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• Smokeeey eyes 😍 I haven't done this in a while...PS peek the second pic 😂 top bun gone wrong?!?! I did film a video on how I do my eyebrows and updated routine! That video should be up this weekend! | #reesmua #reesiibabe #confidenceiskey #smokeyeyes

• Got my nails done by Danny at @dannygoddesssanctuaryandspa! It was such a pleasant experience, his service and his work are completely top-notch and I absolutely recommend him for all of your nail needs! 🤗 Finally found a great nail spot!!! So happpppy #reesmua #beautyblogger #reesiibabe #nailsalon #longislandnailsalon

• Would you guys like to see an updated Skincare Routine? ✨🤗 PS on the lips is @spilcosmetics Amour & Highlight is MAC Oh Darling & NARS Tribulation Blush as a highlight! | #reesiibabe #reesmua #glowingskin #beautyblogger #queensmua #longislandmua #beauty

• 🦁 a little glitter cut crease action I messed up on but I still really liked this picture 😩😂 every one has those bad liner days and glitter liner at that?!? lol fuck it 😜 I've also recently been into glossy lips 😍 soooo juicyyy 💋...| #reesmua #reesiibabe #cutcrease #glossylips

• NEW clothes from @fashionnova! Would you guys like to see a try on fashion haul/review on fashionnova & @boohoousa? #reesiibabe #fashion #nycfashion #beauty #beautyblogger

• hold me close, baby hold me close 🤗 ...video will be up in the next few days! AFTER I publish my websiteeeeeee *Fingers crossed in the next hour!!!!! 🙃 | #reesmua #reesiibabe #beauty #beautyblogger

• bidi bidi bom bom 💃🏽 | #reesiibabe #reesmua #nycmua #makeupartist #macselena

• details in previous post 🌞 | #reesiibabe #reesmua


• Would you guys like to see an updated Skincare Routine? ✨🤗 PS on the lips is @spilcosmetics Amour & Highlight is MAC Oh Darling & NARS Tribulation Blush as a highlight! | #reesiibabe #reesmua #glowingskin #beautyblogger #queensmua #longislandmua #beauty

• First time trying out the @spilcosmetics liquid lipsticks (this one is Amour) and I'm living for the formula!!! It's such a thin consistency and it lasts forever on the lips! Of course if you eat anything oily it will start to disappear from the center but compared to others I've used the color fades lightly and not completely! It is transfer proof so when it dries you're all set! Check them out @spilcosmetics, Right now all 5 shades are on sale for $28 and individually they are $7.99! Swatches coming soon ✨🤗 | #reesiibabe #reesmua #beauty #beautyblogger #glowingskin #longislandmua #queensmua #simplemakeup #nudelips #goldeneye #spilcosmetics #liquidlipstick

🔸Foundation: NARS sheer glow -Tahoe
🔸Concealer: NARS creamy radiant- ginger
🔸 Setting Powder: MAC C5
🔸Blush: NYX cream blush-glow
🔸Bronzer/Contour: NONE
🔸Highlight: LANCOME- glowing lights
🔸Eyes: Anastasia World traveler Palette &a MILK Makeup cream shadows (pink one, not sure if the name)
🔸Waterline: Sephora Secret Boudior 33
🔸Eyeliner: NONE
🔸Mascara: LOREAL Lash Paradise mascara 🔸Lashes: ARDELL double demi wispies
🔸Brows: MAYBELLINE brow gel
🔸Lips: SMASHBOX always on 🔸Lipliner: No lip liner but did have on Anastasia Sad Girl before and used whatever was left on the perimeter as liner
#radiantglowoil #dermae #simplemakeup #reesiibabe #queensmua #longislandmua #glowingskin @dermae

• Naturally glowing skin thanks to @dermae & @sunkissalba's Radiant Glow oil! I'm obsessed! This is the look that's on my INSTAGRAM STORY! Check it out before it disappears! #glowingskin #glowlife #glowfromwithin #selfiegamestrong #reesmua #prettythings #topbun #reesiibabe #simplemakeup #dermae #radiantglowoil #servingface

• what a great day to have a GREAT day ☀️ DIY on this coming soon! | #reesmua #reesiibabe #sunnydays

• NEW READ by @mrkatedotcom! I am totally and completely obsessed with Mr. Kate and her design skills! She inspires me so much with each and every one of her videos! Check out her channel in the link on her IG! I had to support and purchase her book 😘 Do you have anyone who inspires you whether it's makeup or design work? Tag them Below! ⬇️ | #mrkate #reesiibabe #reesmua #newread #ahotgluegunmess

