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The guys @strictlyfishmiami made me an offer I couldn't refuse lmao #redseareefer350 can't wait to set it up....

Aquascape ✔️✔️✔️ #redseareefer350 #aiprimehd #realreefrock

I haven't posted much about my salt water fish tank hobby, thought I'd start with this shot of a Zoanthid colony (pinkish orange) and a yellow tang. I started that particular zoa colony from 2 small heads and how it's up to 90+ and growing. #legendarycorals #neptuneaquatics #redseareefer350

Red Sea Reefer 350. I was not able to give time to this tank because of my new addiction to Goldfish. #goldfish #ranchugoldfish #redseareefer350

About a month ago I started seeing some serious growth from all my corals with out stop thoroughly impressed with the @aquaillumination Hydra 26s’. #aquaillumination #redseareefer #redseareefer350 #coralreef #coral

Lyretail antheas, 2 females, 1 male. #reeftank #redseareefer350 #aquarium @madreefereast

It's getting there slowly #reef #marineaquarium #marinefish got my eye on a #redseareefer350 for next year


My #redseareefer350 is up and running! 🐟🦀🐚🐙🐠

New homies in the quarantine 😋 little blue tang already eating like a pig

Meant be getting a Red Sea reefer 350 tomorrow from my job. What do you guys think. Comment below !! #redseareefer350 #saltwaterfish #saltwaterlife

These are two of my favorite fish, and I can finally own them! They just can't get too comfortable having the tank to themselves because I hope to transfer everything over in a month 🐟 🐠
#bluethroattriggerfish #redseareefer #redseareefer350 #yelloweyekoletang #tang #marcorocks

Got most of the corals from the Fluval 13.5 into the RSR350. I could stare at them all day..

Only planned on having three leopard wrasses but my LFS got me two more and I don't wanna give away the little one so they're all here to stay! Meet the squad, I'll need some names soon!

Probably going to strip and clean this weekend if I can get the time. I’m so happy I ran across the sump design for the reefers by @broadfield_reefer_450 it has been a real space saver. #redseareefer #redseareefer350 #aquamaxx #reeftank

Still on a mission to find two more leopard wrasses to join my little girl in the RSR350. Ordered two but I didn't realize how small they'd be! 🙈The quest continues!

About a month ago I started seeing some serious growth from all my corals with out stop thoroughly impressed with the @aquaillumination Hydra 26s’. #aquaillumination #redseareefer #redseareefer350 #coralreef #coral

Potter's Angel hanging out a bit. In the wild, they live so deep in the ocean, the colors are barely visible. Here, they glow.

I couldn't resist. Welcome to the fam!

Diatoms are coming in but the little dude got it covered!

It's getting there slowly #reef #marineaquarium #marinefish got my eye on a #redseareefer350 for next year


Hope they're happy with their tank upgrade!

Second attempt at moving my Black Ice Clownfish!! Seeing them in a different light, it's mesmerizing.

He won't stay still!!

Such a gorgeous Gold Nugget Maroon at my LFS. The picture doesn't do him justice, he glows under the LEDs!

Sometimes the simple ones are the best! By far my favorite cleaner shrimp, the peppermint shrimp! Pic is of one of my LFS' DT, what a stunner..

Why do you look so grumpy? Black Ice Clowns color up as they mature and he is definitely become a stunning deep orange!

Little excited and I'm not all the way cycled, gonna add a little more ammonium chloride and give it a little more time but this was my first attempt at fishless cycling! Moving Day is coming soon!

I should get a macro lens for my #fujifilmxt1 so I can get super close beautiful shots of my corals.. but for now my phone will do! Peep the little baby growing 😍

What is this white sphere on my blasto?! Excuse the little guy, I just woke him up.. but this iPhone quality wowzaa

smol blue tang has so much personality! wish I could have one in the tank but I wouldn't bare to give her up once she's grown 😞

Black Ice Clownfish! Wonder who will become the boss lady!

Look at this little cutie!! I love my Black Ice Clowns but look how adorable this little guy is..

Got some rock into the #redseareefer350 !! Can't wait to get water into the tank and cycle this beast!

Fell in love with this leopard wrasse while visiting my LFS. She's so vibrant and beautiful!

My @aquaillumination hydra 26 schedule been having real success with it. #aquaillumination #reeftank #coralreef #aquarium #redseareefer #redseareefer350

Some ups and downs the past month with parasites, diatoms, and such. Glad to say all that has past. Well... you know... for now. We all know how this hobby goes. Here’s a FTS.

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