예상가능한 맛이 원래 더 맛있는 법🙀
담엔 산처럼 쌓인 특대로 먹을테야

Pulled in lisdoonvarna #redrock #gardai #blurredlines 🕵️‍♂️

The wife even did the race course pre-ride. Beautiful day in Moab - good luck to all the racers tomorrow! @gnatty_p .
@utahhsmtb @cavemenmtb #mountainbike #redrock #mynicawhy #morekidsonbikes #moab

Easy afternoon hike in one of the most amazing parks🌵
#hiking #lasvegas #redrock #nature

Finding the beauty in this world isn’t hard if you simply open your eyes. #sunshine #redrock #colorado #minihike #watchoutforsnakes #mothernature #nature #bigrocks #findbeauty #openyoureyes

Tired af, but the view's great 👍 #redrock #hikingtrip #hellatirednow

How can one not believe in God when they see the beauty of what we have been given? Yes it could have randomly spontaneously combusted into this, but why do we enjoy it? Why does it make us happy? Or peaceful? Or joyful? Deep down I believe it’s because God have it to us to enjoy. And to take our breath away when we get outside and explore. Just my thoughts. 💭 #hikearizonaitrocks

Hiked around at @redrocksco, ate beer biscuits, bought Gray a vintage ninja turtle toy(that he picked over tractors & cars #proudparent) from @fiftytwo80s & finished the day off with shopping and dinner with @perry_aye18 at the amazing @cityocity !!!! 👌🏻 @fitkickslife #fitkicks

He couldn’t decide what he wanted to do today. My only expectation was to not be in the house all day working. I think this surpassed my expectations 🤔

Like life, you gotta stretch outside your comfort zone to reach the top. And you need a plan of action so you don’t slip and fall to your death.

First night it main! @pastajays for a fine meal #Moab #Murica #redrock

One inch taller and I could have scaled the entire rock formation. One. Inch. Taller. Probably a good thing I couldn’t reach because I most likely would have slipper to my death.

Sometimes we mountain bike. Other times we helicopter. Today he couldn’t decide what activities he wanted to do. I said I had no expectations for today besides not being inside all day. I think this surpasses my expectations 🤔

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