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A genuine smile of hope from these gorgeous children in South Sudan. We hope their future is as bright as their courage is strong. 📷 UNHCR/Sebastian Rich #refugees #SouthSudan #children #resilience #hope

Every life matters !
Rohingya Muslim Refugees: Bangladesh.
Our volunteers continue to serve hot & nutritious meals to the refugees in Bangladesh. Thank you for your support.
To Donate: https://www.khalsaaid.org/donate

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Refugees at the port of Mytilene, Lesbos.
These individuals are very passionate about their work, have an amazing eye for detail, and have an innate ability to 'see' the world around them differently than others. There are entire books, and even exhibitions, dedicated to the work done by incredibly talented photojournalists.
© Noel Celis
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Over 140,000 Rohingya #refugees have entered #Bangladesh since 25 August and more are arriving by the day. Over 80% are women and children.
We’re providing vital health services, drinking water, sanitation and safe places for children to play. © UNICEF/UN0119953/Brown

Thanks for the love @vimeo. •

If anything, this shows how slow we are at learning, cuz it's taken us 5 years to win 1 of these things. Many of those years were comprised of us just sitting around and waiting for projects to come our way (which is the worst thing to do). Last year, we told ourselves, "If we're going to stay in this filmmaking thing, we've got to up our game. We've got to push ourselves and be more pro-active - or else we'll never make it in this industry." So, to us, its a reminder to just keep going.

Also, we're posting this to say were learning that 1) We've got to keep making stuff. No matter how big or small. And we're hoping that it can encourage others to do the same. We're learning as best as we can, to try not to compare ourselves to others in a negative way. Because - at the end of the day - value as a person isn't wrapped up in the ability to make or not make good films. It's in who you are - as a person. Your character. The way you handle life's challenges, relationships, and how you treat others. The way you keep moving forward. And 2) To keep trying to develop our own voice. One of the most difficult things we have found is to not copy what others are doing, but to work on our own voice. We obviously have a long way to go, and don't want to come off like we've figured anything out because we haven't. We're just pumped that we stuck with our own voice throughout this entire process - and we hope this encourages others to do the same ✌🏼 And along the way, you just may run into people who genuinely care about you as an individual, and also just happen to believe in you as a filmmaker. •

So, thanks @codydulock @filmsupply for believing in us and our project to take it on, and thanks to the team who slaved away to make this thing happen with us. Hope it can bring more awareness to what's happening in North Korea and help more people in the process @jaredfadel Seon Keon Hwang @lucasjharger @steebhouse @ryantaubert @asafoxcolorist #northkorea #refugees #korean #southkorea #china #vimeo #vimeostaffpicks

UNICEF protects the rights of #Rohingya children like Mohmmad, to learn about and practice their own culture, language and religion. But after seeing his house in #Myanmar burned down and 2 of his brothers fatally shot, the 10-year-old’s concerns are, tragically, far more basic: "My only dream is to survive." Violence against the Rohingya has intensified recently, prompting some 800,000 #refugees to flee into #Bangladesh. More than half of them are children. Thank you @thomasnybo for sharing Mohmmad and so many others' stories. #AChildIsAChild #regram


Repost from @gettyreportage contributor @pbbphoto | Bangladesh, Kutupalong camp: On assignment for @refugees Under a rainbow as the sun sets. Rohingya Abu Siddique, 90, was carried by people who helped him to cross the border. #displaced #refugees #unhcr #violence #photojournalism #minority #rohingyamuslims

Couldn't visit us last weekend and still curious to see the collection? Atelier PHI is ready to welcome you.
Contact me at philine@atelierphi.nl
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Meet Ouidad Elma, the French-Moroccan actress speaking about her passion for politically engaged drama and her hatred for borders


Kulsuma, 30, embraces her son while waiting by the side of the road for food and cash distributions near the Balukhali refugee camp in Bangladesh on Friday September 22, 2017. Kulsuma arrived in Bangladesh 8 days ago after fleeing her village from attack by the Burmese Army. In the chaos, she and her child became separated from her husband. She does not know of his fate. -----------------------------------------------------A series on the effects of forced displacement of the Rohingya. On assignment for @buzzfeednews. #myanmar #rohingya #women #dignity #refugees

