This beautiful @redtreealbums album just arrived & I can't wait to deliver it to @swankymike & @kim.malig ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When I rebranded last year, I knew that one of the most important elements was to find a new album company for my clients. I wanted something that better reflected my brand that would last for many generations to come, using only the highest quality materials. I could not be more excited to be offering this gorgeous lay-flat stunner of an album from @redtreealbums. And that rose gold foil embossing on the cover is to. die. for. 😍✨
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We photographed this gorgeous stack of wedding albums in the office yesterday ✨I remember looking through my parents wedding album when I was young, and seeing their wedding video. It was so amazing to be able to peek into their day so many years later and see where my story began! ✨ I can’t wait to have these beautiful albums picked up so they become family heirlooms to tell these amazing couples love stories for their future generations to appreciate✨

Pretty little album came into the studio! I’m in awe by @redtreealbums craftsmanship and the beautiful design by @alignalbumdesign ! Couldn’t be happier how this turned out!

If you want to complement your album - a softcover book is a perfect addition to your collection! They are 40 pages and usually fit over 100 images.

This album!! 😍 As pretty as it looks in pictures, you should see it and feel it in person ~ these leathers are ✨👌🏻❤️✨! S+T, I can’t wait to get this in your hands. 🤗

Delivering another gorgeous boudoir album to its even-more-lovely owner! I can't wait to hear her almost-husband's reaction this weekend! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I also have a few travel dates coming up that I'd love to schedule some boudoir sessions for! Are you in Austin, Philly, Columbus, Ohio, or Daphne, Alabama and interested (or know someone who is) in a boudoir session? Slide into my DMs! (I just learned this phrase. Am I cool now?)
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Gold debossing on Dusk Luxe Linen by @onenightcereus. #experienceprint #redtreealbums

Don’t let your wedding photos sink into the black hole of “The Cloud”!!!! (Also who else is as stoked as I am on this very official location tag?!)

So in love with this @redtreealbums + @silkandwillow combo. Get your photos off the screen and into your hands!! It feels so good!

While you’re filling out your gift registries.. add an album to it!! Your friends and fam will love chipping in on a gift that’ll last forever

I fully realize that many of you do not celebrate Easter or that Easter is only about egg hunts and candy. For me, Easter is so much more. Easter is a time that I like to dwell in thoughts of redemption and Hope. This post is a scheduled one because I like to unplug as much as I can on Sundays, but... especially this Sunday... Today is the first day of April. So, there are many hopes on the horizon. We just returned from a long trip down to see my family in North Carolina, and this Easter, I am looking back at the hard things that have been redeemed in my life and looking forward at what I hope is to come. My story is not finished yet. Yours is not either. Happy Easter everyone!

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Every detail about this beautiful Scarborough Marsh Maine wedding was so personal to the couple. But the most impressive part? They planned it all in a little over a month. Their story is featured on the blog - link is in my profile 💕

You guys should FEEL this album. The first time I touched this luxe leather when I was switching album craftsmen, I just knew I had to offer these. I love the texture because... umm... kids... but, I really love how soft it is and how the embossing really pops. The heirloom album is the most popular product I offer my clients. The main reason is because I have clients come every year or every other year, and they truly can't handle 20+ favorite images on their walls each time. But, I also believe that family albums are chronicles of a family's history. Whether it is an unscripted lifestyle session in home or just some relaxed portraits in a pretty spot, each session tells a story of a time in your life that you will never get back. (Plus... my kids are obsessed with flipping through our family albums together!) #printyourphotos #ipsmastermind #existinphotos @redtreealbums #redtreealbums #philadelphiafamilyphotographer #montcopa #montcophotographer #amblerpa #fortwashington #familyalbum

During this winter season of photography, I have been hard at work selecting the best album provider so that I can begin offering them to my clients! Today I received my samples in the mail and they are STUNNNNING! Having digitals is one thing, but being able to hold these treasured beauties that will be passed down to future generations is an incredible feeling. So to my past clients, current clients, and future clients, hang tight while I finalize the details, enjoy this sneak peek, and soon enough one of these could be yours! 💗

P.S. Check out my Instagram stories if you would like to see more pictures/videos of them! :)

How about some new Luxe Leathers??? 9 new suede and vintage finishes are available now! Swipe for swatches ➡️ #experienceprint #redtreealbums

Another look at the beautful albums I offer. Handcrafted and the finest quality as they will be your first family heirloom!

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