The sinking of the Andrea Doria took place on July 26th, 1956. She was going from Italy to New York, that was her 51th crossing, the Italian liner was with 1.134 passengers on board. Two days earlier, the Swedish American Liner, Stockholm, departed from New York en route to Sweden, both ships were in a highly used transatlantic route. At 11:10 PM, after that both ships were desperately trying to avoid the collision, the Stockholm hit the Andrea Doria on its starboard side making a 12 metres deep hole. 51 people lost their lives, lifeboats from the Stockholm were lowered to help the desperate passengers of the Italian Liner. The ship took over 10 hours to sink and it's considered one of the worst maritime disasters during times of peace.

Video from the British Movietone Archives.

"RMS" Queen Elizabeth (II) with her grey livery; from 1982 to 1983. This colour was so unpopular that Cunard was forced to change it as soon as possible.

RMS Queen Mary in the Fitting Out Basin of John Brown's shipyard in 1936.

One of RMS Queen Mary's starboard propeller being installed. Circa 1934.

The new transatlantic liner of the French Line, the SS Normandie during her fitting out.

One of RMS Mauretania's boiler uptake.

RMS Olympic lying peacefully at the Southampton Floating Dry Dock as her hull is being inspected. Dated 1920's.

The great Cunard Liner which saved the survivors from the ill-fated Titanic, the RMS Carpathia on a floating dry dock.

Le "ZEELAND" est un paquebot de la compagnie transatlantique belge: Red Star Line. Construit par le chantier naval John Brown & Co. en 1901, il est lors de sa mise en service la représentation de la volonté de la Red Star Line de moderniser sa flotte. Le "ZEELAND" suit une carrière relativement peu mouvementée, passant aux mains de la White Star Line et revenant souvent à sa compagnie mère.
Devenu complètement obsolète dans les années 1930, il fut vendu à des ferrailleurs peu de temps après. #steamship #redstarline #belgium

September 26th, 1934. The Queen Mary takes the water, cheered by the men who helped to built her.

USS West Point (Former America) arrives in New York bringing home a full load of weary American troops. Dated 1945.

United States Navy. (Originally United States Lines)

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The pride of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line, here pictured in 1937, the SS Bremen. She was the fastest ship in the world until 1930 when the Europa, her sister ship, took her place.

The SS Bremen under construction on the arrol gantry of AG Weser shipbuilders. We can appreciate her enormous bulbous bow, which at the time was not very well known; the first bulbous bow concept was designed by David W. Taylor and was used in the United States Battleship, Delaware in 1910. The SS Bremen was the first passenger liner to use this innovative and efficient type of bow.

The great Hamburg America Liner, SS Deutschland!

The SS Nieuw Amsterdam (1938) of the Holland America Line with the lightship Calshot Spit.

A beautiful painting of the RMS Mauretania (II) departing from New York in one of her many Atlantic crossings.

At the time of her launching the RMS Majestic (As Bismarck) was the largest passenger liner in the world.

Here's one of many posters showing her enormous size, surrounded by smaller crafts. Many people think that she was given to the White Star Line after WWI, but actually they had to purchase her, the same fate had one of her sister ships, the Imperator, later Berengaria.

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