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5 ingredient #paleo cookies using almond meal, coconut oil, vanilla, maple syrup and 70% dark chocolate chips. Just pure deliciousness.

Refined sugar free. Grain free. Dairy free. Guilt free.

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Paleo Steak Fajitas with a Kick
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Peanut noodles with tofu and broccoli. The sauce is just coconut water, peanut butter, maple syrup, soy sauce, ginger, and chili sauce. SUPER easy and very yummy!

These may look like an indulgence, but lemme tell you they are a healthy treat with gut friendly ingredients👇
If you're dairy, gluten, grain, soy, refined sugar free, or paleo like me, you can still have sweets and desserts!
Yes people, this is real life and I guarantee they will satisfy your sweet tooth 😋

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup agave or raw honey
5 whole eggs
3/4 cup coconut flour
2 tablespoons tapioca flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
Melted dark chocolate/coconut oil
Peanut butter
Coconut flakes
Chopped nuts

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Cinnamon Vanilla baby banana nice cream 🍌✨🙌
Literally just 1 bunch (about 7 or 8) baby bananas, 1/2 tbsp Ceylon cinnamon, a splash of vanilla and a pinch of sea salt 🍌
Topped with fresh farmers market berries, coconut, hemp seeds and almond butter 🌱 << swipe all the way left for the moment of destruction 😈
Baby Bananas, otherwise known as Lady Finger Bananas, are high in vitamins C & B. They’re creamier than regular bananas, but a tad less sweet. If you’re a banana lover, give baby bananas a go! 🍌🙌

Zucchini and banana loaf from @louisekeats Sweet Nourish cookbook and on Cookidoo.
Hiding veges any way I can 😀
Might bake another one tonight because I forfeited this one to my kids Playgroup morning tea.
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Is anyone else drooling over this #Vegan Banana Bread Spread 🤤 swipe to see the flavours!
#VeganHK #veganbananabread #healthyvegan #dairyfree #eggfree #refinedsugarfree #lowGI

Matcha muffins - always keep these prepped and frozen I bring one every work day and save it for the afternoon when I need something to get me to dinner 😍 look forward to it everyday #muffins #GF #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #veganbakedgoods

Pretend no one else exists and dive in. It’s just so darn good. @foodtonourish

Lemon is go. This activated snack hits the spot each time .

First time making granola myself, always felt like it wasn’t worth the effort because there’s so many brands I love! But☝🏻with lots of good ingredients laying around and some time on my hands before work I figured I’d give it a try... and it was a delicious success

I, LINDSAY, am a true COFFEE SNOB and will happily admit it. I own 5 different kinds of coffee makers. I worked in coffee shops all through college. My father in law used to own a coffee farm in Hawaii, in fact, that it where I’ve had the best cups of coffee, just sitting on the lanai (aka Hawaiian term for porch). You are rolling your eyes at me now, aren’t you? 😉 It’s okay. You’re allowed.

But don’t roll your eyes at this VEGAN OVERNIGHT THAI ICED COFFEE. Made with espresso and robust Thai flavors. It’s actually the only way we drink iced #coffee. Told you I was a snob. 🧐 Where the emoji for that when you need. it? Haha!

Watch and comment if you can relate to my coffee snobbery! Ps there are just so many “perks” to this recipe. Haha, get it?

The PERFECT #mealprep recipe to make ahead and enjoy the next morning. #icedcoffee and it’s #refinedsugarfree 🙌 ☕️. .
Get the Full Recipe: 👉https://www.cottercrunch.com/vegan-thai-iced-coffee-recipe/
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. .

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