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Chilling with dinosaurs and mummies at @McGillU's #RedpathMuseum!

She loves the lion #montreal #museum #lion #redpathmuseum my beautiful daughter @sara.stlouis

Me & my new dinosaur friend. #Gorgosaurus #Dinosaur #RedpathMuseum #MTL

#memories from the development of @assassinscreed_us #assassinscreedorigins #assassinscreed when visiting #redpathmuseum @mcgillu and their faiyumi mummy

Sam & Dinoman !!
The best thing about the Redpath Museum is to go a second time.
#redpathmuseum @redpathmuseum


Hogwarts in Montreal ❤️

#memories from the development of @assassinscreed_us #assassinscreedorigins #assassinscreed when visiting #redpathmuseum @mcgillu and their faiyumi mummy

Hands down the best representation of EJ and Eddy. Can you guess who is who? #edisonthegreat #elijahthebold #redpathmuseum #cultured

Ездили сегодня в #redpathmuseum, слушали про древний Египет и мумий. Конечно, дети пока мало что понимают на французском, но лиха беда начало! После краткой лекции можно было сделать саркофаг, украсить его египетскими символами, слепить фигурку фараона и замотать ее в саван.
Сам музей небольшой и очень уютный, находится на территории университета #mcgilluniversity в самом центре Монреаля. Для меня лично было как-то неожиданно узнать про то, что когда-то на территории Канады было доисторическое море, а потом и динозавры бродили. #векжививекучись
#яповедутебявмузей #древнийегипет #мумия #дигермасики_гуляют #

🐑 Over one hundred Egyptian artefacts collected by the Honorable James Ferrier Sr., including one female mummy with coffin, one male mummy, mummified body parts, mummified ibises, hawk, and crocodiles, mostly from Thebes, were presented at Montreal's Natural History Society by Ferrier’s son Robert, on October 20th, 1859.
This polychrome wooden anthropoid coffin belonged to Tjaoneferamen. Its decor features Isis, winged, kneeling on the nub sign, and the Ba soul as a Ram, and the coffin text, which indicates that the owner is “Him, Nefer Amun”, sedjem ash priest, Attendant of the Divine Adoratrice of Amun", a position almost invariably held by a man. The text, and the red ochre colour of the face indicate that the coffin was made for a man, rather than its current female occupant.
It dates to the 25th-26th dynasty, around 600 BC, a transition period between Cushite Ethiopian and Libyan rule. Egyptologist C. D. Noblecourt has written about later dynasties usurping coffins, and even tombs of their predecessors, whose names often remain on the recycled property.
The elderly woman was covered with a thick layer of ground spice paste, cassia buds being one of the ingredients. A square plate of copper-foil had been moulded on the face; and two smaller pieces had been placed in the upper part of the feet, at the base of the toes.
The thumb of the right hand and the auricular of the left hand had been cut off, probably by thieves who stole the two rings. 🐑

Beautiful Day at the museum 😍😍
It just take 2 hours to go there and we stay... thirty minutes! 😂
#dinosaur #sea #pieuvre #redpath #redpathmuseum #montreal #crazymagazine #crazy #friend

Siapa dah baca novel SBH ni mesti tertanya2, macam manalah rupa Mcgill University. Nilah dia antara spot yang cantik kat uni ni... Bangunan sebelah kanan sekali tu Redpath Museum namanya. Cantik, kan? Depan Redpath Museum tu ada Lower Field, tempat Naurah dan Aiman sama2 bertentang mata buat pertama kalinya. Eh, betul ke mereka pernah berjumpa? Haaa nak tau kena baca novel ni (bagi siapa yg x baca lagi). Rugi tau x baca. 😉

12-hour pit-stop with @mylesgarland in Montreal. Long enough to drop into the venerable Redpath Museum, where I spent a couple of fun-filled years in the mid-90s. The hill in front is still covered in cigarette butts and students watching Ultimate and flag-football games on the abused field below. Timeless. #studentlife #montreal #mcgill #mcgilluniversity #redpathmuseum

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