I totally remember seeing girls post on their social media accounts that they found their tribes.
As I kept scrolling, I was completely jealous of those girls! I wanted girls that had the same goals, vision and dreams like me!
After just 3 short months in this business, I found my tribe! These girls T O T A L L Y get me!
I am looking for two women who would love to be apart of our boss babes tribe so we can celebrate each other!! 🤗

All food in moderation nourish our body, mind and soul. #eatthesalad #eatthecookie

So stoked to share today’s farmer’s market finds! Some orange carnations, a baby basil plant, home-brewed grapefruit kombucha (that I sampled and loved), 2 giant avocados, and a lil berry trio. All grown/made in SoCal!
Not pictured- me trying honey mead for the first time. It was wild! Like a cross between beer and sweet white wine. Might have to go back for some next weekend 👀
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I think sometimes when you have a problem or something to say and you don’t know who to bring it to, just say it to the sky. Just get it out of you. The universe is listening and knows what to do, it just needs you to speak up.

Sunday's are for baking! Kodiak Cakes Banana Nut Bread🍌🍞
2 ripe bananas mashed
2 c. @kodiakcakes Flapjack & waffle mix
1/2 c. @quaker steel cut oats
2 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1/2 c. Brown sugar
1/4 c. Butter
1 egg
1 c. @lovemysilk unsweetened almond milk
2 Tbsp. @navitasorganics Cacao nibs
1/4 c. Chopped English walnuts
Bake @ 350°F for 65 minutes or until golden brown
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I will sometimes be going about my day, enjoying classes, learning about nutrition, going to work, helping people, and feeling great, when I remember that I am still obese. Obesity is now considered a medical disease. I don’t live or die by the BMI scale (it’s not perfect.) but, as a nutrition student, it’s in my face and I’m using it ALL. THE. TIME. Because legit, it’s a good enough tool most of the time. A few things: This article is not meant to perpetuate the stereotype that all Dietitians are physical perfection. This article is not meant to perpetuate the idea that anyone, under any circumstances, is LESS because they are not at their ideal body weight.
We are all worthy of respect no matter what.
This article is as close to reading my diary as it gets.

Sundays call for waffles. sometimes we get it in our heads when we are trying to be “healthy” that some foods are off limits or “bad” - these are often carby foods. the key is to never cut out foods you love completely (which can lead to binging and feelings of guilt), but to make good choices in regards to them. I made these waffles with @kodiakcakes power mix, which you just mix with water and a little oil for waffles. i topped it with some blueberries. By making a better-for-you waffle (than say going to iHop) and sticking to a serving, I satisfied my waffle craving and feel great 😊 #intuitiveeating #registereddietitian #dietitian #rd #healthybreakfast #heathyeating #mealplan #kodiaccakes

I just love Sunday’s. This morning I took a cycle class with mom, did a Trader Joe’s run, and currently drooling over tonight’s Sunday sauce (pasta + meatballs). 🍝🍽⠀

I am 75% Italian and grew up doing Sunday dinners with the fam. Usually dad does the cooking & I am tirelessly trying to nail his recipe for homemade marinara and meatballs. I swear I’ll get it right one day! The determination is real. ⠀

Mostly, I love how these meals bring everyone to the table. In these moments, a meal is eaten the way it’s intended: cooked with love, shared with good company, and 100% enjoyed. Espresso + cookies to cap off the night! Here we go! ✨⠀

Gardening 👩🏻‍🌾 the most common reason most find gardening healthy is because of its association with vegetables. However, there are several less obvious reasons that it is a wonderful activity for your overall health: •
💭 Mind: In a world where watching the news is full of destruction, watching growth is a powerful thing. Especially when you played a part in the process. The act of planting & nurturing seeds, even in small amounts, even if flowers vs. food, have been linked to mental health benefits and stress reduction. Studies have also linked gardening to decreased risk of dementia. •
🏋🏼‍♀️ Body: Gardening allows for a natural nudge of exercise right in your backyard. No gym membership or dumbbells required, not to mention it is laborious work to maintain a garden for your entire body. It is also a form of exercise for enjoyment, rather than a dreaded run on the treadmill. •
🕉 Spirit: Call me a hippy but I believe being in nature is the ultimate way to stay grounded to earth, not just literally but mentally. It’s an opportunity for mindful practice as well as feeding your soul with an activity you enjoy. Nature is also constantly reminding me of all the simplicity and beauty in the world. Often, planting anything from food, to flowers, to shrubs, you are contributing to even more, whether it be aesthetic beauty or providing someone with nourishment. •

