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Diane Okeke :
#rebrand #redifined part 2
Traffic was less now but my mind was filled with the amazing smile I got from the waitress,how she switched from table to table with little or no effort,innocently.
Got home,Nina was already in bed,with her silky nighty,I needed to get this young waitress outta my head,Carol had the right frame of a grown woman,full figure,soft breast,sweet smelly breath and neatly made lengthy hair,reaching down her waist,she quickly went for my dinner but I was in no mood for the food,I was fully dressed in my birthday suit by the time she came back,I couldn't hold it anymore, I held her against the Wall, pressed my masculinity against her soft frame,brushed her lips with a firm kiss she was breathless and almost protesting I took her hand to my bulge and before she could comprehend I bent her over,sliding my hard Rock in,as a child divulges food,I craved to clear my head,but all I saw was my young innocent waitress smiling to me,I rammed hard,fast,Carol screamed a squeamish sound,just couldn't stop,I kept getting flashes of the evening like a movie on rewind,I went in again and again and my juice flowed out weakening my body, Contorted my face and filled up Carols basin,leaving her there surprised I managed to mouth a polite am sorry, she stood behind me with that what got into him look,I faked a smile, it's your silk baby.
Got into the shower, as the cold water hit my flesh I got another arousal,I closed the door gently,held my p***k in my hand applied copious shower gel and worked my way to and fro the shaft,trying not to moan or get Carol suspicious, I saw my waitress,kneeling,sucking me hard,drinking from my fountain and begging me to have her,I spilled my juice against the wall,telling her i have to f**k you soon and she disappeared, I heard Carol calling me, dinner was getting cold,I quickly dried up and went straight to dine.
#instastory #instagood #sex
Thanks for sharing your story with me Diane
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Wonderful piece Diane by the way ....

#Redifined by Grace

I know I look flawless.
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If you have seen it yet go check out my #redifined episode! Link in bio


What an incredible Saturday @agapestudentmin Reality Redifined Conference special thanks to all the student who wanted their Reality to be Redifined by God's Love. #agapsm #asmcon2017 #God #Jesus #worship #word #reality #redifined #Hislove #students #youth #ministry #Godfirst #Godispower

An Amazing Friday Night @agapestudentmin Reality Redifined with @theophilusrogers and @markalmada thank you for bringing the 🔥🔥🔥#agapsm #reality #redifined #Hislove #rap #worship #word #love #God #Godfirst #Godispower


#Redifined Ecstacy... #HighGrade#perfectTrees
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