Back in Black 👯So grateful to catch up with these amazing, smart, brave women who I get to call my sisters✨ #AOIItillIdie #RedRoseBall2017 #Exceedingexpectationssince2009

My so beautiful date for this evening, @crazygirllouie and I headed for the #Toronto Rehab Foundation Gala, #RedRoseBall2017

[Red Rose Ball 2017]
We had a ball at the ball. 🥂

[What to wear…]
Next week these little Black Cinders are off to the ball. Beautifully designed event stationery helps builds excitement and anticipation for the night and gives hint to what magic the evening might hold for guests. This year’s Red Rose Ball has a Parisian theme and we are so looking forward to some fancy fun and frivolity. Come Friday afternoon we are hoping our Fairy God-Mother might pay us a visit… pry mouse from hand, release us from the restraints of the studio and whisk us away to the soirée de gala looking all glam and glorious.

These Chanel inspired beauties are on their way to the #redroseball2017 as a donation for their 2017 Gala Ball 'Voyage a Paris'. They can be purchased on the night and all proceeds go to Rosie's - Friends on theStreet. #handmade #toowoombasmallbusiness #kateyssoycandles #soycandles #fundraiser #donation #blackrose #redroseball2017 #rosiesfriendsonthestreet #gabbinbarhomestead 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Thanks for being the best date to my last Red Rose 🌹#RedRoseBall2017 #UnderTheBigTop

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