Thanks to my favorite gardener @big_head_yoshi, I am lucky to learn, participate & enjoy all the benefits of gardening (not to mention the superior quality & taste). #NatureLovers

Happy Sunday, friends 🌞 How do you avoid the #sundayscaries? Do you take time for self care, do you get shit done and prep for the week, or do you totally relax on the couch all day? Let me know your favorite Sunday routines 🛁💫💗

Sometimes he’ll pose for a picture 📸💞👫
#halifaxpublicgardens #publicgardens #halifaxnovascotia

Had a nice recipe fail this morning, so I stuck with this 2 ingredient, 2 step recipe instead. Chocolate almond clusters are the best little snack to have in the fridge during the week aaand they’re super easy to make😎
Just melt 3/4 cup chocolate chips (I also added 1/2 tsp coconut oil), and mix in 1 cup plain almonds until fully coated. Drop about 1 tbsp of a cluster onto wax paper (mine made about 14). Top with flaky sea salt if you have, then freeze to harden!

The tide flows in and out...
Do not watch the individual waves 🌊 but keep your attention on the tide, and all will be well!
Like any other Sunday, living my BEST life !! 🏖🌊☀️ @ginacalabretta
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Not cooking veggies this week... bc I already have roasted balsamic carrots and roasted cauliflower. #rd #registereddietitian #mealprep #mealprepsunday #onetrickpony

Hey RDs! Only 4 days left to register with the Early Bird rate for RD for RDs: Eating Disorder EDucation for Registered Dietitians 1-Year ONLINE Training!
I can’t wait for you to be a part of this year’s enhanced and updated course! With 17 CEUs, 12 coaching calls, private Facebook group, monthly emails with additional resources, all accessible online!
This course is interactive and not based solely on textbook definitions. It provides you with practical skills that you can use right away.
Whether you specialize in eating disorders, or you shy away from this population, this course has something for all levels.
Register for this course using the link in my bio for only $395 CDN until September 26, 2018 - regular rate will apply if $475 after

No power, no problem! Many residents in #ottawa have been without power for nearly 48 hours (including this RD!) because of a #tornado . Our fridge is just a cupboard but our freezer food, which includes fruits, veg, tofu, and tempeh, is doing pretty well (another benefit of living that #plantbasedlife 😎 ). This masterpiece was whipped up from canned beans, the most perfect avocado, veggies, BBQ sauce and spices. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #vegan #vegans #vegains #613vegan #plantbased #plantstrong #wholefoodsplantbased #veganaf #wholefoods #wfpb #saveanimalseatplants #beansoverbacon #nomeatnoproblem #registereddietitian #nutritionexpert #vegandietitian #nutritionist #rd #rdn #8020rule #balancednutrition #mindfuleating #antidiet #wellness #vegansofig #dietitiansofig #ottawatornado

Figgy toastin to Sunday! Wishing we had some cooler temperatures to celebrate the start of fall, but it seems like we're going to have a while longer of summer over here! At least it means I still get to eat figs 😏 I wish today was going to be a relaxing Sunday but we have tons to do because our apartment building is getting termite tented this week and we have to move out for the week 😠 not to mention kinda freaking out about the potential toxins left behind when they're done 😖does anyone have experience with that??
Toast deets:
Top: sourdough with natural peanut butter + sweet figs + cinnamon + @thrivemkt coconut flakes
Bottom: sourdough + @majesticgarlic basil garlic spread + 2 eggs soft scrambled in @fourthandheart original ghee + paprika + microgreens 🌱

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