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you’ve changed a lot 🥀

I ordered some stuff like 3 weeks ago, where it at bro???
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في عيون البوح مافينّي كلام وفي عيون
العشق كلي أحتريك ❤.

through the red lens
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Qotd: Describe your crush.
A: (don't have one)
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"I'm not completely sure I love you. I'm just a teenager who's bad at all things concerning the art of romance. Even if I don't love you, I feel pretty damn close. I am absolutely obsessed with you, you occupy my every thought. My heart beats so fast when i think of seeing you again, and I could live in the joy I feel when you're around. You're the first person I loved after having my heart absolutely shattered for the first time ever. You taught me that love doesn't equal pain. Your eyes are so warm, so beautiful, so right. I never knew brown eyes are my favourite until I looked into yours. I love everything about you, all insecurities because without them, you wouldn't be you. I can do anything for your smile. There are so many things I want to say to you, but I have no idea how to string together the words to express them. So, instead, I'll say this. I think, maybe, after all, I do love you."
Except from a book I will never write #1066
(Via excerptofstories)

Ow red 🚘

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As I look down at her, my eyes strain out of focus from tiredness, they focus back on her, her head laying on my shoulder, I can feel her warmth of her body on mine, even tho I’m extremely fatigue I am also crowed with exhilaration and anxiety but at the same time I’m happy. She’s so beautiful, I fantasise about my hand slowly sliding across her arm intertwining my fingers around hers, her lips, kissing them would make me so happy. I can see her nose, the light from the tv reflecting on it, I can see every detail of her face, even tho its a normal nose I am drawn to it, to its features and details. I can’t stop staring. My eyes are locked on her, drawn with ambition of how I can make her happy, how I can make her feel, I’m drawn to the way she smells, to the way she looks at people, her voice, I can’t describe it. Everything is so perfect. I’m involve with every single flaw and detail, to me she is the most interesting, beautiful person in the world. Even though people not notice the flaws on her I do, but to me there not flaws, there what makes her unique, what makes her herself and I am deeply in-love with all of it, all the things she hates I desire, all the details she ignores, I crave, all the beautiful aspects she doesn’t see I am utterly in-love with.

Shit day. Fucking shit mood. I feel like everyone follows everyone. Fucking sick of everyone. I think I'm gonna go home I've had enough. I need to control myself, I am just so fed up with everyone, sick of being teased, sick of being looked down on or unappreciated. I block out all of my emotions but right now, last night, I just can't I'm fucking fed up with myself and my family, even my friends. Everything is making me angry, everything is making me upset and feel like shit. Everyone is either making me feel like shit or getting on my last nerve. There's only few people I can stand atm.

Somos ,como seres humanos , lo más bonito sobre la faz de la tierra .
Pero nuestra codicia vence a la belleza y nos convierte en monstruos , monstruos que han acabado por destruirse a si mismos .
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I push people away, always have always will, I hide my feelings to the point I forget them. I choose the wrong thing and get obsessed over my mistakes. I get jealous over people that I have no right to be jealous of, I push them away, hurt them, then they forget about me or forgive me but keep there distance. I fuck up constantly. I don't know what's wrong with me, I try my best, but I end up failing, I put my all into things just to get told to stop.

"It's better when it feels wrong"

Words hurt. jealousy hurts. Ignorance hurts.
Am I over sensitive or just weak.
Pain is expected. Im used to pain.

Enséñame como es vivir a color , enséñame tu cielo amor.
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you’ve changed a lot 🥀

Why do I get so depressed out of no where. Start comparing myself to others, self loathing, missing people I don't even know anymore.

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