April is National Volunteer Month. We would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for their kindness and generosity! #RefugeesWelcomes #IndyWelcomesAll

these past two months have been full whirlwinds, challenges, growth, rewards, progress, preparation, answered prayers, expectant ones and and lots of brainstorming with some new creativity and ideas with @musi31 . it's amazing all that goes down in short periods of time. - but there was a part of me that lacked clarity in my plans when new ideas came barging in and mixing into already evolving dreams. talking with my p.i.c. musti would (kinda) help, but still, it took time, and trust -then, god helped my heart out again @ the end of a second month back in madrid. may 1rst getting out of the house for a walk with musti, it hit us with some joy when pieces came together over our ☕. i am someone who does NOT underestimate vision when it comes to building a future - expectant for plans to change, twist and turn for the best: but vision + expectancy always. it's so important in every life stage for growth, and especially in the grind. - so, at the end of the day, i'm so thankful that stirring the pot has brought in some new long-term visions alongside what has already been blooming -and that truly is excitement 😍 some confusion for the better finally a bit better understood in the grand scheme = peaceulness, thankfulness, hopefulness, discipline, giddyness yet contentment (hard-work but patience), and a joyful expectancy in my ❣'s rhythm. .
#dreaming #creating #doing #expecting #embracingtheforeverjourney #internationalcurrents #corazonsudaka #refugeeswelcomes #makelovelouder #beforeverblooming🌸 #🌍🌎🌏

'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'. MLK #proudasfuck #muslimban #fucktrump #shutdownmanus #refugeeswelcomes #alwaysisalwayswillbe

Two happy cute customers in matching Birdsong knits 💕

Ready for adventure in the Mohila shell tee, Khama backpack and Cara skirt. All you need to take you into holidays, autumn and beyond 💕 Photography by @alohabshaw

Step inside our Heba workroom, home to skilled migrant makers. Show them your support, try out their new line. ✂️ Photography by @joannerebeccacoates

Eine viel zu schöne Stadt für hässlichen Rassismus! #nopegida #refugeeswelcomes #füreinweltofffenesdresden #keinbockaufnazis

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