ regress to kneeling or half kneeling if necessary. Then move on to the band and start building up some strength. Try it out. 😉 It's harder than it looks.

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[Bench/shoulder mechanics]
The bench press is probably the best known exercise for most
Here are some thoughts 🤔💭 on the bench and some possible eat lasagna to improve it
In the first picture, we focus on position of the arms. In the top pic is what is referred to as a guillotine press
This is not an ideal movement under heavier loads for the shoulder especially when the upper arms go below parallel. As a physiotherapist this is the position that I put someone in and the externally rotate their arm to check for anterior instability
Here are two reasons you want to keep your elbows below shoulder height:
1️⃣in the second pic we look at the 3 heads 👤👤👤 of the pec in relation to arm position 🤷🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️. You can see as the arm goes towards overhead the length in the 3 heads 👤👤👤 begins to vary. Muscles work better when going from slightly lengthened to slightly shortened. With the arm closer to the body the line of force and length of the heads of the pec is relatively even allowing more even force output. With the arm at shoulder level, the pec has one head starts lengthened and one shorted and one in mid range, this will affect the timing of force output. So elbows slightly in towards the body should produce more force
2️⃣the arm motion relative to shoulder blade motion. In the first 30 degrees 📐 the scapula doesn't move much of at all. From there on it begins to rotate outward. This will inherently put the shoulder in a less optimally stable position based on the length of the muscles around the scapula. The elbows in is shooting a cannon off land, flared out its shooting it off a boat and thus less forceful as the cannon (arm) can't push the ball (weight) as efficiently because the boat (shoulder blade) isn't on a steady surface
Tag someone who you think might benefit from these bench tips 💪
And feel free to let me know your thoughts on this bench strategy
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A quick rescue and back out to the flowers you go little fella. 🐦🌺🌻🌹🌼

This is my first time hitting the bench press machine. I wasn't sure if I could even lift the bar. Turns out I was able to do more than I thought. 😁 I even managed to benchpress 75lbs at least once. Slowly but surly 💪🏻 Making progress at @scifitsac

Muscle-Tendon Unit
The muscle-tendon unit can be broken down into three components which include the muscle itself (contractile element), muscle membranes (parallel element) and tendon (series element). Both the muscle membranes and tendons are connective tissue structures and can be collectively group as the 'elastic elements' of the muscle-tendon unit.
When developing force, the contractile element is often the only component that is considered, but the elastic elements are also important. The muscle membranes and, even more so, tendons can store energy and contribute to total force production. Connective tissue structures also undergo physiological adaptations (hypertrophy, stiffness, etc) associated with training just like the muscle tissue.
Each of these components are susceptible to injury and/or pain too. Muscles can be strained and tendons can undergo reactive changes leading to tendinopathy when load surpasses capacity. When it comes to the muscle-tendon unit and injury prevention, the most useful concept to keep in mind is the relationship between load and capacity. Load that surpasses capacity, that is appropriately dosed, can be positive for adaptation. However, if load magnitude extends far beyond tissue capacity or volume is too high, then injury may result. Many problems can be prevented if one puts a little thought into how they will manage the load-capacity relationship.
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Farmer tan physique update after being in a van on the road for two weeks, it feels awesome to lift the weights and get the blood pumpin again! 🚐🏋🏼 My shoulder is starting to feel more comfortable in certain movements again (impingement) and I'm slowly incorporating overhead and pressing movements back in 😁🤙🏼 I can't wait to be back to the movements I know and love 🙏🏻 Don't wait until you HAVE an injury to start stretching your tight muscles, strengthening your weak stabilizers and training yourself better form (or you'll be like me, two years out of any shoulder work or pressing 😜) #physiqueupdate #bodybuilding #posing #lifting #injury #prevention #rehab #vegan #physique #thevegankingdom #beyondtheweak


Dito muna ako.😂😂
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See you soon NATURE!

One of the rehab exercise for my shoulder. It seems I'm not very good at squeezing my shoulders together and I have a bit of work to do to get better. It's interesting that you don't realise your weaknesses until you have to do a rehab exercise that reveals all. #alsoacommittedrehabber
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There is no unique approach to treat chronic low back pain as Hasanpour-Dehkordi et al. 2017 proved in their study where hirty-six patients with chronic low back pain were randomized to McKenzie group, Pilates group, and control group. Pilates and McKenzie training reduced pain in patients with chronic low back pain, but the Pilates training was more effective to improve general health.

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No existe un enfoque único para tratar el dolor lumbar crónico como Hasanpour-Dehkordi et al. 2017 se demostró en su estudio donde sesenta y seis pacientes con dolor lumbar crónico fueron asignados al azar a McKenzie grupo, Pilates grupo, y el grupo de control. El entrenamiento con Pilates y McKenzie redujo el dolor en pacientes con dolor lumbar crónico, pero el entrenamiento con Pilates fue más efectivo para mejorar la salud general.

Consulte este y otros tratamientos en Alonsofysio / FysioHuis
Full article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5294435/?report=printable

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Extremely privileged to have @emiliatuukkanen using 'All Natural’s pain relief oil. Emilia is a very talented BJJ athlete who has competed many times over the years and has picked up various awards. Some of the recent awards being the Nogi IBJJF European Open Silver medallist 2016 and the IBJJF Rome International Open Silver medallist 2016.
If you have any questions or training tips or are interested in booking any seminars with Emilia, you can contact her through her Instagram page and keep up to date with her journey on her blog!
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Athlete Update : Sam's almost ready to return to American Football 🏈 after his ACL repair , we put him though his paces with some agility Work this morning. A few more boxes to tick and some reintroduction into contact and he should be good to go. It's pivotal that he's able to decelerate , accelerate , change direction and co-contract with proper biomechanics before we give him the all clear.
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Get that wrist mobility!

Wrist mobility is an often overlooked but very important thing to have. And many of you are going to find that you are restricted here.
The wrist flexors are responsible for not only flexion of the wrist and fingers, but grip as well. They converge into a common tendon at the inner elbow. Excessive tension and overload of that tendon leads to 🤕 Medial Epicondylitis aka Golfer's Elbow. Getting that motion back is one of the first steps to fixing it.
If you lack wrist mobility, you may find the following things difficult:
🔸Getting into a front rack position
🔸Handstand work
🔸Long times typing at a keyboard
🔸Back squatting, especially low bar


Another week done and dusted! We’ve had a busy week full of clients - will we see you next time? Contact us today to see what all the fuss is about 😊

자료로 남기는 과정에서 복습하는 의미로 끄적여두긩. -
#principles 기능적 접근을 위한 몇가지 원칙들.
1.안좋은 자세를 반복하고 , 부적절한 움직임 패턴에 부하를 더하길 원하는가 ? 그 결과는 부상과 상해일것이다. 훈련가능한것과 불가능한것을 구분하라. 근력보다 선행되어야할 퀄리티.
2.완벽한 움직임 패턴을 요구하지마라. 완벽을 추구한다면 strength 훈련의 기회가 줄어든다. 문제를 일으키는 가장 핵심적인 것을 찾아서 해결.
3.아프면 하지마라. 모든운동은 테스트가된다.
4.Link. 몸 전체는 연결되어있다. 한곳의 기능부전이 다른것에 영향을 미칠 수 있다. 통증부위에만 집중하다 놓칠 수 있는것들을 고민해보자.
janda 가 강조하던 세가지.
평가-평가-평가. 평가에 집중하면 로드맵이 나타날 것이고 장기간에 걸쳐 발전을 이루는 루틴을 만들어내야하다.
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Dont try be self raising flour... harness the tribe around you 😉

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