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Goin off the grid for a few days. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody! 🤙🏼 #offthegrid

Captain Naylor proves he's got what it takes to master the #AltaVistaElementary bike safety fair course. #SafteyFirst #GetThatGuySomeTrainingWheels #YouGotThisCapt #CoolHelmet #FistPump

it's fryday, fryday, gonna get down on 🍟day!!
who's with meeez 🙌??

Thanks for putting this in for me @jbkucken, you da real MVP❤️🙏
Healed triple I performed at @bluelotustattoopiercinglounge, upgraded to a niobium spiral💙💉
Jewelry from Anatometal🔥🍝

Workout/rehab in the pool this morning 💦 #SouthBayAquatics #beachvolleyballplayer #RedondoBeach

Around 4 years ago I earned the #NPC #MrCalifornia title.
To do so, you need to place 1st in your class, then place 1st against all the other winners of their class.
At this time, I knew so little. Thank you @physiquegoddess ALWAYS for your knowledge, guidance and encouragement. Without your help I couldn't have done it.
The following year my brother @arya_ifbbpro won #MrLosAngeles then went on to earn his pro card (3 show pro)
#TeamSaffaie •Mr.California physique •Mr.LosAngeles physique
No Steroids EVER 💉💊🚫
and the first and currently the only siblings in #ifbb men's physique division.

‪⚽️🎯 great weather for PKs, almost had them Connor. @cj_100 🎥 @kassimkhimji ‪Hermoso día para unos penales. Feliz Viernes a todos.

So the journey has begun. Yesterday I woke around 730am and my water released shortly thereafter. I took my birth team jason, and my Doula, Lindsay to lunch at noon. There we discussed the game plan and we returned home to finish up my power pack: Labor aid, bone broth and some other nourishing snacks to help keep my strength and endurance up. I also packed up Quincy's mermaid bag😍. Shits is gettin real! Within one hour my surges were 3 to 2 minutes Apart so we headed out to Beach Cities Midwifery, where I faced my biggest fear for my birth plan... the 405☠️ my surges were intensifying in bumper to bumper traffic so I turned myself over to my hypnobirthing practice. A little Over an hour later we arrived at our destination with surges every 1 min to 90 seconds. I have to admit it was a little challenging getting back in to the zone after Changing locations, the 405, check in, temp, Baby HR, blood pressure and dilation. however, my team prepped my zen den and had me back on track before I knew it. I had a moment of weakness when things got pretty intense and I was told I was only 3 inches dilated. Again, my team stepped up and quickly talked me off the ledge. Once I was unwrapped around that number and re centered on the goal, I was dilated 6 inches. Progression happened fast and I moved to the tub to begin breathing Quincy down. Our little sea child didn't waste too much time gettin to the water, she made her debut at 19:47 (7:47) the year my dad was born ❤️ We brought our Angel 😇 home at midnight and I've been looking for the instruction manual all day...😂 #newmom #blessed #hypnobirthing #redondobeach #naturalbirth #gametime @surfcruzin @lynziethoumire @beachcitiesmidwifery #trusttheprocess #setgoals


=== Landscape == No trip to this picturesque nation park is complete without a landscape photo, right? Here a lone Mule Deer is posing in the vast meadow, with three famous landmarks in the back - North Dome on top, Royal Arches just below, and Washington Column to the right.

Taken with a Sony a7R2 with Canon 16-35mm. Moments before dropping the camera to the pavement, busting a B&W UV and an entire set of Lee’s graduated filter and holder. 😱😵😰

#housebeer. The craft lager made in Venice is only $3 today for #firesalefriday #lomitasbestbar

Been a while I been here 😳 #najasplace #redondobeach #greenflashwestcoastipa

My sincere invitation to my CURRENT students who have supported me all these years. Without your support, love and dedication, PK would not exist. So thank YOU!!! Please join me for the celebration of the grand re-opening of PK!!! June 1st 9:30am OR 4th 9:15am

#cardiokickboxing #fitness #redondobeach #powerkickboxing #striveforprogress #weightloss #ultimatecardio #cardioworkout
#powerkickboxers #PK

This kiddo is a chip off the old block - he LOVES the classic car show. Benji says Broom Broom 🚘
#benjaminrowe #redondobeach #classiccarshow #headedtohappyhour #shadehotelrb

Congratulations and Best Wishes Anne & Lorcan!
#wedding #portofino #redondobeach

It was so wonderful to have some time with my family today! It's so rare for us to be able to get together. #lafamilia #cozycafe #redondobeach #greattimes

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Anne & Lorcan!
#wedding #portofino #redondobeach

Sunset 146/365
@toyotausa might make it easy when it comes to vehicles, but for the sunset today they are making things very difficult. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend! #sunsetstories🌅

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