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Getting a martial arts lesson on Bernal Hill. Yes, really. It’s been raining non stop in the Bay Area so to have an afternoon where you can get outside and have sun kiss your face, was a godsend this weekend. We attempted a hike, although part of that effort resulted in sliding down a very muddy hill because my hiking shoes seem to have lost all their traction. Needless to say, the excursion was shorter than anticipated but the wooden bow went with us on our journey until the sun nearly set. .
What a glorious afternoon and then we returned home to a simmering pot of tomato sauce, a relatively new tradition. Sunday (when we’re home) is sauce day. When you hang your hat with an Italian, this is a positive thing. While I didn’t take any shots of today’s oh so delicious sauce, no doubt, you will see a future sauce over on my @LuxuryFoodies account at some juncture. .
Enjoy this fabulous sky -- Happy Sunday all!

Today is a big day for me - i've made the decision to hand in my notice and move on to another company, this time in London, so i've got no more 15 minute walk to work, instead it'll be a 1 hour train journey! 🙈😳Already wondering how i'm going to stay on top of my fitness, where I'll find the time and the energy.. What do you guys all do!? (@runfitmumkatie travelling to London AND you have kids.. How!?!) -
Today has also got me in a reflective mood, and I just wanted to thank you all for being on my journey with me, for your encouraging words and your constant support! I can't believe that over 10,800 people actually want to follow my journey! 🙈I never set this account up expecting people to follow it, I just used it to follow you all for motivation! But i'm so glad I made the decision to actually Instagram as a document of my journey and to share it with you all 😘 -
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Thanx bbys 😘

@sarahweis and I acting silly after @im.the.butler got all of the Mylar and cellophane panels installed in the room designed by @maisonmargiela at @lamaisonchampselyseesparis , photo by @fouryoko ! We are both wearing headpieces and crop tops by me! #reflective #plastic #silver #whiteonwhite #paris #parisfashionweek #makeup #chainmaille #scalemaille #customlingerie

Sunday Morning Priorities 📸 Reflective Rose Backpatches for keeping you safe and seen🌹 #innerdecay #patch #patches #patchgame #backpatch #reflective #3m

These gloves help you be seen on the road. #zackees #🚴 #insiderpicks If you want to buy one, see the link in our bio. It won’t cost you anything extra, and we'll make some money to support our videos.

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The Italian artist, #MichelangeloPistoletto, began his career by painting #self-portraits, which he already presented in 1955, during his first exhibition in Turin. He spent several years on these initial forays, which led him to paint several series of self-portraits. While the first few years are marked by an interest in the painted figure, Pistoletto began to question how he should depict the #background of his canvases. In 1960, this led him to paint a series of self-portraits set against gold, silver and copper monochrome backgrounds.
The painting presented here marks the #turningpoint in the artist production in 1961. During his search for a more impersonal style of art where he sought to create a more neutral figure and background, he decided to varnish a black background until it became #reflective. He realised that this shiny surface reflected his image and that he could thus paint himself directly on the canvas, without using a mirror. The discovery of this new
technique led him to create a series that he entitled Il Presente because, as he explained in 1966: "The man painted there stood out as though he was living in the environments living space, but the true protagonist was the #relationship of #instantaneousness that was
created between the viewer, the reflection and the figure portrayed, in a movement that was always present, concentrating the past and the future within him, until their very existence became uncertain: it was the dimension of time"1.
Michelangelo Pistoletto embraced this new instantaneousness that he discovered in his work. This #reflective pictorial surface reveals a dimension that lies between reality and
the image, owing to the fact that it inevitably and instantaneously reflects
the viewer's image. Therefore, this is a true #interaction between the painted figure, the background, the actual space and the viewer. Through this painting, the artist creates a
space for exchange and allows the viewer to take part in the work of art. It is the viewer who fleetingly brings the canvas to life; in contrast with the painted man who stands fixedly in the foreground. He manages to bring his art to life by incorporating wh

Özel Baskı Çalışması - Reflektif Monster Pençe - 14cm uzunluk - Simetrik Çalışma

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The #reflective #perspective ...
Sometimes I get back from an excursion to a remote destination feeling like we didn't quite score it as much as we would've hoped. Then, I see a photo from the trip like this one, and I have to put it all back into perspective. We absolutely scored! 📷: @taniasmagicaltravels 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 #titusliving #travelandleisure #nihiwatu #indianocean #indonesia #surf #perfectwave #surfing #friendsandfamily #actionsports #cisurfboardsbali

The editing process. This is just one interview in a project that has spanned over five months and moving into a sixth. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it's all done #reflective #editingtakessolong

We are aware that it IS #Monday, hopefully this will cheer you up. @kayleighhillphotography with a well done reflective assignment! ------------------------------------------
I took this photo for a reflective object assignment in DESPH 140. I shot it on a Nikon d750. I built a foam core box around the trumpet so it wouldn't reflect anything else in the studio. I then took 4 Arri 350 lights and bounced it off of 4 4x8 sheets of white foam core to bounce light onto the subject. ------------------------------------------
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Diffrent way

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