Been a while Instagram, i dont know if anyone missed me, today I’m back any way. A time of rest in the heat and light; a quiet fight and feelings of love and joy followed by anxiety and despair; and then just days of being, nothing more and nothing less!
In any case I post this for every one who believes that illness is a collective responsibility, that togheter we can be free. We will all sooner or later be sick, some briefly other longer but despite ailment we should be treated fairly and rightly whoever we are or where we come from!
In my country there is an election coming up, and election where to many party’s will choose profits over people, I fear a return to every one for themselves of the past, few things were better before but the institutions we today take for granted was fought and in the end won by the people for the people!
I believe in public need not private greed, for me the choose in this case is easy!✊🏻 #socialism #leftwing #wellfarestate #labour #NHS #Socialist #history #momentum #redlabour #publicneednotprivategreed

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