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It's #redroseday ! Who are you giving a red rose to? 🌹🌹🌹

This powerful princess loves a capella groups and is a spellbinding champion for all living creatures! 🎤💚🌹 Can you #NameThatFairytale? #BrookesSundaySecrets #RedRoseDay #EverAfterHigh

It's #RedRoseDay! Take the time to stop and smell the roses!

Nothing says “I love you” like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. #RedRoseDay

The Twelfth of June is National Red Rose Day. Brandie believes the red rose is the most universal way to tell someone special, "I Love You". We want to say we love you by taking 75% OFF
ALL RED ITEMS on the B By Brandie website when you use code: REDROSE75 | #bbybrandie #redroseday #maxwell #sale #banishboring | *sale ends 06/12/17

Instead of a bouquet of roses, celebrate #RedRoseDay with six aromatic and beautiful red #wines from our Red as Roses pack. 🍷🌹 #redwine #roses

It's 🌹#RedRoseDay 🌹
#WillYouAcceptThisRose ???
Tag a friend and send them some virtual roses 🌹🌹🌹
#RedRoses #Roses #Team10


#Repost @caitlinephoto (@get_repost). Looks almost good enough to eat!
Happy Red Rose Day! 🌹 This simple buttercream red rose wedding cake topper from Jackie and Ed's wedding was so beautiful and it smelled absolutely amazing! #cepdetails #redroseday

Was stopped in work today and handed a little red rose by a lovely Gentleman 🌹his kindness made my day! Raising awareness for dementia and making ladies feeling appreciated along the way ❤️ thank you for brightening up my day Kind Sir 😊 such a lovely thing you're doing! #dementiaawareness #redroseday #randomactsofkindness

Book one. It's a very good place to start. Just like do, rey, mi that Julie Andrews sang about in Sound Of Music. Ever wonder what a freak good ole Julie was? Yeah me too. I bet the things she'd do would shame the things I'd do to @jessbryantbooks for this edit!
#Repost @jessbryantbooks
#indiesjuneholidaypad Day 12- red rose day- Twisted Fate by @acekgray was my first thought when I saw this prompt. It's hard to explain why. The cover isn't flowers but freaking blood and maybe the answer lies there bc to me red roses represent pain. Welcome to my effed up Head and enjoy this teaser lol. @indiesink #indiesink #indieauthor #indieauthors #indiessupportingindies #junephotochallenge #redroseday #TwistedFate #ATwistedFairytale #BecauseCole #bookstagram #bookwhore #onsale #tbr #mustread #kindle #kindleunlimited

What's better than getting given a red rose on your way to do a 12 hour shift! What a lovely man Stuart is, he gives red roses out in memory of his wife to raise awareness of Dementia🌹 #redroseday #dementiaawarness

..roses are red, violets are blue - you may not know but I'm falling for you.. #RedRoseDay #SallyHansen #PoppyPatch #nailcolour #nails #nailpolish #red #nailart #latestcampaign for @shoppersdrugmartofficial 💅🏼🌹💋

Red Rose Day.
Monday was #RedRoseDay and roses are my favorite flowers; they're often the typical representation of love, but each color has a different meaning! 🎨 I love anything related to my birth month (pearls are my favorite gem), so it's no surprise that the rose is special to me (it's June's flower). 🎂 However, I think what I really like is that it feels symbolic of who I am: the colors are like my many personalities 😜😇😏😈 ; a rose's charm draws you in, but you have to watch out for the thorns. 🥀
Should you ever send me flowers, my favorites are red roses, but I have a special place in my heart for white, as well. 🌹 My mother's favorites are white because they remind her of her mother (my grandmother's favorite was also white)--these two women have my heart. 👩🏻‍💼👵🏼💝 #BowtiquePhotoChallenge

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