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I used to be able to cook an entire meal any day of the week. Now I can't even make a sandwich without this guy begging for my attention! Plating? Gone out the window. Extensive prep? Fuggetaboutit. Cooking looks a lot like an obstacle course these days, but the finish line is those chubby cheeks :)
Now it’s your turn! When you share a #RefreshinglyHonest moment, @HonestTea will donate $1 to #VisionSpring. #ad

We’re traveling the country to hear your most #RefreshinglyHonest moments! Share yours in the comments and for every post, we’ll donate $1 to #VisionSpring (up to $25,000).

Fitness is a huge part of your overall balance. Thought needs to go into your fitness program. You are how you move and you are how you eat. How you show up to move and fuel your body matter. Part of being yourself is understanding yourself and being #refreshinglyhonest about your goals. I’ve partnered with @honesttea to introduce Honest Sport, an organic sports drink that will keep you feeling refreshed after a tough workout. I hosted a #RefreshinglyHonest conversation last night around finding the balance when it comes to our exercise and wellness routines in hopes of motivating and supporting one another. I want to encourage my fitness community to come together and do the same. What are your #RefreshinglyHonest truths when it comes to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle? #ad

Saturday! Oh how I love you. I look forward to you all week. You are the one day that is just for me :) 👆🏼Here's me being me.... honestly 😜 @honesttea @elleusa #refreshinglyhonest #ad

Okay, time to get real! Even as a world-class athlete, some days I count a good laugh as my work out! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Tell me something #RefreshinglyHonest below or create your own post and @HonestTea will donate $1 to #VisionSpring #ad

Selfish: a bad word if you’re a mom…or so you are made to believe. #ad
From the moment the miracle of life starts inside of you, society and maybe even your own maternal instinct says that your life is no longer your own. It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not necessarily the complete truth.
The truth that I’ve come to realize after almost 10 years as a VERY proud and honored mom, is that the word “selfish" is anything but bad.
In order to be able to give your family the energy and attention they expect and deserve, you need to selfishly give back to yourself!! For me, I know it may sound silly, but I do whatever I can to selfishly stay in dreamland for as long as possible! I love sleep and because it’s much harder to come by than it used to be, I eek out every possible second I can, curled up under my covers! That means setting my alarm for as late as possible while taking into account that I’ll most likely hit snooze once or twice (oh yes!) and drive my kids to school without a bra and in my flannel pajamas. This week, it was pink with ski bunnies. Great look for bedtime, but not out in public!
So, whether your selfishness means assigning daddy the bedtime duties one night so you can escape for a glass of wine with your girls (I need one of these soon @kelly.holton!), or being like me and maybe not setting the best example for your kids every morning, we all need those moments to maintain our sanity! Am I right?!! Today is National Honesty Day and the world could use a little more honesty on social media. Join me and @HonestTea, in sharing your own #RefreshinglyHonest post and commenting below with your version of selfishness! And because I look up to them and think we all could learn a little something from their balancing tricks, I’m tagging my girls @iamcattsadler and @jennicroft and asking them to chime in with their own posts. You’re up, beautiful mamas!

Who has time for this? #refreshinglyhonest #jokeoftheday with our partner @honesttea

What does your perfect Saturday involve? For ballet dancer @ingridsilva, it’s all about the 🐶❤ #refreshinglyhonest with our partner @honesttea

I usually post pictures on the days I wear makeup and clothes that are worth documenting, but 99% of the time I look like this. Happy National Honesty Day! Join me @hellowhitneyblog, won’t you? :) #refreshinglyhonest @honesttea #ad


When lemon is life. 🍋 #RefreshinglyHonest #Organic.

I'm giving you some @HonestTea today! "Just a Tad Sweet" or "Unsweetened" Did you know that September is Organic Month? Honest Tea® is Organic and you can get it at your local Kroger. I stay on the go and my schedule is structured around my son and his homeschool ciriculum and lesson schedule. In addition to being a home schooling mom, I also run a business and juggle a few different projects. I'm just being honest... I love that Honest Tea is all about honesty and transparency because that's pretty much how I live my life. It's truth in a bottle with a variety of great tasting flavors brewed with REAL ingredients. It totally fits my on the go Mom Lifestyle! You should try it... honestly!
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Low in calories, certified organic, made without artificial preservatives and packaged in a PlantBottle. Good things can happen when you go organic! #RefreshinglyHonest #Organic.

Oke, heel eerlijk zijn. Als dit het laatste flesje was, zou je die dan delen met je beste vriend of vriendin? #DrinkHonest #RefreshinglyHonest

Summer of 2017 will definitely go down in the books as my summer of Honest Tea :) @honesttea #honesttea #honestkids #refreshinglyhonest #drinkhonest

It's true. Bells and whistles are out. Simplicity and just doing the damn thing is IN.⠀

Thanks for this hard-hitting point, Steph! @stephcrowder_
#simplepleasures #savvybusinessowner #theimperfectboss #femtrepreneur #beingboss #refreshinglyhonest #quote #quoteable #mycreativebiz #creativehappylife #youbelong #alltogethernow #liveauthentic #sisters #sunday #sundaze #sundayvibes

When "tacky" is strikingly beautiful. #tension #doityourway #fakeflowers #refreshinglyhonest #sparkle

@honesttea #refreshinglyhonest popcorn is a good snack with my tea!! ❤️❤️

@honesttea #honesttea #refreshinglyhonestsweepstakes #RefreshinglyHonest @omnigrovepark #omnigrovepark The fact that its all certified organic makes a huge difference to me. Lets be Honest here. Your honestly going to love all the flavors......Honest.💯❤️🏆#USDAorganic #herbaltea

Bribe your neighbor to rake your leaves with #HonestTea. #RefreshinglyHonest #FirstDayofFall

Whatever it is your looking to create or change or let go of or invite into your life, YOU are in charge of that.
The story of your life is your greatest masterpiece. And you are The Picasso of that story.
Who are you choosing to be today? #yodafreakingrules

@honesttea #honesttea #refreshinglyhonestsweepstakes #RefreshinglyHonest @omnigrovepark #omnigrovepark The fact that its all certified organic makes a huge difference to me. Lets be Honest here. Your honestly going to love all the flavors......Honest.💯❤️🏆#USDAorganic #herbaltea

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