JUNE 14th, 2017
PEEL AND POLISH from @pixibeauty! This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow, Natural fruit enzymes loosen dead skins cells, lactic acid gently exfoliates, cellulose peels & sugar extracts polishes, lifting away dullness revealing brighter skin...yeah ALLLLLADAT! It works so well! I honestly feel like my skin is BRAND new after using this! I use it 2-3 times a week after washing my face! You might feel a bit of tingling but nothing crazy or burning. You can find this at Target for $24.00 | #reesiibabe #reesmua #productadayfor30days #pixibeauty #resurfacingpeel

JUNE 7/8th, 2017
Missed a few days posting so I just wanted to catch up bringing you a few doubles to make up for it! I've been OBSESSED with these for so long; the @sally_hansen GEL TOP COAT & the HARD AS WRAPS base coat 🤗 They both make my at home manicure last SO MUCH longer and Kees the chipping down to a minimum! Lasts about a week and a half! Gel top coat retails for $7-$10 & the Hard as wraps $4-$5! #sallyhansen #geltopcoat #hardaswraps #reesmua #productadayfor30days #reesiibabe #favoriteproducts

• Such a sweetheart! Congrats on all your accomplishments love!!! | #reesiibabe #queensmua #longislandmua #beauty #beautyblogger #reesmua #prommakeup #prom2k17 #promakeupartist

JUNE 6th, 2017
This @jergensus body lotion is one that I've been using literally for my entire life, my sisters use it, my mom uses it, and now my nieces and nephews use it!! It is so familiar to me and just reminds me of good times! It is so hydrating and does the job JUST right! It's not a sticky lotion at all & it's not an overpowering scent! Cherry Almond, it smells so fresh and so clean with a little hint of sweetness! It's the only scent that I truly love from the Jergen's line. You can find this at your local drugstore for about $6-10 depending on where!

JUNE 3rd, 2017
IN LOVE with the @pixibeauty Overnight Glow Serum! It helps exfoliate & soothe your skin while you sleep and in the morning your face has a brighter complexion. It's formulated with 10% glycolic acid (exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores) & arginine (Amino acid that heals wounds) It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade sun spots over time, it has cucumber & aloe vera extracts to calm skin and Vitamins A, C & E to nourish! I use the serum after my toner in the night time and I go to bed, you CAN ABSOLUTELY moisturize if you'd like to...I don't always moisturize afterwards in the nighttime just because I like my skin to get a bit dry and then in the morning I'll go into a really good moisturizer! Doing that helps balance out my oils and it works for my skin, BUT My skin can tolerate a lot! If your skin is sensitive, I would recommend trying this in a very small area first just so you can see the intensity of it...If it burns take it off!!!! A Slight tingling sensation however is normal so don't be afraid!! You can find this at target for $24 🤗

JUNE 2nd, 2017

This one was actually a recommendation from @_angieb29 that I picked up & I totally fell in love! It TRULY does what it says! I honestly thought I was at a point of no return with my feet but this actually helped save them in between pedicures!! 🙌🏽 I've worked in retail for a large part of my life and constantly standing had my feet MASHHHHH UP! It also doesn't help that I'm a Guyana Baboo and I love walking barefoot 😂 I apply this every night after taking a shower and immediately put some fuzzy socks on...(sometimes I don't wear socks, that's ok too) and in the morning my feet are WILD soft! 🤗 You can find this at Ulta for $10! | #reesiibabe #reesmua #beauty #beautyblogger #ulta #soapandglory #callus #pedicure #heelgenius #softfeet #footcream

• Good morning beauties! Today I wanted to share with you a little challenge that I was inspired to do by @justlikej3ssir...She started posting 1 game changer product that she couldn't live without every day for one month! I thought what a great idea! So I'm also taking up the challenge 🤗 I encourage you all to share and do the same, doesn't have to be a fancy photo literally just take a picture a day for one month of your game changers and post it! -------------------------------------------------------🔸 JUNE 1st, 2017
@ardell_lashes these #doubledemiwhispies have seriously switched up my eyelash game! They are full but still light weight and doesn't feel heavy on the eyes, which in turn it makes extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I literally feel like a movie star when I have these babies on! I love the fact that these go from lighter to really full at the ends and flare out and also because they are layered! They literally look like your lashes but better!! You can find these at your local drugstore in the beauty section for $4.99! #gamechanger #makeupjunkie #beautyblogger #productadayfor30days #reesiibabe #reesmua #longislandmua #queensmua

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