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Hidden in the city . Mke, Wi #graffiti (3/3)

Hidden in the city - Mke. Wi (2/3) #graffiti

Hidden in the city - Mke. WI (1/3) - #graffiti

Stand tall - Mke. Wi (3/3) #peoplescreatives

I love the pink/orange tones on the reflection of these windows 😱 - Mke. wi (2/3) #peoplescreatives

These buildings are human creation and that amazes me. It's crazy to think that people accomplished to put this whole building together and many other (obvs with help of machines but still) - Mke. Wi (1/3) #peoplescreatives

I'm considering making a separate Instagram just to post make up looks, but I feel like I need to get better at doing my make up in the first place. Wouldn't be a bad idea though 🤔 (3/3) #mkedowntown

Wish I was better at captioning things, oh well, this will do - Mke. Wi - (3/3) #createcommune

We can become caught up with life, we are constantly moving or doing things here and there. Give yourself the time to do things you enjoy and free your mind a little. I know we run on a "time crunch" and we never seem to have time, but take your health into consideration. Even if it's just 30 minutes of your time that you can enjoy yourself to other than keeping up with the world - Mke. Wi (1/3) #dearmke

Foggy days (1/3) // mke.wi #dearmke

Spring in mke. Fallen leaves on car rooftop (2/3) #peoplescreatives

Spring in mke. Fallen flowers + rain on a car top (1/3) #peoplescreatives

30x30x30 exhibit @vargallery (2/3) #tonekillers


On the way to Burger King. 🍔🍟

mural painted by Renaldo Hernandez in 1993, located in the South Side of the Esperanza Unida International building, 611 W. National Ave.(2/3) #visualsoflife

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