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Non serve andare in beauty farm, con @madeinsephora ho la mia SPA personale a casa mia!💆🏻
Con la maschera al melograno #madeinsephora che attenua i segni della stanchezza, tonifica e rivitalizza il contorno occhi, oggi posso affrontare la giornata super carica!⚡️
Grazie mille @hivency 🌸

The toddlers loved observing the changes being made when skittles were added to warm water! "Ouu! Yellow, two yellow!" - EL 💛 #reggioinspired #reggioemilia #toddler #exploration #earlychildhoodeducation #observations #skittleexperiment #colourmixing

Happy Spring! 🌱🌷We absolutely love this time of year for its freshness and the boundless wonder it provides wide eyed littles. We have a canoe full of bullfrog tadpoles, baby goats, and the beautiful delicate first buds of Spring that we are enjoying right now. Take a deep breath, and don't over schedule, go outside, breath a little more, let your young ones be young, and see where whimsey takes you some fine morning. Love what you have done @treehouse_schoolhouse with "Caps for Sale". Keep tagging #thepeacefulpreschool for a chance to be featured! 🍃🌸

• È primavera: e Via Degli Orefici ce lo dimostra in tutto il suo splendore 🌺 .
Grazie per la bellissima foto a:
Usa #labellabologna per condividere con noi il tuo scatto!

Oggi #buongiornoRE dal Public Jukebox in Piazza della Vittoria, installazione sonora attva fino al 30 aprile. L'opera è nelll'ambito di "Postnaturalia", una complessa installazione 
scultorea realizzata da Krištof Kintera, con la collaborazione di Richard Wiesner e Rastislav Juhás per @collezionemaramotti https://goo.gl/EMPE5l

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re partnering with @thelandofnod to give away a set of the following Little People, Big Dreams books: Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou, Frida Kahlo and Coco Chanel.
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Happy Harmony Day 👫🌏👭 We celebrated by pairing Mem Fox's 'Whoever you are' with our @educationalexperience 'Children of the world' wooden dolls to explore cultural diversity 👫🌏👬 We used our dolls to discuss how we can look different and dress different, depending on where we live in the world but on the inside we are all the same ❤🌏 How did you celebrate Harmony Day in your classroom? 👫🌏👭 #educationalexperience #learningthroughplay #edexbrandambassador #harmonyday

Oggi prime riprese per la Granfondo del Lambrusco! Mai visto così tanto formaggio tutto insieme! 😍 Ciao vegani! 🙆
#GoPro #ParmigianoReggiano #Granfondo #WAlive


Every day in PreK is time for discovery! See some of our latest projects, experiments, and creations. 🖌🔍📝 #sandpreschool #reggioemilia #playbasedlearning

He then proceeded to give rainbow fish his sparkly scales curtesy of good old glue and glitter. We hadn't used either in a while and he just didn't want to stop. Six pages later and our art wall is now a sparkle-bomb! True talk: I love it!

Bird nest provocation accompanied by a video projection of birds making nests in the light and shadow atelier. 5 little birds for 5 little sets of hands! #Reggio #reggioemilia #reggioinspired #provocation #preschool #preschoolteacher #finemotorskills

Today during little sister's nap time I had an invitation to create rainbow fish prepared for Grayson. I had numerous art materials arranged (paints of different types, crayons, markers, pencils, tissue paper, glue and glitter) and a blank template waiting. He immediately raced toward his beloved "magic crayons" and began carefully coloring each scale, occasionally remarking, " Now Rainbow Fish, I know you said you'd like a blue scale there, but I'm sorry, sometimes we don't always get what we want. That's just life!" Haha!!! I couldn't bear it! He is HILARIOUS! I've actually only said that phrase to him a couple times (near the holidays to remind him about being grateful no matter what he gets), but it obviously stuck with him :-/

Nuovo progetto ☀️work in progress per #kitashop ☀️☀️☀️🐟🐟#studiopianobi #reggioemilia

@avilaies - Loris Malaguzzi decía que los alumnos aprenden por medio de la observación para así poder desarrollar proyectos creativos ¿Qué podemos aprender de las escuelas #ReggioEmilia? con @anapatalang.
#Charla #maestros #docentes #ENTRADALIBRE #30Marzo #ÁvilaEducativa - #regrann

Loris Malaguzzi decía que los alumnos aprenden por medio de la observación para así poder desarrollar proyectos creativos ¿Qué podemos aprender de las escuelas #ReggioEmilia? con @anapatalang

#Charla #maestros #docentes #ENTRADALIBRE #30Marzo #ÁvilaEducativa

Noi ce la intendiamo 😂😂🤣con le mie ballerine-tazzine 😂Adorooo ❤💚💓#mammamelacanti #reggioemilia #laboratoriperbambini #ludicita #canzoncine

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