Hiking hiking hiking! Our favourite adventure! 🤩🥰

Exhausted from all my obnoxious barking today #redheelersofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #stellaphyllis

Happy T👅T everypawdy! Meet my new little brother Crowder Crowe! He's a #redmerleaussie & he's only 2 years old and weighs 70lbs, mom rescued him from the animal shelter, can you believe this handsome boy was a stray 😱 I think he deserves a boop 😊
Sorry for the low quality it's been raining for days 😳 also he has to stay quarantined until he finishes his meds because he has kennel cough so I don't get to be around him yet! --------------------------------------------
Mom let us meet him when she brought him home & it seems my other little brother Kilo might not like him as much as I did, any ideas on how to get them better acquainted??? Or do you think they will get used to each other? --------------------------------------------
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Roosevelt Park Recreation Site. Columbia River Gorge. Washington. (45.733498, -120.219748)
Nice public park right on the Columbia River. Free camping with a 14 day limit in any of the 3 parking areas. Park has restrooms with free hot showers, a large picnic area with a nice grass lawn and some shade trees, a boat launch with a dock, water access along the river, garbage collection, and a spot to fill up fresh water jugs. Strong Verizon signal.
Roosevelt is so small it doesn't even have a gas station, but their mini-mart serves up a really good burger and fries and sells a small selection of snacks, groceries, and even has a small cooler of perishables. Not cheap, but very handy when the closest supermarket is a 50 mile drive away. Post Office in town accepts General Delivery.
Supposedly a super popular place with windsurfers in the summer, but by early October most everyone had cleared out, giving Abby and I free reign over the place. Ended up staying the full 14 days allowed. 5/5 :)

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