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Fishies from the reflections #valencia #fish #reflecrions #architecture #evening

50.8346º N, 1.6254 W.
A balancing act... Thank you @nigs_adventures74 for sharing this with us! Share your adventure to be featured by using #everydaylifeoutdoors.
#getoutstayout #reflecrions #blackwater #blackwaterarboretum #brockenhurst #adventureisoutthere #adventureawaits #greatbritishoutdoors #englishcountryside

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Good Morning, dear Friends!! Enjoy the day!🌊🖤🛥
She sits and wonders
She thinks and ponders
about the very nuances
of life
The darkest days will come,
and they will stay awhile,
but then they will float away on
an endless cloud
She knows the sadness never lasts
but still she feels her strength wean
She knows that life is made up
of fleeting moments,
precious days, and choices
The hardest lesson she has learned
is to choose calmness over chaos
She knows she is blessed
with the ability to make choices
to stand strong in the
midst of chaos,
knowing that each bump
along her life's journey
will make her a better person,
an empathetic person
She thinks of the story that a friend
recently shared
A perfect stranger came up
to her on a crowded street
The stranger started unburdening
her life story to her
The stranger shared things with
her that were so private,
that left her shocked,
and rendered speechless
She said she felt like a deer caught in
headlights, but couldn't flee
My friend shared that she realized
that her presence and
listening ear
that fateful day,
was a gift to that
perfect stranger,
and she was
surprised to realize
that she walked away
with her own gift,
the gift of empathy
Empathy is not learned,
it comes from the heart,
and we all are
capable of sharing
empathy with others
Empathy is the
ability to understand
and share feelings of another
Empathy is a gift that we give
to others who are in need of
strength and caring and understanding,
who are in need of a bright
light when their
own is dimming
We never know
what trials other
people face in their lives
but if they want to share
and lighten that burden,
they need our empathy
That perfect stranger does not
want to be pitied,
but does want to be
understood and accepted
for who they are
She believes that every person
should take a day out
of their lives
to become totally
aware of their actions
We can bring our bright light
to someone who is lost in
the darkness
We can give someone
the precious gift
of our time and empathy
She has walked in those shoes,
and has been that
perfect stranger,
unburdening the
too-heavy load
She sits and wonders ~~Words by Jane

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