All throughout the day and into the night, thousands of people line the narrow main road near the mushrooming makeshift tents that have been steadily multiplying across the hills near the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar in the past several weeks. Everyone stands, or sits, often with their hands outstretched for a donation of any kind: rice, a piece of clothing, water, money.
Most of those waiting are widowed women or women separated from their husbands because of the the attacks on their villages by the Burmese Army. Out of the nearly 20 people I spoke with for this series, many witnessed their husbands being burned or killed. Others simply did not know the fate of them. Using my headlamp, I lit the women in the spot they were standing and waiting in, with the children they carried. It was so apparent the devastating trauma and pain they had survived. All across the board, the uncertainty of their situation was clear: without any source of income, without their husband, and without proper shelter - let alone a country to call their own - these women and their children are extremely vulnerable to exploitation of all kinds. The international community, local organizations, and government have a responsibility to protect these women. They have lost everything and are unwanted everywhere they turn, and they certainly do not deserve the insult that will add to their injury of being sold or treated as a commodity.


Shocking, Claire, but not everything is about you.

Over 430,000 Rohingya refugees have been forced to flee to Bangladesh since August 2017.

They are arriving exhausted, hungry and sick, having walked for days to cross the border into Bangladesh. Most of them are women and children.

Rohingya families fleeing violence urgently need your help, please donate today. #rohingya

One Hand One Heart have teamed up together with @wishfoundation to support the people of Rohingya.
Together we can make a difference ❤ .
. --> www.ohohcharity.com.au <-- .
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Morning comrades!! I'm injecting some OOMPH into this gloomy Monday with dates for our next convoy to Calais! We will be heading over from London Sat 21st Oct and returning evening of Sun 22nd Oct.
On our last trip we had a group of 7 women that came out with us to distribute aid, volunteer in the warehouses and spend time with some of the refugees stuck at the border of France.
The need there is worse than it's ever been, donations are at an all time low and with winter coming in we require as much help and support as possible.
We already have one car full of volunteers so if you want to join (and we'd love to have you!) then just get in touch! The easiest way to make it over is by car, so if you don't have one perhaps buddy up with a friend that does and then depending on how many others want to go we can get more bums on seats in no time!
I will be posting an update of the current needs list too so that if you can't make the trip but have donations you'd like to drop off then you can do so.
This is still very much a global crisis and despite the media black out there are STILL 65 million people displaced due to war. There is so much we can do to help and it's down to us to make sure we don't let history repeat, as the governments are currently doing.
Coming together & taking care of each other is all that we are here for; we're part of one big family on earth and ultimately by forgetting that is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place. We have the power to heal that; never underestimate the act of an individual.
So share / regram / tag friends and get the word out!! Sending so much love to you all 🙌🏽💛🙏🏽🌎💫✊🏽🍃 .
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What's it like to go to school in a war zone? It's a struggle to avoid being hit by bombs and bullets or falling to the spread of cholera in #Yemen and yet for refugee students like 10 year old Josef, it's also the only place that brings hope and solace.
"When I hear the explosions I get scared, but when I'm in the classroom I feel safe," the aspiring engineer tells me.
Josef is one of 280,000 refugees in Yemen that are caught between a rock and a hard place - having previously escaped conflict or persecution in their homelands, only to now tragically face it again in Yemen.
And yet amid conflict, destruction, poverty and misery, for refugee students the opportunity to continue their education is the only glimmer of hope in the face of such adversity.
For children like Josef, caught up in a country in conflict in the only place they learnt to call home, it is an investment and lifeline for the future. And in a country ravaged by war and division, it's also the key to future peace and reconstruction (and which will leave mini-engineers like Josef with a lot of work on their hands).
Read our piece in: https://medium.com/we-the-peoples/this-is-what-it-is-like-to-go-to-school-in-war-zone-cc2b8305587e
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We mustn't forget all of the terrible things trump has done!! I refuse to let this pardon b swept under the rug!!

The head of the U.N. refugee agency says #Bangladesh needs "massive international assistance" to feed and shelter the #Rohingya who have fled #Myanmar. "I spoke to many of the #refugees that have just arrived and I must say that on the one hand I was struck by the incredible magnitude of their needs. They need everything, as I said, they need food, they need clean water, they need shelter, they need proper health care, and perhaps the most urgent need is to find them a proper accommodation," #UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi said.

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